Original xbox memory card won't transfer saves?

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For original xbox: I bought an xbox memory card to transfer saves from my dying xbox to my newer one that works. However it won't let me copy any saves. It won't even give me the option as a matter of fact. Is this normal? Or did I get a dud memory unit?

Please only respond if you have actually used an xbox memory card to transfer saves. I'd like to hear from people who have done this - not people who (like me) simply assume you can transfer saves from one xbox to another using a memory card because I'm trying and it isn't working. Thanks.

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You are not alone. I was trying to use a memory card I have used before, but the new Xbox will not let me copy the save files from the card to the HDD. The only option I get on the files are "Delete" with no copy.

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In case some of you googlers land on this page like I did, here is the reason:


When you figure it out you'll want to slap yourself, and whoever desinged the user interface on the Xbox.

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Some games will work, and some games won't. I did the same thing because my first XBox's disc drive went out. I couldn't tell you which files transfered, and which didn't though. Too long ago, sorry.

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thats odd i am able to do my saves well timesplitters 2 and 3 to be exact some games cant fit on the memory card! lol thats one of the main reasons you probably cant do so

add im not using a action replay so ya thats the problem dfor ar