Old School Co-op Game Recommendations

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My friend and I have been having game nights. New school gaming at his place, and old school gaming at my place. I'm looking for recommendations. I've got Atari 2600, 7800, ps2, nes, snes, genesis, n64. So far, our fav games have been Battletoads, Zombies ate my Neighbors, Double Dragon, Gauntlet II, x-men also many fighting games like Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter etc (which, I know aren't co-op, but you play at the same time)

Any more recommendations?

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Any of the Contra games are good.

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Contra and Smash TV
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King Of Dragons and Knigths Of The Round on the snes
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Kirby Superstar/Fun Pack, Seriously that game is epic in co-op...
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Xenophobe is a classic Co-op game and was released for at least two of your systems in a semi modern form (7800 and NES). I haven't paleyd either version so I have no idea which is better. Rampage is another that was release on a couple of the systems you mentioned. Joust is another good 7800 game that is kinda co-op (you can and likely will kill each other, but it's not a goal in the game the way killing the computer is).


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Oh, the super old, top down ground shooters like Ikari Warriors are also great co-op games.

Edit: Altered Beast on the Genesis. Another classic.


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streets of rage and golden axe on the mega drive.

the TMNT arcade games on the snes.

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Can't go wrong with Timesplitters1-3 if your both into shooters.

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Rampage Final Fight 2-3 (SNES's Final Fight was single player game, I am not sure about Final Fight CD) Operation Thunderbolt (I played arcade version. I am not sure about video game version) Capcom Classics Collection Vol. 1-2 (both have some co-op classic arcade games) NBA Jam TE Secret of Mana Bomberman series
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Double Dragon!!!!

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Gain Ground.

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Kirby Superstar/Fun Pack, Seriously that game is epic in co-op...ryancamcam
I'll second this. Many good memories from Kirby Superstar co-op back in the day. Fun times.
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Gauntlet Legends for N64 is a great and fun game for mindless fun.
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Any of the Turtles games like the ones for Nes or Snes are excellent bets for coop retro gaming. :D
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Any of the Turtles games like the ones for Nes or Snes are excellent bets for coop retro gaming. :DGAMECAMILLER
Indeed! I recommend Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Arcade Game for NES - great game.

Kirby Super Star is also great, yes.

And I will mention River City Ransom while I am at it.

OH, and Battletoads.

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any of the Streets of Rage games for the megadrive, Guardian Heroes on the Saturn is also pretty good

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Super C

Shadow of the Ninja

Battle Toads

Chip N' Dale

Snake Rattle N' Roll

Life Force

Bubble Bobble

River City Ransom

Snow Bros

Legendary Wings



Run Saber

Secret of Mana


Zombies Ate my Neighbours

Contra III

Goof Troop

Kirby Superstar

Turtles in Time

Firepower 2000

Genesis -

Gunstar Heroes

Streets of Rage II

Contra - Hard Corps

World of Illusion


Golden Axe

Air Buster

Bio Hazard Battle

Toejam and Earl

Toejam and Earl - Panic on Funkotron

Soldiers of Fortune (also on SNES)

N64 -

Goemon's Great Adventure

Gauntlet Legends

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Teenage Mutant turtles, HI YAAA!

Battletech, one controls the guns, the other the legs, its a creative form of co op

Sonic 2 & 3 tails is actually useful in 3, and in the second for killing bosses.

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If you have genesis Toejam and earl is the best co-op game EVER. Just my opinion.
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Gunstar Heroes
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Some good ones for the 2600 are:

Fishing Derby: good competitive head to head action

Freeway: same

Kaboom!: crazy fun trying to beat each others high score

Warlords: technically better with four people, but still a blast anyway you play it.

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check out this game called king of the monsters 2 its on snes and genesis take your pick

its really good co op its like streets of rage except with godzilla huge monsters beating up other ones and at the end theres a boss with health and it turns into a free-roam fighting game

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Bonanza Bros. and Crack Down are also excellent 2 player games.