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Hey guys, recently I've managed to pretty much exhaust all of my games. CoD has drained me, Skyrim has been played to death, and Dark Souls is done for now. What I'm looking for is and RPG game that's immersive, long, and possibly even a little complex. I was thinking I could maybe tell you what sort of stuff I'm into, and you could scan your memories and experience to perhaps find a game that may interest me. 1. Monster Hunter: I enjoy the crafting system, and I don't mind the grinding. I love the difficulty levels increasing as the game progresses, you're never too OP. 2. WoW: I'm not necessarily looking for an MMO, but I like the large world and the levelling system. I like picking skills as you increase levels, and focussing on stats, etc. Professions are also cool. 3. I like getting more powerful, collecting armour and more skills while exploring the world, completing quests. 4. A compelling story would be great! 5. Good graphics are not required, just a bonus. 6. Doesn't have to be recent either, again just a small bonus. 7. I'm not a big fan of linearity in games. Dark Souls had a linear path but the exploration was still great, with many secrets, areas that weren't required to visit that had loot. So either a little like that, or more open world. 8. Gaming platform doesn't matter, if I don't have it then I can still look at it online and perhaps fuel my inspiration. Sorry, I know its not much to go on, or perhaps too much to ask. If I remember anything else then I'll add it in here. Hey, this may help other people too! Just spout your suggestions RPG veterans, I'm sure I'll find something. Thanks!
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well, ive been asking around and most say that chrono trigger is the best rpg of all time. im ready to give it a chance, the only thing is do i buy it on the psn store or the iphone app store
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I'd be happy to help! If you've already checked Skyrim and Oblivion, I can't advise much in the way of Western RPGs, and I'm fresh out of ideas for modern RPGs too. If you don't mind some older JRPGs, I can think of two:

Radiata Stories for PS2: Funny, easy to pick up and play, lots of content; Very underrated Square game.

Skies of Arcadia Legends for GCN: My favorite game of all time, bar none. Check my user page for an in-depth review.

I'm on the lookout for new games myself, so unfortunately I can't be much more helpful than that. You could check my ratings and reviews for ideas.

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Maybe you should try "Dragon's Dogma"? It seems to feature a similiar fighting-system to Monster Hunter except in DD you can scale the giant monsters.
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Dragon's Dogma and Xenoblade Chronicles are both fantastic RPG's. Xeno provides hours upon hours of gameplay, sidequests (a ton of sidequests), content, a huge world to explore, great voice acting, and an awesome story/cast. DD is like if Dark Souls and Dragon Age had a baby. Awesome combat system (jumping atop a chimera and slashing at its head or setting it's wings on fire with a well-aimed arrow never gets old) and a world as big as Skyrim's.

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Possibly some of the older Might and Magic's or the Ultima's ...with Lord British and the Avatar might fill the bill till that dream...RPG you described, comes along...

You might need to keep notes, draw your own maps, but there's something about keeping your own journal with spells/combinations/notes and maps. It draws you into the game in a different way than newer games that do it all with the click of a mouse.

Some of the older DOS games might fill the bill. A lot of them were the foundations for today's games. Of course, you'll pay for that involvement with very old graphic's/gameplay. But, they're still great games..

GOG has a good selection and a DOS download so you can play them. No issues with Vista or XP.

Eye of the Beholder.. Black Gate... World of Xeen... Mandate of Heaven

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Sounds to me like you want to play Diablo 3, it's got crafting, looting, leveling, and multiplayer. It's only for PC don't know if that concern you any but if it doesn't this sounds like the game for you. Hope it helped
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I don't know if you are into handheld rpg's at all, but if you have a psp i totally recommend Ys: seven. That game is amazing. I spent over 70 hours on it, has a nice long story, great combat, action, weapoons, storyline. I loved it.

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Check out Morrowind on PC and original Xbox. It's not as Action Adventure-ish as Skyrim and Oblivion, this game takes itself seriously and it was made with the hardcore RPG gamers in mind. There's no crafting, however there's other neat things that you can't do on the recent Elder Scrolls games.