OMG. Ok. I am buying Wolverine.

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I liked the demo, but never got around to playing the full game. Just saw this gif on GAF and well, I am really upset that its not available to download on Steam or anywhere else. 

Looks freaking awesome!


Amazon has the PC DVD version for $10. 

#3 Posted by JustPlainLucas (74797 posts) -
That game is fun! You'll enjoy it, especially for 10 dollars.
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Is that the 2009 game? Yeah it's really good, Raven Software is great
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Keep telling yourself that when you're fighting Gambit and the game keeps glitching. Game was pretty fun, but damn did the bugs ruin it at times.

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It was an awesome game. I would give it a solid 8/10
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wonder how they'll handle a character that's nearly impossible to kill and heals quicker than the T-1000, I enjoy my games for a challenge and if he can't die then where's the challenge
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Yeah it really is actually pretty decent. Visuals are a little rough round the edges but the combat and some of the set pieces more than make up for it.

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i haven't played this game yet but i am tempted to play it.

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It was suprisingly good, absolutely loved Wolverine's damage model and how his wounds heal and such.
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This is the old wolverine game? Yeah it was awesome. One of the best super hero games. It's like a GoW.
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It starts out in a fairly entertaining manner but the action soon becomes repetitive and wearisome. Not a purchase I'd wholeheartedly recommend, cheap or otherwise. The game also has Hugh Jackman's gurning face on the cover which is worth a few minus points all by itself.

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That reminds me, I still need to go get it.
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Is that X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

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That game was awesome you'll enjoy it. But I didn't notice any bugs the entire time I played. It ran great.