Parasite Eve question (about ammo)

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Basicly, how does the ammo system work? I find ammo all over the place and it seems to add ammo for all my weapons. As if all weapons share the same ammo. But some guns still have more ammo then others. Why is this? I have a guess, perhaps more powerful guns just take up more bullets with each shot? I don't know.

And does it make sence in this game to use a weaker gun to preserve ammo?

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Some guns can hold more ammo than others to help differentiate them from each other in how many shots you can take before having to reload. Generally, higher capacity guns are a desirable trait since reloading mid-battle can leave you vulnerable. And no it doesn't make sense to use a weaker gun to 'save' ammo. Unless you upgrade it along the way, that weak gun means you're taking more shots to kill something; thus you'll be burning through ammo like crazy. Though it's not like there's a real shortage of ammo in the game (I think I ended my game with around 300 in my ammo crate on hand, and 500 in storage).
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aside from rockets, the ammo works for every gun. in the begining of the game use a club to level up and save ammo, once you get about 150 bullets you don't really need to worry about shortage for the rest of the game because ammo drops about 70% of the time.
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I see, thanks guys.

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I just beat the game with 600 in ammo leftover so I doubt you will have to ever worry about ammo in the game aside from the beginning.

All guns use the same ammo except for the rocket launcher.

But to even get the rocket launcher you have to do the warehouse side quest during day 5.

I found the rocket launcher was not worth it once you get a hold of a good handgun that can shoot 3 times every turn and combine it with the spread shot from a shotgun plus the 2x command feature.