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Deep Sea Country is an astoundingly beautiful platformer with great game design and really varied original music. Its one of those water levels which doesn't actually use water (though the gravity is set to lowish, so one has more hops than one normally does). I don't know how popular LBP is in Japan but a lot of great LBP levels come out of Japan.

A photo taken by TulioR10

A photo taken by Behonkiss

The Muppets Backstage Pass is a high quality platformer that makes excellent use of attact-o-gel (so one does a lot of walking on ceiling and suchlike. This is a bit on the short side but very fun. I'd be raving about the audiovisuals if I hadn't just played Deep Sea.

A photo taken by Nega1966

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The Intergalactic Platformer is a masterpiece. Its a platformer boasts strong audiovisuals and a quality original soundtrack in which you control the movement of some of the platforms at the touch of a button. You have to set bombs throughout a giant abandoned minecraft which is on a collision course with Littlebigplanet. This has a lot of plays and an MM pick and it deserves all the good things that have come its way. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by Destiny_Waits

The Great Exploration of Sam Stinklefritz is an easy but fun and funny platformer in which you help a boy (pictured below) find his lost love, Patty.

A photo taken by ryouko-y

Quite Simply Gold is truth in advertising, a mix of light platforming and minigames with good pacing tied together by a great soundtrack. One minute you are hopping from platform to platform grabbing gold, the next minute you are in control of a cannon shooting attack pirate ships (its a bit like Space Invaders) the next you might be in a minecart grabbing gold and dodging boulders. This level was created to showcase LBP at a town fair, so the level of difficulty is pretty low but there is a much more challenging version unlocked when you beat it on easy.

A photo taken by Smurfetta5683

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The Gunslinger Arts: Hands of Lightening Speed is a very well done but very challenging top down shooter with a Western theme (you are a gunman aiming to recover a kidnapped woman from an evil gang). This game boasts a very cool slowdown effect (which is necessary due to the game's difficulty) triggered via a meter. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by Rose2099

Ransack: Minigame Explodaganza is a really brilliant, fast moving collection of minigames. Games are quick, basic and there are no tutorials, so everything moves really fast. For example, you might starts off hopping on a bouncepad, then the bouncepad starts to move and other bouncepads start to appear (some of them angled so that if you hit them they knock you into one of the edges of the single screen, which are lethal) and the last survivor wins. Another challenge is using targetting reticles to take out a bunch of flying enemies (who takes out the msot enemies wins). Another puts everyone in control of a spinning cannon which fires bouncing bullets. You want to take out the other three players on the map.

Some of the games are easier to grasp immediately than others, but all of them are very well done. If there are a shortage of human players, AI players (who are rather good) fill the gap. Highly recommended.

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The link contains lots of footage from various community creations, including gameplay footage of various community levels from the LBP Vita beta (posted with permission from MM).

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Grabless is a masterpiece which boasts a hook I've never seen before. It uses the brain crane to limit the freedom of players (its supposed to be played with a dual shock). When one is wearing a brain crane you effectively have telekinesis but one can't grab things with one's hands. The level alternates between letting players grab and saddling them with (useless in this level) brain cranes). Its a very clever, very tough, but completely fair maze type level. The only complaint I have is tha the art style is a little drab, though the original music is nice and fits well with the level. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets MM picked. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by alistair26

Think Before You Jump is another clever, tough platformer. In this game every time you jump everything in the level switches from one position to another. For example, half a moving platform is safe to stand on, the other half is electrified, but which half is safe reverses every time you jump. Or a wall of spikes might switch from one position to another. Like the title promises, you find yourself planning out every move you make because each misstep is lethal. Once again, this is very challenging but completely fair. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by ShadowGhost9

The Jail Brake is a 5 minute demo of a prison escape level the creator is presumably working on (he said he would turn it into a full game if people liked it, and it has 4000+ hearts). You evade lasers and guards (shanking one guard) and crawl through ductwork. Moderately challenging, strong game design and fun, varied gameplay. The audiovisuals are good all around, but special mention must be made of the lighting (which is exceptional). Bring on the full game! Highly recommended.

A photo taken by LBP2-_HaRdKoR3-_

Slide! is a platformer in which you use the right stick (normally unused in LBP) to manipulate various bits of the environment. Very easy, but very bright and colorful. If you have small kids or just want to take a break from the beating the first two levels on this list gave you, play this.

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The Journey through Spectrum Caves ia a gorgeous platformer (a lot of care was clearly put into the construction of the world) with lovely original music. Gameplay and game designwise, its well done but it doesn't break any new ground but fans of platformers or pretty levels should try this. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by Weeneke

Pinball simulation"Metallica" lbp2 .1player.Flipper 1 joueur is a massive (several screens high), morphing pinball table (with lots of flippers, ramps and bonus areas) in which the ball sometimes bursts into flame. If you like pinball, give this a shot.

A photo taken by gonflette

LBP Bad Girls Club *Trailer* is the trailer for a reality show parody the creator will be releasing next month. Reality shows are so bad IMHO they are impossible to parody, but this funny video does capture the essence of the worst shows.

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'See You Tommorrow?' is a wonderful 50 minute movie (divided into two parts) about a boy, a puppy, his father and a girl. Both my daughters (7 and 11) loved it even though it reduced them to tears at one point. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by mickeysaysokthen

Striker Wings is a bullet hell shooter where the challenge is to die as little as possible in order to get the highest score possible (I got an F). This boasts a crazy level of challenge and old school music which perfectly fits. Highly recommended.

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The Disney Princesses are hitting LBP2 in two packs, one arriving next week the other arriving sometime next month. I'm sure my daughters will be thrilled.

Disney Princesses Wallpaper

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Sentimental Pink's name is a bit misleading because the level is neither sentimental nor (very) pink, but this does have the distinction of being the most surreal LBP level I have ever played. It always makes what the player needs to do next clear, but one is often surprised by what happens next. Very highly recommended.

A photo taken by remeu-666

The Golden Passage is a bit on the easy side, but its incredibly polished (love the bit with the bouncing boulders) and the audiovisuals are outstanding. This deserves its MM Pick.

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The first Disney Princess Pack hit today (the second hits in two weeks). My daughters really love the costumes (Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora and Jasmine). Six bucks for the four costumes and a handful of stickers (below).

Also, I came across a couple excellent levels but seems to be down at the moment so I'll post them tomorrow.

I'm hoping the NDA lifts on the very impressive LBP Karting beta so I can start posting impressions of that.

lbp disney princess -


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Windows LBP Second Edition Version 1.0 is amazing. Its basically someone making Windows style computer/OS within the confines of LBP. You can have up to three windows open at once and move, open and close windows as you will. Among the things you can do is play music (there are eleven selectable tunes, all either recreations of popular pop songs or LBP tunes), watch (primitive) videos, play a music game, tyoe messages, play a really well done virtual pet game (you select from four pets and have four meters including play, sleep and food that you need to top off to keep your chosen pet happy, and it lives in a dynamic world where storms and suchlike happen), look at pictures and a bunch of other stuff. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by ballardboyz555

Serpent's Kingdom is an extremely well made platformer in which one must often use the Move controller to tag/activate a series of platforms and then very, very quickly make your way across them before they deactivate. Challenging but very well done and very fun. If you have a Move, play this level. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by TulioR10

Space Police: Landfills of Mars is a beautiful (often cell shaded), well crafted but extremely tough platformer. Its amazing that this has so few plays, but this guy that is going to become a phenomena when the community discovers him (and get an MM Pick when MM comes across him). You are a space cop who moves certain platforms with the touch of a button. He seeks to go through a level eating the tasty hogs he finds and capturing the criminals he comes across. What makes it so difficult is getting the timing of the moving platforms right. Often one has to avoid a hazard and trigger a platform at the same time. Highly recommended.

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A new Progressive (the insurance company) themed contest which starts tommorrow has been announced. There is an official Progressive themed level which playing though earns textures and items you can use to build a Progressive themed level. The contest mirror's last year's Prius contest, which produced some pretty cool levels (LBP's community can turn any idea into a fun level) so I'm going to try the Progressive level tommorrow (time permitting).

Make sure you get your level built and published prior to the conclusion of the contest at midnight on Tuesday, September 4th. Thats when our judges will take a closer look at the 10 most popular levels, as determined by the LittleBigPlanet community. Well judge these levels based upon originality, quality/polish, Progressive brand awareness, and use of the items obtained from our LittleBigProgressive level. From these finalists, well pick a Grand Prize winner who will receive a PlayStation 3, a PlayStation Vita with a 4GB memory card, and copies of LittleBigPlanet Karting and LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, as well as both the PS3 and PS Vita versions of PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale as soon as the game is released. Our four Second Place winners will receive a PS Vita with a 4GB memory card and a copy of LittleBigPlanet PS Vita. Thats a whole lot of gaming goodness right there! The full contest details can be found here.




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Trust Me: The Escape is a perfectly crafted multiplayer level (2-4 players). A woman ran across a tiny bug and after stepping on, it called the exterminators (you watch this as tiny insects through a hole in the wall, seeing only the woman's massive feet as she crushes your buddy and then hearing her on the phone). When the exterminator comes he pumps gas into the wall and you and your friends have to escape to the sewer. The group can divide up however it likes, but the top person must hold a key (which doesn't negatively impact moment) and people on the two tracks must work together to overcome the level quickly (there is a cloud of poison gas which will engulf you if you are slow). Of course, you need to be careful because there a plenty of challenges ahead of you that can kill you. How do the tracks work together? For example, the guy on the lower track might grab a cushion attached to a spike which impedes the progress of a guy on the upper half, then the guy on the upper half jumps onto a button which activates a jump pad which allows the guy on the lower half to move forward. Challenging, but extremely well done and very highly recommended.

A photo taken by Smurfetta5683

Black44 is a noninteractive homage to the soldiers of WW2 (its a series of still artwork as seen below which ends with photos of some of the fallen). Very powerful. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by TheCosmic1234

Like the Waters of a River (old Japan platformer) is a platformer with good original music and art, but where it really stands out is the level design. It boasts some mechanics I've never seen before and even the familiar stuff is well done. Moderately challenging.

A photo taken by ryouko-y

Hotel is, well a pretty hotel level with lots of interactive elements players (elevators, sinks, food to be eaten, toilets to be used, what have you). There's no danger, one just wanders around and does stuff. Not for everyone, but an enjoyable playground type level.

A photo taken by ajisagi

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Little Big Toy World 3D (1-4 players) contains a very wide variety of game types including platforming, isometic shooting (think the old Zaxxon arcade game), obstacle avoidance and stuff I don't even know how to describe. My favorite part is one in which you drift in a bubble through an obsctacle course. Easy, but very well designed, very pretty and fun throughout. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by BlackWision-Cz

Brain Hemmorage is a tough but fair speed platformer boasting stellar level design and lovely audiovisuals. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by RacingCreed

Littlebigplanet Community Mashup #1: Obstacle Marathon consists of 18 single screen levels from different creators all mashed into one level. Not all levels are of equal quality, but they all come from veteran creators and most are at least good (some of them are awesome). I don't recommend Mashup #2 at the time of this writing because it is a bit buggy (something the developers are working on, so it may pop up in a later recommendation post).

A photo taken by tdwt9210

Last but not least the Progressive level which I mentioned in a prior post is solid, but nothing to write home about. People who aren't planning on entering the content shouldn't bother with it.

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Sixaxis Unlimited is a masterpiece that will get MM Picked if MM's community manager ever plays it (5K levels are published daily, so stuff gets missed). You confront a variety of challenges, but your contribution is always limited to tilting the controller one way or the other (which can get quite complicated in some of the platforming levels) in order to get the onscreen character to move in a given direction at a given speed (they jump and suchlike on their own).

A photo taken by AngeloMattei

A photo taken by AngeloMattei

Infiniti is a very well done 3D survival challenge in which you control a ball which must roll and bounce to avoid crevases in an endless stone corridor it rolls down. Unique, fun and highly recommended.

A photo taken by L-I-M-I

Judge Potatoman! is a short (less than five minutes) parody of the judge shows that dominate midday tv (in the US anyway). A judge gets extremely worked up over trivial cases (i.e. who ate the last cookie in the cookie jar) and hands down verdicts that have more to do with how the judge is feeling than anything else. Hilarious stuff.

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The second Disney Princess Pack hit last Tuesday. If you have daughters, this is a wise investment.


  • Rapunzel Hair, Rapunzel Eyes, Rapunzel Dress, Rapunzel Skin
  • Tiana Hair, Tiana Eyes, Tiana Necklace, Tiana Dress, Tiana Skin
  • Ariel Hair, Ariel Eyes, Ariel Bikini, Ariel Tail
  • Belle Hair, Belle Eyes, Belle Dress, Belle Gloves, Belle Shoes
  • A selection of Disney Princesses themed stickers



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Here is youtube video of the upcoming LBP2 pack which allows one to use the screen and controls of the Vita. Judging by past experience, it will debut with a themed level pack which will hit for six bucks and contain a lot of new content in addition to the new functionality. Looks like the theme is sci-fi. The Vita seems to be used well in the level that was showed off (using the front screen to manuver blocks and, using the rear screen to push blocks forward from one level to another, the Vita screen giving access to a special map, etc).

And here is footage of the latest LBP Vita trailer. As I've noted before, this contains so much new content (the development team hired a couple of the more talented creators early on and asked them what they wanted to see in LBP in addition to asking them to create levels) it could be labelled LBP3. I was very happy with the bit of LBP Vita's campaign I played in the beta. For what its worth, this is the best looking LBP trailer since LBP2's adventure trailer.

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Its just been announced that LBP Vita, LBP2 and LBP Karting all will have cross compatible DLC costumes. Its not clear if the costumes one unlocks in normal play are cross compatible as well.

Cross compatibility between LBP2 and LBP Vita had already been announced, but Karting being included is new.

The designers warn that all of the 270 outfits won't be there out of the gate, but promise they will keep working until every outfit is present in every game.

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Stormy Valley is a platformer with very clever game design, beautiful visuals and lovely original music. What makes this level different is the big roll wind plays. Sometimes your sackboy gets to a spot and the wind sweeps them along to a different spot, sometimes your sackboy says a valley filled with wind, then hops across it (impossible but cool as heck). Sometimes your sackboy is wearing a wind shooting creatinator he uses to manipulate the environment. Etc, etc. Great stuff and highly recommended.

A photo taken by michael_003

Forest of Time boasts very dark art direction, but its dark fantasy, not horror and is completely kid appropriate. The designer clearly build a lot of objects in the world from the ground up, which combine with the original (quite beautiful music) and the interesting world design (for example, due to a power your character picks up early in, broken objects knit themselves back together as you watch) makes for a very impressive level. The level is mostly easy, though there is a really difficult platforming challenge right before the end screen. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by blowh5

Castle Flowers 2 (the sequel to a game I mentioned in this thread some time back) boasts art direction as cheery as Forest of Time is gloomy, but shares many of the same virtues, despite coming from a different creator. Intricately designed levels, gorgeous visuals and low difficulty (though this lacks a difficulty spike). Once again, highly recommended. This level doesn't have a ton of plays and hasn't been played by MM because it it was surely it would be MM picked.

A photo taken by SILVER-WING-MIX

Cotton Fold is a clever platformer whose visuals are less colorful than the LBP norm but still quite lovely. The only thing I dislike about this level was I felt the creator was being a little overgenerous with orbs (which only offer meaningless points, but still). Anyway, there is a lot to like about this level. It does some very creative things with sackbots. You get a sackbot creatinator (one which shoot sackbots) and have to use it to solve various puzzles and sucklike. For example, in the screen below there are four ropes hanging out of reach and all four need to be pulled simulataneously, so one has to shoot a sackbot towards one of the ropes. You can generate a half dozen sackbots or so so you can miss a couple times, but the sackbots do phase out of existence quickly so one has to shoot fast and well in order to overcome the challenge. There are several similar challenges in the level. Worth playing if you are looking for a good platformer/puzzler which is a bit different from the norm.

A photo taken by Crash-39

Syncrocity is a rhythm game (whose gameplay consists of tapping buttons as they appear) for one or two players. Standard gameplay, but the music is good and the visual fireworks that act as a reward for combos are quite impressive. There is an epilepsy warning for this blinged out stage and its well earned. The screenshot below is the best of a bad lot, I'll post a better one in the next day or two.

A photo taken by Pirmaut

Pixelated is an extremely well done bomb survival challenge. Bombs home in on players, then latch onto them, then start to flash (meaning they are about to detonate). Bombs can be avoided and special moves (one doesn't control an ordinary sackboy, one controls a sackbot with a wider reportoire of moves) can break their hold. Also, point orbs fall from the sky, as do deadly laserbeams in later stages. Also worth mentioning is the fact that the stage is made from one of the materials which explosives destroy. So not only is it shaking in response to explosions, chunks of it are actually being vaporized (its a very deep stage, so bombs literally dig tunnels). Once again, the screenshot below is the best of a bad lot and one I will change later.

A photo taken by Gotinstrumentals

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No exciting news (such as news about the Vita pack) came out of the weekly LBP Blog post, but there is a free sticker pack hitting this week with some nice looking stickers.

Sack it to Me 8-20-2012

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Elly's Amazing Pod Adventure is five chapters (the 6th is pretty much the credits, though like in animated movies, the credits boasts characters doing amusing stuff as they roll) which mix together gameplay and story (the first two chapters are pure story, past that gameplay starts getting mixed in). As the creators state, this is pretty much a love letter to Media Molecule, Littlebigplanet and Spaff (the old community manager).

The game's backstory is the continuing efforts of a harried sub-community manager named Dhakon (I think that's it) to purge a couple of friends who got dabbled in H4H from the LBP Universe. Very well designed levels and lots of in-jokes for MM fans (I'm sure I missed some of the jokes since I'm not a member of the creative community and have never met MM or anything). All three girls kind of blend together, but the characterizations of the villians (MM and its employees) are really great.This takes 90 minutes to playthrough but his highly recommended for LBP fanatics.

Word to the wise, the selection screen appears to let you pick where you want to start, but that is misleading, you have to play through levels sequentially.

A photo taken by egoshooter360

Mutant Mudds is a clone of a 3DS indie platformer. It recreates the first two levels. I never heard of the game its imitating, but the level looks and feels nothing like LBP (everything is hand drawn and the character has distinct controls and physics) though it uses LBP music. You control a guy with a cannon and a jetpack (he can't fly or even double jump, but it does keep him aloft for about three second when the character hits jump a second time) who can hop inbetween three levels (one way in the background, one way in the foreground) at designated points. The first level just kind of teaches you the basics, the second is tough (in part because when you die, you have to begin at the beginning of the level, though the enemies you killed stay dead and the items you picked up stay gone). Highly recommended.

A photo taken by Adel22

Pro Go With the Flowbot is a Progressive themed level created for the contest. Its a conventional but extremely well done platformer created by one of LBP's most accomplished creators. It will kill you a few times, but you won't get hung up anywhere, so its on the easy side. I highly recommend this to anyone who loves a great platformer, even those who aren't real fond of Progressive.

A photo taken by Alley_Cat_8633

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The code for the costumes below is included with copies of The Pirates: Band of Misfits!, a well reviewed claymation movie which didn't make much of a splash when it released earlier this year.

Initially one has to buy the movie in order to get the costumes, but down the line they will be available for sale. The movie looks interesting, but my daughters haven't expressed much of an interest in it, so I'll just wait for the costumes to go on sale.

The Pirates

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Pro Flowbot Loves Bundler is a quality platformer/shooter which was made for the Progressive level design challenge. A bit on the short side, but well designed, a good amount of gameplay variety, a strong sense of humor and a nice final boss. More than any of the other Progressive levels I have played, this seems like it was built around the challenge. Highly recommended. Apparently the creator's (Verbal83) first level, this guy is one to watch.

A photo taken by Verbal83

Dead Space LBP is very easy but incredibly gorgeous (the boss below is impressively animated) and completely nails the atmosphere of Dead Space. The (gory, blood gushing) enemies are pretty easy, but this is an experience worth having. A follow up which the creator says incorporates the wish list of players (more challenging gameplay and puzzles were mentioned by many reviewers) is in the works.

A photo taken by InfectiousTiger

Hulagirl is a complete batsh!t level which consists entirely of hula girls (some of whom have horror movie faces). They are the ground you walk across, the objects you collect and the objects you shoot from the creatinator and at the end you even climb a giant hula girl. As one reviewer said, this is pure Japanese. Well designed but easy, I laughed all the way through. Very catchy music. Not for everyone, but if you like weird, you'll not find my weirder.

A photo taken by Ringo-Apple

Littlebitplanet is LBP set in the 80's. As you can see from the screen below, the handdrawn graphics are chunky and it even boasts a redone, bittunes version of one of LBP2's better songs. Short but clever.

A photo taken by luigi12340

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The makers of LBP Karting invited some of the best LBP creators to give the game a try. The video below contains interviews with the community creators in which they talk a bit about how and why they came to LBP, then they talk about the levels they tried to make in LBP Karting, then they show off the levels.

Most people focused on creating cool tracks and weapons for conventional kart racing experiences, one created a new battle mode (which involved tossing a mad cow into your opponent's base to infect them and drive them crazy). All of them were very enthused about being able to build games in 3D. November 6th is going to be an exciting day.

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Robot Rock is a gorgeous single screen survival level that pulses to the beat of its catchy original music. You have to evade pillars as they descend and retract. The designer claims its five minutes long (no, I haven't beat the level yet, though I will continue to try). Highly recommended.

A photo taken by TheNotorious-187

LBP Bad Girls Club Episode 1: Bringing the Bad is The Real World meets Jersey Shore. I would call this a parody, but those types of shows and the people that populate them are so stupid its impossible to parody them, so call it a homage. Sharp writing and solid VA. I'm not sure, but I think this is roughly ten minutes long.

A photo taken by RAINBOWMUFFIN254

Aura Platformer is a meat and potatoes platformer with good level design, nice visuals and great original music.

A photo taken by bloodfang91

Below are three funny parodies of the Progressive contest in which Flo burns down people's homes (if you had Progressive, this wouldn't matter!), a demon tells children if they don't buy Progressive their cat with die, an old man dying of a heart attack says 'Thank God I have Progressive Life insurance', stuff along those lines. All of these parodies are very short (1-2 minutes) and all are funny but the funniest (and the only one I highly recommend) is the clip at the third link.

A photo taken by bloodfang91

A photo taken by blue-peregrinus

A photo taken by Embletini

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The Lost World is a platformer set in the (sadly, nonexistent) time when cavemen and dinosaurs wandered the world. A giant dinosaur has consumed a group of cavemen and you have to track it down and free them. The level design is relatively simple, but its clever and varied. For example, there is a bit where you have to jump into a dinosaur's mouth, then jump out before it closes its mouth to get to a higher platform. There is another bit where two dinosaurs are butting heads, and every collision causes the screen to shake and rocks to fall. There is another scene where one hitches a ride with a pterodactyl. I could go on, but this is filled with good stuff. The Lost World is quite long because its actually a couple levels strung together. That gives me a good reason to post multiple shots of the stunning original artwork that fills the level (yes, the creatures are animated). I'll stop raving and just say that this has my highest recommendation.

A photo taken by rheisa-87

A photo taken by missyhifi

A photo taken by Carnageheart

Enchanting Illusion is a really gorgeous, really weird platformer. The best analogy I can come up with for the experience is wandering through a hall of mirrors in which gravity sometimes reverses itself. The original music is as lovely as the graphics and perfectly fits the mood. Not too challenging, but if you are looking for a mindf*ck, look no further.

A photo taken by Smurfetta5683

The Illusion Show isn't actually a level, but it is a cool visual trick. You stare at a couple spinning shapes for 60 seconds, then when you look away, you hallucinate.

A photo taken by Orein123

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A member of the LBP community created an app for LBP. It links to You can use it to look up LBP member's public profile (including of course your own) even without logging in, but if you log in you can use it just like, adding ques to your level and hearting people and suchlike. It also includes links to major LBP fansites and has a special feature which allows you to track the creators of your choice even without logging in. I downloaded it yesterday and tested it out and it lot great and works well.


The maker of the app singled out a member of Gamespot's own community named Shadowriver (he's stuck his head in this thread a few times, but he mostly hangs out on SW). Shadowriver is a talented creator who has done a lot of work to promote the work of other talented creators as well as creating videos which help aspiring designers understand the process of creating LBP levels.

Special Awesomesauce Award ShadowriverUB

There is one person who comes to mind that has done so many things for this community that I still cannot believe he has time to sleep (and I am not convinced that he does). In fact, this person actually planted the idea for LittleBigHub in my mind in the first place and helped me develop it. That person would be ShadowriverUB!

Sack it to Me: 9-10-2012

This community member has also established a means for all of us to listen to music that was made in LBP. Before LittleBigAudio was created by this person, I honestly didnt realize that there was such an incredible music scene in LittleBigPlanet.

That still isnt all that he has done. He is also one of the major contributors to the LittleBigPlanet Wiki. He has an active YouTube account as well which has recently been used to post LittleBigPlanet Karting Beta levels and in-depth tutorials, which I imagine will be invaluable for newcomers once LittleBigPlanet Karting launches!

So it is a true honour for me to be able to award an Awesomesauce Pin to ShadowRiverUB!

Last of all, a member of the LBP community named Jaime Colliver recreated the cinematics of FF7 and apparently did a good job (I haven't tried it myself, will tackle it this weekend and post impressions). His work is being praised all over the net.

Imagine the entire story of Final Fantasy 7 recreated in the style of LittleBigPlanet 2. Now open your eyes - someone has done it.

Jamie Colliver spent six months of his free time painstakingly recreating the revered JRPG using the malleable LBP2 tool set. The work spans 20 levels and covers all conversations, soundtracks, characters, bosses and enemies. Even the battle system has been recreated.

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Bearry Button's Mansion is a three level platformer which gets increasingly challenging and impressive. The first stage is well done and pretty but the easiest and most conventional of the lot. The second stage makes clever use of the attract-o-gel and is somewhat more challenging. The music (some of which is original) perfectly fits the mood.

The third stage is built around generated objects and is the toughest and most inventive. You are given a hat which you are told will do whatever you need it to do. Most hats shoot one object (maybe an attack, maybe a platform, maybe a robot to help you) but this hat shoots a trigger. All sorts of cool stuff (on a time limit, so you need to hurry before it fades) is triggered by this hat. It might be something as conventional as a platform, it might be a series of bouncepads, it might be a button to open a door... I've reviewed the original level in the past in this thread, but when I came across the last two I decided to replay the original just so I could put everything in its proper context. This series is tremendous fun and highly recommended.

A photo taken by threewag

A photo taken by WESFUN

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Touch of Nature is a gorgeous platformer with original music that doesn't break any new ground but beats the hell out of the old ground. There is a lot of variety. The worst thing I have to say about it is that it is a bit on the easy side. Still, well worth playing, especially if you have small kids.

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Angry Whale is a brutal but brilliant multiplayer survival challenge. I cannot imagine how much work went into this stage. Basically you start off on a whaling boat having just processed a baby whale. You can freely explore your large ship before you dump the bones of the whale into the ocean. That is when the **** hits the fan. Two massive whales then deteminedly attack you (they will rip the ship to pieces and swallow you whole). You can escape via helicopter or lifeboat (which takes a lot of luck) or if you are even luckier you can kill them with your ship's harpoon gun. If you are luckless like me they will eat you. But anyway, play this highly recommended level with a couple friends or even strangers.

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Dangerous Beauty is short and pretty but tough. If one is looking for a challenging platformer, here you go. Special mention should be made of the high quality original music.

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Invader Zim is an entirely hand drawn shooter which of course is based on the popular cartoon I've somehow managed to never see. The only thing that keeps this from being highly recommended is the controls are a bit rough (namely, your character sometimes winds up facing the wrong way while shooting and jumping).

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Super Shopping Cart is a brilliant game which ought to be besides 'Japanese' in the dictionary as far as I am concerned. When it starts off you are just shopping in the grocery store when lightening strikes an eggplant. It immediately mutates and becomes sentient and psychic. It uses it powers to scatter the contents of the grocery store around the city. Your character does the rational thing and takes it upon himself to collect all the groceries. There are pits and obstacles that need to be avoided (happily, your shopping cart has jets which allow it to hover briefly). The whole thing makes zero sense, but an insane amount of love and care clearly went into the crafting of this and its really fun (nice visuals and quality original music). The whole course is 1000m, I only made it 200 (my grade was a D- ). Still, despite the fact I sucked at this (I'll get better), I highly recommend it.


Skeleton's Festival is a digging minigame (something explored by MM in LBP2) which is intended to be multiplayer but also works really well as a singleplayer game. You are inbetween two bars of fire which slowly move downwards, and you need to dig to keep moving down as well. There are items with different point values and different effects (for example, there is a huge bomb which blows away most of the blocks onscreen). I've only scratched the surface of this in my four plays but I'm very impressed by what I've seen and feel confidently highly recommending this to fans of minigames and/or strategy games. Atmospheric original music and great art design.

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The Tale of Elizabeth and the Malevolent Machine is a platfomer which boasts strong game design, good art design (the creator created an LBP1 style puppet which spouts some clever dialogue), clever use of the creatinator (you shoot keys which activate different items in a very visually interesting way) and nice music (its a tweaked version of a popular LBP song). Highly recommended for fans of traditional platformers.

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Abandoned Wonderland is an insane version of what I like to call a clockwork level (a platformer with a lot of really complicated moving bits). You hit a button and literally watch the stage reconfigure itself. Not only is the level design top notch but the visuals are amazing. I ran into some mild slowdown, but that may have been due to me playing with my youngest (or maybe not, there is a lot going on in this level). The original music is also quite impressive. Highly recommended.

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Rage of the Amazing Carrot Gardener doesn't do anything really new, but its really polished and really fun.

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Classic Platformer - A Short Adventure to the Panda Disco is short, but its level design has an LBP1 vibe (the objects are a bit more basic than the sort of complicated constructions LBP allows) which I really enjoyed.

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Blobby is a beautiful, entirely hand drawn level. The main character looks like a Loco from Loco Roco but moves different (jumps as opposed to rolls) and has a different set of powers. You play a little blob that got separated from his friends while playing hide and seek and has to go on a long adventure to reunite with them. Save points are vines that grow and blossom into strawberries, at one point you touch a dandelion tree whose seeds then scatter to the winds (you ride the seeds a bit later), you have to take advantage of flowers that roll and unroll tonguelike protrusions attached to fruit as bait, you have to destroy or avoid various enemies, there is a nice bit where you swim through the sea and avoid giant fish. My kids (well versed in all things LBP) didn't believe I was playing LBP until I showed them the pause screen. Off the top of my head the only collection of connected levels which feels as cohesive as this is Color Your Dreams 3. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by tripleking

Blue Ocean Planet of Life is really gorgeous art level in which one swims through an ocean filled with dozens of different types of fish (and of course mammals in the form of dolphins and whales). One of my daughters proposed we make a level like this. I told her to keep practicing her drawing (I'll never be able to draw that well) and maybe it will happen one day. Photos don't really do this justice, but imagine that picture with the fish swimming in a circle and mantas gliding past. There is no danger and no points to collect, you just swim through the level and enjoy the sights (I recognized many of the fish). The animation is minimalistic but well done. Highly recommended.

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I read a great interview with MM in the latest edition of Edge. They revealed that originally LBP2's create aspect was pretty mild, it was pretty much limited to slapping stickers and suchlike on levels (in other words, just the stuff one does in play mode, not the stuff one does in create mode) but they eventually took it really far and had levels which Sackboys actually built by hand. Textures had to be physically painted on by sackboys and a sackboy that needed to paint something high up needed another sackboy with a jetpack to carry them where they wanted to go. They said that was a fun mode to play, but it made creation so complicated that the final products weren't impressive, so they came up with the pop-it menu, which dephysicalizes creation (you just select a texture and apply it, you don't have to paint every inch of it) but makes it easy (as easy as creation can get, anyway).

Sackboys creating stuff manually is so interesting I'd love it if the old prototype hit in the form of a DLC pack (though with the existing toolset some dedicated members of the community could pull it off).

Also, mention was made of MM's next project, an original game (probably for the PS4) which is so ambitious is scares them and it offers vastly more creative options than anything else out there. Its crazy that a 47 person studio has two games (the secret game and the LBPV game Tearaway) in development in an era where often a hundred plus people (AC3 and RE6 boast 600 person development teams) work on boxed games.

co-founder Alex Evans confirmed the studio is now split into three main groups; Tearaway, the studio management team, and a second "unannounced R&D project".

The technical director said he hopes the under-wraps title will "completely reimagine how people can create".

"An interesting thing about Media Molecule is that we actually enjoy tearing everything up and doing something we couldn't have imagined doing before," he told Edge.

"That's the positive of all this. As a studio, we want to keep everything fresh. We don't want to be known as just the LittleBigPlanet studio, much as we love that. I think of Media Molecule more as creative gaming.


Anyway, I haven't played too much LBP2 of late (though I add to my que whenever I add the the que of LBP PSV) most due to X-com but also due to the non-videogame portions of my life but I did come across one gem. JK's Fool on a Hill is a competitive multiplayer game where one tries to accrue a thousand points by staning on top of hills that raise and lower periodically. Sometimes death falls from the sky and sometimes fireball shooting creatinators and powergloves spring up from the ground, giving players the option to catch bombs and toss them at each other. Highly recommended.

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Japan Beauty is another masterpiece from a Japanese creator known as Koknsun. Koknsun is one of the best creators of clockwork levels out there. 'Clockwork' is a term I use to reference levels which boasts a lot of mechanical complexity, often completely reconfiguring themselves (platforms fold and unfold, the lighting changes, special effects kick in and disappear, stuff like that). As usual, his lengthy, challenging, intricate level rewards players who finish it with a lovely piece of dynamic artwork. Also, the original music is quite beautiful. Highly recommended.

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Unblock Me is a really high quality 'shift the blocks' puzzle game. You are trying to move the yellow block to the slot on the other side. You can play against other people or you can play alone against a clock. The creator polished this to a mirror finish (great puzzle design, nice intro screen, good tutorial, multiple difficulty levels). Normal is easy enought that I was able to beat it, and I suck at puzzle games. Highly recommended.

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The Jersey Shore of LBP, LBP Bad Girl's Club is back, with Split Ends (the second in the series of short movies spoofing reality tv). The character are vile, racist and violent (perhaps even moreso than in real life) so this isn't for everyone (I wouldn't let kids watch this), but I really enjoyed this roughly ten minute movie. Highly recommended.

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The third level of the Inferno series is out. Since the last two were a while ago, I replayed them to refresh my memory and to be able to review the complete series in one piece. Inferno is characterized by excellent, varied platforming broken up by some really creative vehicle segments and punctuated by some great boss encounters. There are lots of gorgeous LBP levels out there, but few levels boast the sense of scale of the Inferno series. It starts off with one taking an elevator deep into the bowels of the earth (so deep I wondered if the protagonist were in Hell, but not, he's just underground near an active volcano). You character makes his way through a world of violent eruptions and massive machinery (rusty gears and gleaming laser cannons). The levels get increasingly difficult (the last level is downright vicious) but there aren't any brick walls. Highly recommended. I recommend starting from the beginning, but below are links to the first and last levels of the series. (Inferno) (Inferno 3)

A photo taken by diegoalejandro23

A photo taken by IAGUITO21

A photo taken by apb-andi

The Strange Vampire Power is a title which is a bit misleading because the character doesn't really have any unusual vampire powers, just the usual ones (bar bloodsucking) but super strength and the ability to turn into a bat are awesome powers even if they are usual for a vampire. The quality level design puts the vampire's powers to good use. One runs across ghosts, fairies and dragons (not exactly the normal vampire enemies but they made for an entertaining level, so I can't complain). Also, the original music is good. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by FizZillAH

Sack o' Lantern's Storm is a well designed Halloween themed platform whose final boss is a big underwhelming (in fairness, I was coming off Inferno) but which is fun throughout and boasts a great original soundtrack.

A photo taken by bryan_bumps

Night of Tricks and Treats is another fun Halloween themed platformer which boasts very varied level design and great art direction.

A photo taken by alicia_2099

Minecart Gold Rush is a 3D game with three tracks in which one hops from track to track to either pick up gold nuggets or avoid lethal barriers. Simple, but engaging.

A photo taken by comishguy67

The Sweet World is a gorgeous, well designed but easy pastry themed level. Good for kids or anyone who just enjoys the virtual of equivalent of a stroll through a pretty park.

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Like Clockwork is a masterpiece. Its part of the LBPC9 challenge in which creators were challenged to build massive moving levels around a single motor which powers the entire level (a feat which boggles the mind). This is a clockwork level (as one might expect) which boasts superb original music which perfectly complements the lovely visuals and the high quality level design (which is quite varied). Mostly platforming but there are some puzzle elements. Not too hard, not too easy. Highly recommended and deserves to be on any short list of great LBP levels.

A photo taken by Col_Pickering

Esther and the Lark is a short (>5 minutes), silent, savage and sad film about an abusive @sshole, his depressed wife and a little bird she befriends one day. I don't want to go into spoilers, but this is very powerful stuff (from a creator whose work I often find myself praising) and highly recommended.

A photo taken by Carnageheart

Marshmallow World is platformer which mostly succeeds in what it sets out to do, though it lacks a bit of polish (the last boss is an interesting idea but his execution leaves something to be desired, though executing him is easy). Still, this level is fun and varied (loved the bit with the spinning candy canes) so platforming fans should give this a shot.

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Woodenheart Melodies is a challenging nature platformer which doesn't put a foot wrong. A lot of the time (too much) my youngest will opt when a platformer gets too tough but this time she was like 'We can do it daddy!'. I suspect she was hooked by the lovely visuals. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by Smurfetta5683

Path among the Stars took me a bit of time to get into, but I eventually came to appreciate this challenging, beautiful puzzler/platformer. The puzzles might frustrate you a bit at points (or maybe not, I suck at puzzles), but a bit of frustration makes beating a level all the sweeter... The lovely, bouncy original theme deserves special mention.

A photo taken by CHiE_xoxo

Animal Antics is a fun platformer which boasts a few clever bits which spice up the meat and potatoes game design.

A photo taken by SILVER-WING-MIX

Audrey Dreaming Night Four 'The Carnival' is the latest and arguably the darkest chapter of the series about a little girl's nightmares (I'm 38 and if I had her nightmares, I would mainline Red Bull). This trip to a circus (which is mostly a freaskshow) lasts only a couple minutes, but its a rough couple minutes because she keeps seeing ever more grotesque things and you know that the worst is yet to come...

If you haven't seen Audrey's prior nightmares, begin at the second link because they are all worth experiencing (the first link takes you directly to the fourth nightmare).

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A guy wrote a nice letter about how LBP helped his son (who missed a lot of school due to illness) master the alphabet.

However, none of those would hold the significance of what I eventually settled on as one of my fondest memories. Since birth my son had hearing issues: constant ear infections had slowed his language skills and ultimately hampered his learning. Giving him tubes in his ears helped and we put him in early placement so he could attempt to catch up, but he was having trouble; particularly with his ABCs.

We tried everything from songs to flashcards and nothing seemed to stick with him. One sunny Saturday afternoon my wife and son sat on the couch behind me working on ABCs with flashcards as I reclined on the floor playing Little Big Planet. Now LittleBigPlanet has special significance on its own as its the game that I ended up buying a PlayStation 3 for. It filled my mind with wonder of all the many possibilities and the promise of ultimate creative control. I digress though, back to the sun streaming in the window of our apartment as we enjoyed family time.

The game easily caught my sons attention from day one with its charming aesthetic and held both of our interests with its witty dialogue and levels. On a whim, as they worked I pulled up the search bar and typed in ABC, something Id not thought to do before. Several levels popped up and I clicked into the first one I saw. I wish I could tell you the name and creator now, but I do remember being very pleased playing through the level and watching the inventive use of Little Big Planet that was before me now.

Each letter was accentuated by some sort of event and usually something that began with each letter would shake, move, crash down or other such fun and exciting things (especially for a child my sons age). It was easy to move through the level and before long I decided to give my son the controller and let him take a crack at it. He laughed, he cheered and ultimately he played the level probably 20 times that week (as children often do with things they like).

Tuesday morning I go to pick him up from school and am met outside at the pick-up area by his teacher. First my thoughts turned to trouble, however today it was good news. Not only did my son master A-F, which they were working on at the time, in fact he could say the entire alphabet and associated words. The teachers were amazed and asked what I had done. When I told them it was a videogame they looked as astounded as they did incredulous. All theyd heard about was the violence of games, never the merits of them. My son is now 6 and doing smashingly in school with his academics and is progressing to be quite the story teller. In fact, I believe we are almost ready to make our very first LBP level together soon.

Is there anything Sackboy can't do?


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LBP has just been featured by The Institute of Play (which seeks to promote the gamification of learning and in the past has highlighted Civilization, Portal 2 and Minecraft. There are half a dozen interesting podcasts, graphs and interviews at the link.

As a studio, Media Molecule is itself highly collaborative, and feels at times like an artists collective. With a social vibe, the studio is filled with examples of fan creativity like Sackboy Halloween costumes and handwritten bug reports produced by nine-year olds. The staff seems to believe almost fearlessly in the idea of engagement in a community as a way in to learning, a vision even more realizable today with the wealth of social supports available via digital media and technology. For Media Molecule, education is possible only within a community founded on knowledge sharing and support. As level designer Christophe Villedieu said in an interview, Sharing is the gift for the community you dont expect anything in return. Its just that I know how to do something so I share my knowledge take it and use it. Its like free food, like open knowledge, for every creator.

For educators interested in how games can provide new models for student engagement, the design of the community for LBP and its approach to open knowledge might serve as an inspiration. The barrier to entry into the community is incredibly low, it is filled with social supports for learning that come from fellow players, and players can develop interest and build expertise through the design of their own levels. The game not only empowers players to believe that with the right tools, creativity knows no bounds, but also to believe that players can only learn from what theyve made if their creativity is shared with others. The result is a robust community where players are constantly growing and learning together, which makes LBP a promising vision of learning in the 21st century.

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The LBP2 Vita DLC (one which requries the use of a Vita to beat the levels and gives creators tools to make similar levels) hits next Tuesday for 5 bucks.

The top link is to the announcement, the bottom link to the demo video. The DLC pack supports up to 5 players at once (with four using normal controllers and one using the Vita) and the guy with the Vita has the ability to see stuff others can't see and manipulate parts of the level via the touchscreens. Also, there are segments where his character will literally jump into the Vita in order to access certain segments of the level and do certain things.

I'm really looking forward to playing through these levels with my kids. MM might not be the best creators in the LBP universe (there are some really amazing community creators out there who literally pour dozens of hours into a given level), but they are among the best, and their levels are always fun and charming. Also, as a guy who likes to kind of use the level creation tools as a playground, I'm interested in seeing all the stuff (objects, textures, costumes and what have you) the pack includes.

But what is Cross-Controller? Well, Cross-Controller lets you to use PS Vita as a controller for PlayStation 3, allowing the use of PS Vita-only features, like front and rear touch, in PlayStation 3 games. More importantly, it provides a whole second screen where action can take place! This allows for an unimaginable number of new ways to play, some of which youll experience with the LittleBigPlanet 2 Cross-Controller Pack!

In the LittleBigPlanet 2: Cross-Controller Pack, Sackboy joins up with a group of lovable Space Pirates as they race to find a valuable treasure long thought lost to the Cosmos. On their adventure theyll encounter new obstacles that can only be overcome with the help of PS Vitas unique features.




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Cant wait to play the LBP2 Wii U pack.
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Shift is a masterpiece, as fine a puzzler/platformer as I've played. One shifts the pieces of a level around like one would a sliding block puzzle. The object is to grab the key then make one's way to the door. Levels get really, really complex due in part to the addition of more pieces (towards the end one is dealing with 5 pieces, not the 3 one deals with initially) but mostly due to the fact that one has to activate batteries by connecting them to powersources and also that the sackboy's momentum is preserved in the middle of tile switches. For example, one relatively easy puzzle has one at a tile at the bottom with a bouncepad. The bouncepad is so powerful it not only propels you to the higher tile (which has the key and the door) it drives you into the ceiling spikes. So what one has to do is shift the puzzle so that you leap not to where you want to go, but the third piece, which is an empty space. There you lose a bit of momentum, so when you shift the tiles again so that the key and door are on top, you land on their platforms and miss the spikes above them. It gets a lot more complicated than that, but its never brutally difficult (it took me no more than 6 minutes to solve any of the 15 levels and sometimes as little as 2).

The amazing soundtrack will stay fresh throughout the hour or so you will need to beat this level. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by Smash909

The Shiny Scrapyard is a race level in which one seeks to climb to the top of the tower as quickly as possible while collecting as many orbs as possible. Familiar concept, but very well executed.

A photo taken by blackbird31468

The Pianist of the Night is a 5 minute movie about a hardworking recently orphaned girl boasting a sweet story (no surprises though), good camerawork and beautiful music. The English translation is very shaky (think 'All your bases belong to us') but if one ignores the words, the meaning of the story is clear.

A photo taken by Carnageheart

Natural Darkness is a meat and potatoes platformer which in pretty easy, but the crafter paid a lot of attention to every detail.

A photo taken by runschei

Craftworld Christmas Collaboration: Music Giveaway is a jukebox of chiptunes renditions of Christmas tunes put together by many of LBP's better musicians. If you like a song you can hit a button and instantly download it. A skippable, mildly amusing short movie precedes the level. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by alexandersmart

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Inferno trilogy WOW. Great find Carnage, I wonder why it isnt a MM pick.
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Inferno trilogy WOW. Great find Carnage, I wonder why it isnt a MM pick. dvader654

Its probably because the community manager hasn't come across it. There are a ton and a half of good levels out there.

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As well as the Vita supporting levels/DLC, Marvel Heroes Costume Pack 5 is hitting this week (pack 6 hits next month). The five costumes are Black Bolt, Black Widow, Iron Fist, Nova and Star Lord (no, never heard of him either). Remember, buy the costumes once, you own them in LBP2, LBPV and LBP Karting.

Black Widow completes our Marvel Heroes Costume Pack 5 that is due out this week!

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Here's the official trailer and a description of the contents of the 5 dollar PS Vita DLC which hits later today (theoretically in about an hour, though such updates tend to be late).

  • A Brand New Story Our new theme will see Sackboy travelling across the Omniverse to discover the lost treasure!
  • Five Costumes Sackboy will be fully kitted out for his new adventure with five brand new costumes! Dont forget about our Cross-Buy Costumes! If you purchase this pack, these costumes will also work on LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and will become available in LittleBigPlanet Karting in a future update!
  • Four New Tools The Worm Hole, the Vitanator, the Remote Tag Sensor and the Tag Radar are all available to help you create your own Cross-Controller experience.
  • Creative Goodies 26 Objects, 25 Materials, 74 Decorations, 148 Stickers, three Interactive Music Tracks and one Background are all waiting to be picked up by your Sackboy to add to their Popit to help fulfil their creative needs.
  • Five Tutorials Finishing up the Cross-Controller Pack, we have five brand new tutorials all voiced by LittleBigPlanets favourite narrator, Stephen Fry. These should really help you get to grips with the new tools and Sackboys headfirst dive into Cross-Controller gameplay!


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Setting up the LBP Vita DLC is a very time consuming process. As is the norm with LBP, the actual content was contained in an update for the game that hit the day before (as is the norm in LBP, even people that don't buy the DLC can play community levels built with it) so when one buys the DLC one is only buying the unlock codes. The unusual thing is that in this case the PS3 needs to send data to your Vita (roughly half a gigabyte) to enable the cross controller function. That process took half an hour. Then after the download was complete, I activate the new app (which appeared in a window on my Vita) and was told to please wait for a while longer (roughly 10 minutes) while the two systems sorted something out (doesn't ask me what).

By then it was my daughters' bedtime but I let them stay up a bit to play the first level (of course, I handled the Vita). The first level is extremely fun. The Vita player can call up a lens which allows everyone to see hidden dangers (which are clearly apparent to the Vita player because the whole screen is on his screen). Also, one uses the touchscreens of the Vita for environmental manipulation. The coolest part is when you all are trapped in a prison, then the guy with the Vita escapes. At that point you shift focus to the Vita's screen (where the action is occurring). I worried my daughters would be bored, but when I looked up they were making their way through what seemed like an alternate version of the level I was playing (the large landmarks were the same, but everything else was completely different). The stuff I was doing was opening up pathways for them. I can't quite explain what happened because like all normal humans, I can't watch two screens in two different places at once. Suffice to say, a good time was had by all. I'll post some screenshots later today.

At least in the first level the game always tells you when you need to look to the Vita screen (there is always a picture of the PS Vita close to challenges that require it). In those situations the PS Vita shows you a normally very different rendition of the screen your characters are at (with invisible challenges being visible but with other stuff being invisible). In most situations the Vita shows a cool matrixy representations of your sackboy's head (a disembodied head composed of flowing glowing green numbers).

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Recitals and Christmas shopping have kept my daughters and I from getting in too much LBP Vita DLC time, but we did managed to squeeze in the second level yesterday. The Vita is used in very clever ways (one manipulates objects on the tv screen with the tilt and touchscreen) and coordination is key. As one might expect, there were more than a few hilarious deaths due to overeagerness and miscommunication. Even coordinating with myself is a challenge :P. Managing a hazard via touchscreen and controlling sackboy with the regular controls at the same time takes some doing. I tend to send my kids into danger first (what good father doesn't?) then I go. My survival rate is probably a little lower than theirs.

Of course, what is really wild are the bits where the player with the Vita hops into an alternate dimension and plays a different level (but one connected to the on tv level) than the other players. On that note, we tried the first minigame, in which the player with the Vita flies a spaceship and fights enemies, while the players onscreen are trying to make their way through a level (the interior of the spaceship) which tilts and turns based on what the player controlling the spaceship is doing.

The story is the fluffy, funny nonsense one expects from LBP. One is accompanying wildly incompetent space pirates on their quest to hunt treasure.

Interestingly, this DLC is made by Sumo Digital, who recently released the Sonic kart racer that has won rave reviews.

Like with a lot of DLC packs, alongside lots of textures, objects and costumes that the LBP community will no doubt put to good use, there is a really nice teleporter tool which I don't doubt will become the most widely seen aspect of the pack (levels built around the Vita exclusive tools will suffer due to the law of bottlenecks).

Below are the screenshots. The first two shots ae of level 1, the last is of the chicken powered spaceship of level 2. They aren't the shots of the coolest things in the level (we often got so caught up we forgot to take pictures) but they give you an idea.

A photo taken by Carnageheart

A photo taken by Carnageheart

A photo taken by Carnageheart

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Played through level 3 of the DLC and the attached downloadable level. Some random guy jumped in with us, but left out of impatience because we were focusing on picking up items while he wanted to continue ahead (or so I gather, he didn't have a mike, he just walked offscreen which we were in the middle of going after this tricky to get to orb, then after several seconds, he left). Happily, he stuck around long enough to help us gather some goodies that required four people working together to unlock.

The level was a fun platformer and as with prior levels, it introduced new challenges for Vita players. For example, there is a grabbable orb that Vita users can manuver. So everyone grabs on and then the Vita player's job is to get them across the screen, picking up bonuses and avoiding danger. Again there are parts where the Vita player is playing a different level than everyone else (on the Vita's screen) but one that impacts players playing on the tv. When we play through the levels again, I will let one of my daughters use the Vita so I can get a grasp of what its like on the other side.

The minigame was a crazy one in which the player with the Vita players taps chickens being flung through the air. If he taps them while they are over one of the 2-3 pipes (there are usually three pipes, but if you drop too many eggs into any one pipe, it shuts down for several seconds) the egg falls down the pipe and the other players can catch it and throw it into a bin. The tricky part is that there are these brown and red chickens who explode it touched (which destroys nearby chickens and costs the Vita player points) and who drop explosive eggs if they are not touched. So while I started off calling out the location of all incoming eggs to my kids, things got so hectic that eventually I just called out warnings about which pipe(s) explosive eggs were dropping down. The kids had a lot of fun with that one, but we didn't have much time to play because they have a party to attend.

Forgot to take screenshots again.

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Didnt care much for the cross play levels. Clearly not in the same class as MM levels and they are very basic when compared to the things you do on LBP Vita. The multiplayer only levels are interesting but trying to play online in this game is still a mess. Now to wait to see what the community does.