Original Xbox lifespan?

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Hi all, I have an original Xbox that I bought brand new back in 2005. It was played fairly often up until 2007 then It was placed in its original box and stored until 2010. It was home owned and taken care pretty well, never been dropped, mishandled, or exposed to liquids/elements etc. Since i pulled it back out of storage i have amassed quite a collection of original games and hope to play through all of them again and enjoy them like i did back when they first came out. But i'm worried the console may die on me one day and i wont be able to play through all my games. Like i said earlier, the console was pretty well taken care of and the only issues with it are: dust, occasional sticky disc drive, and i once got an error message (dont remember it exactly but i think it had something to do with a set off component cables i plugged in wrong). I want to know if you guys think my console can sustain its life and last longer or am i better off hunting for a new one? and what is the estimated lifespan of my xbox? I'm worried about losing game saves since the Xbox has a built in hard drive. I'd rather not invest time and effort into possibly dying Xbox only to replace it and have restart all my games. The Xbox did have memory cards but I heard they had very little memory making it a pain to back up a whole library of saves.
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From my personal experience, the original XBOX is a very well built, reliable system. While I do not own my original XBOX console that I bought back in 2003, I have a friend who has his from launch and it still works great. The only XBOX that I recall ever breaking was one owned by my little brother, however he tried doing a firmware hack and killed his XBOX after being unsuccessful at this.

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Don't know, but I'm on my second Xbox so far. My original one that I got in May 2002 died a horrible death after it got clogged up with carpet fibers and started sparking and smoking. I replaced it in 2003 and still play it. It also has a sticky DVD drive and requires a light tap to come out. However, I recently had to purchase a new laser lens since mine is having trouble reading discs that are in flawless condition. I guess opening the Xbox up, dusting it out, and cleaning the lens just wasn't enough :\

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The original Xbox is a great, reliable system, built like a tank. I've never had a memory issue with mine, had it since 2007. I don't play it much anymore as I bought a 360 in February, but I'm starting to get back into it as all of my old save files are on it and it still works great, and I've done everything terrible a person can do to a system.

I've spilled water and OJ onto it (multiple times), though thankfully it was off all but one of those times. I've dropped it on the floor and down a flight of stairs, I've dropped things on it, I've left it on for MONTHS at a time... it's my one console I didn't take great care of, but it's still chugging along with no issues.

I'd put a long lifespan onto your Xbox if you took good care of it.

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I've had mine since 2004 I think. And It works great, I play it pretty often. The only problem (apart from a dodgy DVD drive) is that the power button just stopped working, so now I have to yank out the cord to turn it off (or turn off the powerstrip).

No memory issues at all.

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I have a launch Xbox that still works great. I've taken great care of it though, but have issues with disk-read errors sometimes.

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My bet is that your original has a better chance of working in the long haul then a 360. I own both a 360 and a used original (bought before the 360 came out) and both work fine.

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Agree- the original XBox is more reliable than the 360 that would replace it. In the long run, at least if the current treends are to continue, there will be emulators and legit downloads of the games on whatever the current console at the time everyone's playing. The good news about the video game industry is that, unlike the hardware, games don't ever really die.

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It's reliable. I literally just hooked up my original Xbox last night, which has been in a drawer since 2005 or 2006. I bought the console when they offered Jet Set and PgR as bundles--I believe those were the games. So, in 2002?
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Sometimes I have to fight the DVD drive to get it to read the games/movies, but other than that I haven't had any issues... I have had mine since shortly after launch.
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Had mine since 2002 and it works as good as the day I got it. It barely ever gets played anymore because thankfully all my Xbox games bar Rayman 3 are backwards compatible with my 360. It still has pride of place under the living room telly though! The rest of my consoles live in the drawer and are taken out when I want to play them. Even though I'm old enough to remember the 16 bit era, it was my first console and I love mine to bits!
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the only issue i've had with my original Xbox is the controllers. They have issues where the wires are coming apart at the controller. but other than that, the thing is built like a tank. only if the xbox360 was built as well.....

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dont worry, i have 2 xboxs from 2004- late 2003 , and 1 from 2002 the one from 2002 due to constant use the disc drive needs cleaning other then that it works, and the other 2 work flawlessly , same ofr one i bought used at a pawn , not sure when that one was bought originally so ya i also have one from 2005

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Had two Xbox, only died because of power surges and I have learn my lesson since. They worked perfectly for a long time.
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i had mine since 2004, but i accidently broke the cd drive in 2011, i had placed it on my bed and it fell and forced in the tray. if i hadn't done that it would probably last 2 decades.
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The original Xbox is a very reliable gaming system.