Old xbox/ps2 Action/rpg game where you play as a guy controlling 4 spirits.

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I had this game rented for me by my brother when I was young so I cannot remember the name.

The character you controlled had a big sword, and you controlled four spirits while playing him. At the start of the game you begin with the default sword spirits, throughout the game you can upgrade/change the spirits. You would use the spirits to help you defeat each stage. I'm not sure if they're called spirits, but they remind me of them.

The graphics were good at the time, dark and gritty. It was asian themed I believe.

I've looked through long lists and cannot find it, is there anyone out there who remembers?

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I remember playing a game like that but the name eludes me.
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I searched around the web and I found the game I was thinking off its called Chaos Legion not sure if this is the same one you are looking for.

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if its a girl this is instantly primal:


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Thank you so much, I looked everywhere but only you delivered DJheadshot.