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Thanks for the links F1. Beat Factory is insane. It beat me like a rented mule, but I enjoyed every second of it because every death was my fault (the bit where one has to time one's jumps to avoid the current killed me many, many times).

I haven't gotten a feel for the puzzler yet (I gave it a go, but it felt really strange playing it coming off Beat Factory, so I'm going to hold off on diving into it either later tonight or tomorrow).

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Thanks for the links F1. Beat Factory is insane. It beat me like a rented mule, but I enjoyed every second of it because every death was my fault (the bit where one has to time one's jumps to avoid the current killed me many, many times).

I haven't gotten a feel for the puzzler yet (I gave it a go, but it felt really strange playing it coming off Beat Factory, so I'm going to hold off on diving into it either later tonight or tomorrow).


It beat my ass thousands of times but I did finish it eventually. Very rewarding and I like how he/she implemented the scoring system so you lose 100 everytime you die. Who ever gets 5000 on that is insane. The puzzler took me a while to figure out how it worked but once I did, I was getting "Zen" like a scholar Buddhist.

Edit: Oh I also bought a Move starter bundle today!! I got it used nearly half off (family needed a webcam so really I paid 20 bucks). Friggin sweet.

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Below is a link to an upcoming game (seven levels with a single plot) created with LBP2's tools by twelve creators.

We've been keeping a secret! We've challenged 12 community members to create an EPIC storyline and playable levels in LittleBigPlanet 2. We wanted to see if they could create a full game experience within LBP2 – filled with cut-scenes, bosses and even mini-games. Great news is they're almost finished and we wanted to give you a sneak peek of what they've been working on. Introducing…'Hansel & Gretelbot.'


You can't que the level since it hasn't been published yet (it will be published later this month) but you can heart it.

As others have said, MM is a great developer but what gives LBP its infinitely long legs is the talent and dedication of the community. As with LBP1, I probably won't stop playing LBP2 until its sequel hits :D.

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Just played a level called Poultry Panic (mentioned in the Neogaf LBP2thread). Its really amazing. One plays a would guy hungry for chicken who inthe middle of a fight with a chicken, gets abducted by an gigantic alien ship which is looking to add chicken to the menu.

Of course, the sackboy and the chicken have to work together to escape (when the sackboy holds onto the chicken's legs and it can fly him up quite a bit higher than he can jump on his own) the ship, which is of course run by an evil alien chef.

I don't want to go into spoiler territory, but the story is really great and the game does an admirable job of fashioning a relationship between the sackboy and the chicken (okay, that sounds weird, but trust me, the storytelling is awesome).

This level deserves to be on MM's list of picks.

A photo taken by RangerZero

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How do I get the rat race level (in story mode, more specifaclly what level is the key in?)

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How do I get the rat race level (in story mode, more specifaclly what level is the key in?)


The key to Rodent Derby is in Brainy Cakes (a level in Victoria's Lab).

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Just played through the Hansel and Gretelbot levels. They are fun and have a wide variety of gameplay (one minute one is playing an Icoesque platformer where one is trying to get a less capable character through a level, the next one is playing a sidescrolling shooter, the next one is sneaking past guards, etc). My favorite boss was a massive mid-boss (you'll know who he is when you see him) and my favorite level involved a squirrel climbing up vines. The storytelling bits (with the lengthy storytelling being relegated to the beginning and the end) maintained a jokey tone throughout and boasted some very clever camerawork (i.e. Hansel watching through a keyhole as his stepmother nags his father).

My big complaint was that the short stealth section that was made too easy by the fact that playerswere told exactly what they had to do. Also, while this is more of an observation than a complaints, the last boss is pretty easy with more than one player (there are multiplayer segments scattered throughout the levels, but clearly the last boss wasn't designed with multiple players in mind).

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I've spent a lot of time playing Killzone 3, Mass Effect 2 and Tactics Ogre, but I've still squeezed in quite a bit of LBP2 time.

Two levels (both single screen) I highly recommend are Crushes Sack, a reverse space invaders **** level (its a MM pick) in which one drops bombs and weights on gun wielding sackboys) and Madness is an Option, a really, really well done twin stick shooter (which boasts an original soundtrack, multiple modes and was made entirely using holograms).

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MM's new post in the PS Blog names some of the levels/movies they are playing at the moment. Catch a Sackboy,Dance Dance Resolutionand Plants vs Zombots.

A few creations I'd like to point people towards are Pure Fantasy: Chapter 1 Aqua Townwhich isn't as flat out brilliant as some of the other levels I've talked about, but which is fun and boasts a charming cast (there is a hilariously out of the blue terminator reference) and a movie called Journey of Life. Journey of Life references a lot of popular movies, but its utterly unlike any of the many other LBP movies I have seen (whereas most go for humor or action, it seeks to tug the heart strings). While I haven't gotten around to playing it yet, early reaction to Little Meat Boy seems to be positive (credit for that find goes to the Neogaf).

Media Molecule mentioned they are going to announce some major DLC next week (probably the move based stuff they promised).

There is a lot of other LBP related stuff (podcasts, fanart, tutorials, etc) at the link below.

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I got a job so I have had little time to play but I will be all over this game when I have time.
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Two levels I recently played that I can't recommend highly enough are Escape the the Sewers (great level with a great boss battle at the end) and a level whose title is in Japanese. They are both really well crafted platformers.

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I played a set of five (essentially 4 since the 5th is the victory celebration) really well done levels named Skunkbunny Adventures: Swifown Chronicles. They start off a bit slow, but they quickly become a brilliant (one bit is a wild shout out to a game everyone will recognize) and clever series of challenges.

A photo taken by The_Wiz_1

Stereo/Mono died in the beta, but the brilliant Stereo/Mono 2 is here. It integrates music and graphics even better than the original game did. I wish all pattern based platformers moved everything in time to the beat :? .

A photo taken by maddogg453

One day to live isn't quite as brilliant from a gameplay/game design perspective as the other levels I mentioned, but its very interesting and its something I anticipate seeing a lot more in LBP2. Oneplays a guywho is about to die who goes for a last walk.As you walk you will be presented with situations (intervening in some of those situations is evil, intervening in others is good).You don't have to do anything but your choices (well, the nature of your choices) factor in at the very end.

A photo taken by LuccieStudio

The Spire is an interesting level with a really strong set-up (its the firstchapter in aseries)and a noir-type atmosphere (there weren't any good level photos at but trust me, its easy on the eyes).

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In LBP2 releasing series of levels and preceding those series with a cinema (set in its own 'level' and which usually precedes the first level by a week or three) seems to have become the fashion (a trend which may have been popularized by Hansel and Gretelbot, though it wasn't the first LBP level series to do that).

Considering that building a cinema is just as time consuming as building a level, that's pretty surprising (Hansel and Gretelbot was built by a dozen creators). Still, such series seem to do well, so I guess like in the real world, advertising increases popularity by increasing awareness.

Anyway, here are some of the great levels I've played recently.

Night of Horror has murder, suicide, cannabalism and gore (I'm linking to the intro level, but its the second level where things get crazy). The last bosses are a bit weak, but its worth experiencing just because its a solidly constructed level whose tone is very different.A photo taken by vanya3095600

Space Garden is just all around awesome. The first level is a cinema which does a beautiful job of setting up the action, the second is a puzzle oriented level (though judging by the ending the next level will have a bit more action).

A photo taken by SweetNeglection

Invasion on Planet X is hilarious (well designed and boasts some of the sharpest writing I've seen in LBP). You play an astronaut who crashes on an inhabited planet ofaliens who are terrified of you (seems to be based on a fairly recent animated movie).

A photo taken by Tweekt_Eagle

Essence of Platform -reborn is a brilliant platformer which showcases a lot of mechanics I haven't seen elsewhere but hope to see elsewhere.

A photo taken by fletberlew

Those aren't all the good levels I played (ran across an embarrassment of riches this week) but all of the above are levels worth playing.

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Just played a level called Hokusai's Soul, which is based on the art of a Japanese artist named Hokusai Katsusika (1760~1849). Amazing stuff. I just thought it was going to be maybe a bit of art rendered in LBP, but in fact its a full, extremely well designed level (yes, the screenshot is gameplay). Its very tough, but its completely fair (when you die, and I died a lot, its your fault). The reward for beating the level (though playing the level is of course its own reward) is watching one of his paintings come to 'life'. Very, very impressive stuff.

A photo taken by Burial_Cloud

Also played a very cute level called Oh! My Cat! which is of course, teaches you a little about the care and feeding of cats via gameplay before the cat of course, tries to eat you. In one memorable scene you have to feed the cat food it likes (I learned that chili isn't acceptable cat food). Its not an epic stage, but its cute, novel and very well done.

A photo taken by dolly-lama_goat1

Anyone looking for mindless, nostalgic fun should give Hungry Hungry Hippos a shot.

A photo taken by the-skateur-35

For multiple players, Frozen Flame, a top down action rpg in which players control a warrior, a priest, a wizard and an archer (all of which have different moves), is a ton of fun. I guess it would be playable/beatable by one person, but consider how useful healers are for well, healing and how weak they are in combat, I wouldn't recommend it.

A photo taken by lozy-the-kitty

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Thanks Carnage, I queued them all up.
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I'm been a little too busy to play LBP as much as I wanted to, but I did run across some really great levels this week.

Demented Doodles 3: The Final Scribble is solidly constructed and as gorgeous a level as you will see.

A photo taken by k-mtfs

The make/believe Adventure is very long and some bits are better than others but the whole thing is extremely well done and I had a ton of fun with it (there are no good photos but trust me, its a stunner which at times makes one ask how the ---- did they do that?). There are both side scrolling and topdown segments (the sidescrolling segments are well done, but the top down segments are the bits that really shine IMHO).

Steam Team Introduction(which links directly to episode 1) is pure awesome. Its a puzzler where you control three sackbots with very different powers (there is a little bat type guy who can burst into flame, a heavy steampunk mech who can pick up objects and conjure up a shield and a princess who summons blocks of ice whose drippings can melt fire). The puzzles are extremely well constructed. I can't say enough good things about this level. If you play just one level on this list, make it this one.

A photo taken by Fotosynthesis1

Batman - the animated series episode 1 is wonderful movie which really captures the ****of its namesake.

A photo taken by lj3372

Prius Eco Adventure is extremely well done and has a nice sense of humor.

A photo taken by SadStrangeLilMan

Space Garden Episode 2 is out (I mentioned the first episode in a prior post). I recommend starting from the beginning but while the game is story driven, its not like you wouldn't be able to figure out the gameplay if you started in chapter 2...

A photo taken by GL0cK10

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Recent I've run into some very fun levels which must have amazingly complicated logic.

Sackrificed is just plain awesome, an extremely well constructed platformer every element of which 'feels' perfectly placed. One tries to escape a volcano the natives have tossed you into to appease the volcano goddess. Here is the link to the short, funny intro video, and another link to the long, amazingly detailed level.

A photo taken by herogeek

Wizard: Chapter 1 From Withinis a wonderful level in which one controls a young, surprisingly athletic wizard (he has special moves like rolls, a high jump and a long jump as well as the ability to throw spells). The intricate platforming (sometimes one has to make a series of jumps and missing one means restarting the series) is just as challenging as the wizards and demons you fight.

A photo taken by CENTURION24

Time to Rewindis a welldone if short level whose big hook is the ability to rewind 8 seconds at any point in time. I honestly have no idea how the guy managed the trick, but its really awesome.

A photo taken by jorel41533

Honey World boasts strong platforming, an extremely well done competitive vehicle segment, beautiful art directionand a very well done boss.

A photo taken by tropie6

The Reanimation series isn't the most impressive in terms of mechanics, but the scenarios it puts one into are great. One plays a science experiment who escapes from a lab (part 1) and then has to deal with the creatures the lab sends to kill him as well as less exotic dangers (apartment fires, muggers, etc).

A photo taken by EndGame2x17

Are you afraid of the dark is a bit on the short side, but its an extremely well done game that openly borrows from Dead Space.

A photo taken by Mark917

The Rabbit and the Wrestler is an interesting series of short movies about the often but not always antagonistic relationship between a, um Rabbit and Wrestler. Episodes 4 and 5 are hilarious, much better than the ones before it (which were amusing but nowhere near as great as episodes 4 and 5). If you fall in love with the characters (who are very much in the mold of Tom and Jerry, though they don't rip off their jokes) it might make sense to watch all the episides. The link I'm providing is to episode 4.

A photo taken by NathoRaider

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Thanks so much Carnage. I played LBP2 for 2 hours today and STILL have 14 levels in my queue. The ones you recommended were fantastic to say the least, especially that steam team level. I think I played it for a half an hour before finishing it, and I never once thought about quiting nor was I bored. I pretty much completed all of them, where usually I would quit the frustrating/hard levels. This game is really starting to shine, it took a while because the beta levels weren't carried over but after todays playthrough, I think this game is back ontop of my GOTY list.

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Came across a bunch of really great levels. Crystal Sky Chronicles' elegant overworld might start a trend.

Obscurity is part 1 of a series, a clever puzzler/platformer whose humor is provided by a brain damaged AI companion who states that he knows the player 'from before' though the player doesn't appear to remember the AI either. Its superbly crafted and really fun.

A photo taken by xSLEVENx

Crystal Sky Chroniclesis amazing. One starts off on a giant, fully crewed ship which serves as the overworld. One chooses which gateway one wants to go through. I explored in order and the story is linear but it might be possible to explore out of order *shrugs*. I don't want to go into spoiler territory, but the art is beautiful, the music is lovely (its borrowed from the Final Fantasies) the cast is colorful, the plot is interestingand most importantly, the levels are really fun.

A photo taken by m_o_d_r_i_c

CC13 Sub-Cellular is pretty much a vehicle level and doesn't have a ton of challenge, but the level is beautiful and the vehicle and its method of locomotion are wonderfully weird (it has arms which grab whatever's handy in order to drag it through the bloodstream).

A photo taken by F1MSH

Castle Flowers is a platformer with gorgeous art design. Admittedly its not revolutionary, but its very well done.

A photo taken by StevenI

Cosmic Odyssey is a 2D sidescrolling shooter (well, your robot has a sword, but it feel more like Gradius than anything), a genre I'm surprised we haven't seen more of in LBP2. The level might glitch on you (its mostly stable, but the creator is still trying to massage out a few kinks) but its amazing stuff which reminded me of the 8 bit shooters of old.

A photo taken by Wyverse

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I've been queuing a lot of these up while I occasionally move on to other games. There are some really amazing, well crafted levels here. I love what you can accomplish in this game, and I appreciate you taking the time to post updates to new levels. I wonder if we're going to get any post-game content from MM, something like how they added the paint gun and water in the first game.

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I've been queuing a lot of these up while I occasionally move on to other games. There are some really amazing, well crafted levels here. I love what you can accomplish in this game, and I appreciate you taking the time to post updates to new levels. I wonder if we're going to get any post-game content from MM, something like how they added the paint gun and water in the first game.


Media Molecule is working on story based levels built around the Move (not to be confused with Sackboy's Prehistoric Moves, a LBP1 DLC pack built by a different studio). Those levels were announced shortly before LBP2 shipped so hopefully they will be done soon.

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I've come across a set of really incredible levels.

Brainwash TV is hilarious and awesome (as one might expect from POMs, creator of The Bunker, arguably the best LBP1 level ever made). The story is about a tv that goes to war with a family after they abandon watching tv once they buy a PS3. One night it sucks the little boy (whose voicework is hilarious)into its dark work, and he has to escape. Its actually a collection of levels which each play very different.

A photo taken by Wes1972

Land of Corrupt Bits is part 1 of a series and boasts very strong platforming and a very distinct, beautiful art ****

A photo taken by ChrisCoConuts

Broken Wheel and Girl is a horror level written by someone whose English is well, a work in progress, but the the level (which embraces every j-horror trope including the girl whose face is usually covered by hair) is awesome. You explore a house as increasingly freaky **** happens. Its really, really well done and I recommend this to horror fans.

A photo taken by ManNorMonkey

Lastbut not least, Sacknight 1: Fetch Quest of the King boasts superb level design, the funniest writing I have seen in LBP (or any other videogame) in some time, great boss encounters and colorful characters. I can't say enough good things about this level. What's really amazing is that the guy is a first time LBP designer. MM needs to hire this guy.

A photo taken by PTdragon

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LBP has hit 4,000,000 levels (combo LBP1 and 2 levels, IIRC there are roughly a million LBP2 levels). A lot of new creators joined the community when LBP2 hit so I'm sure the number of LBP2 levels will climb rapidly.

In two weeks the Tron Evolution minipack (pictured below) is hitting and a next month a KZ3 minipack is hitting (bottom costume, though there will be more to it than that). The minipacks cost 3 bucks a piece. I'm sure creators will do beautiful things with the tron textures/items.





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Looks like PSN is going to be down for a while longer (Sony stated it won't be up this week, though its in the final stages of testing) but I expect a lot of new community levels will be posted when PSN goes back up.

Anyway, two days ago MM had a community game jam (an event where they fly a bunch of creators to MM's studio and ask them to create levels using almost finished but unreleased tools) which was based around the Move pack, so unless the creators ran into a big problem, I expect the pack is now only a couple weeks away from being released.

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Ugh. I still need to pick this game up really soon. At least with this game people can work on stuff to put up online when PSN is back up and running.
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Like I expected, a ton and a half of levels have gone up on LBP2, but some of the levels I'm recommending are older because I throw stuff into my que and then kind of randomly play it. If I can drag myself away from the equally addictive Warhawk, I'll be posting a lot of level recommendations in the next week or so.

The three Doodle levels are well done traditional platforming levels which are well done and a have a lot of charm. Levels two and three are quite a bit better than level one, but since one starts off the series, that is the level I'm linking to.

A photo taken by bioniclefanatic

The Virus levels are zombie levels, so they aren't safe for kids, but they are very well done and don't take themselves too seriously (though the humor is pretty dark). The levels (one starts off in one's house and travels througha a neighborhood) feel 'lived in'. Only the first two levels in the series have been published, but am looking forward to the follow ups.

A photo taken by Penguinsrule2011

Remant: Ignostus is a really done level (first in a series). Its made by Lockstich, a veteran creator who excels at creating elaborate Rube Goldberg ****mechanisms. One plays a guy who comes across a space station where a giant robot is imprisoned. He wants you to free him so that he can depart the universe peacefully.

A photo taken by ShaynaMac

Honey Factory Fiasco is a the first level in a series in which one tries to find out what has gone wrong in a honey factory (I know some of you thought honey was made in honeycombs, but now you know better). Its a very fun platformer which makes great use of the creatinor.

A photo taken by ruthtomaz

The Ghostbusters movie is MM picked, and deserved so. Its brief (a couple minutes) and focuses on the beginning and end of the movie, but its really, really well done.Perhaps most importantly, it absolutely nails the theme song.

A photo taken by Xx-DarkHug0-xX

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Since Sony isn't allowing people to log-in to PSN via computer, one can't log into and add the levels mentioned below to your que at the time of this writing, but I'm writing up the summaries of them while they are fresh in my mind.

A Wizard Did It Chapter 1 is pretty much a tutorial level for a character with a ton of magical powers (five different magical powers, each with three different variants with differing ranges and effects) but its extraordinarily well done. Ice forms temporary platforms and freezes things, fire destroys things, acid dissolves things over time, wind pushes things (and forms a barrier arrows can't penetrate) and there is kind fo a catchall power one can use to give one hints about puzzles one is stuck on, heal and teleport short distances. To add icing to an already delicious cake, the writing is quite funny and one gets a strong sense of the characters (who will hopefully pop up in future levels) in the short time one spends with them. Give this level a shot, its MM picked for a reason.

A photo taken by ace_spadesjv

The Calamitous Clock is pretty much a traditional platformer but its exceedingly well crafted (clever platforming and beautiful art design). Admittedly the boss is unmemorable, but don't let that deter you if you are looking for some good platforming action.

A photo taken by keny_k

Gabriella the Iron Nightmare is an amazing horror level (it has some grotesque imagery, but is pretty light on the red stuff). Gorgeous art direction, strong level design, haunting music and a really, really great story. In terms of structure its pretty much par for the course (platforming and light puzzle solving) but everything is done really well and the whole is even greater than the sum of the parts. A photo taken by crazysky108

Figment is a 48 minute movie (a murder mystery) broken up into five chapters one can watch individually. Its well directed and competently written and uses voice acting in key spots to help one empathize with the main character. Once again, MM picked for good reason.

A photo taken by mdanilowicz

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Neon Limits is a colorful, massive world world filled with bouncepads and twelve secrets to find (*sigh* I only found three my first playthrough) and some really good original music.

A photo taken by alexrap7x

Mimeo Land 1-1 is a level composed entirely of holograms which is beautifully animated (the maker is a graphic designer) and feels like a lost Mario level (it has the soundtrack from the Scott Pilgrim game).

A photo taken by seanfletcher

Cyberpunk Industrial Gamma: Steampunk Adventures isepisode 1 of a series. The game has some clever mechanics and a lot of variety in gameplay and enemies though aside from the last boss (who makes you earn it) its pretty easy. Three more episodes in this series have been published and I'll review them at a later date.

A photo taken by RodrigoSharingan

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Thanks Carnage I will check them out.
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Skunk Factory Part 1 is finally up (I mentioned the intro in this thread several weeks ago). Its the creator's first level, but the factory is amazing, the challenges are clever and the boss and his minion are hilarious. The quality of the level and the way it ended leave me eager for part 2.

A photo taken by butterflykill

The Miracle of Life is an ancient (by LBP standards level) but its gorgeous and incredibly well done. It starts a sackboy who is travelling through a land filled with monsters (literally everything in the level is alive) in order to make a miracle happen. An amazing level, don't see how I missed this considering I've played literally all of the creator's (POMs) other levels...

A photo taken by KingMookie

Perceptive Dream 1 and 2 are brilliant puzzle levels that really, really mess with your head. Each one has severals areas one needs to figure out and if you might get a headache trying, but trust me, beating each level is an accomplishment.

A photo taken by thomasbrsfrdA photo taken by ryester7

Sagrada Familia is supposedly based on an actual Roman Catholic church. *Shrugs* I don't know about that, but it is an amazing, beautiful level which is very well designed and contains a lot of interesting challenges.

A photo taken by greenrose123

Magnetic Fields is a game where one controls a little ship which uses powers (including but not limited to magnetism) to solve various puzzles. Incredible creative, incredibly well done, and feels like nothing else out there.

A photo taken by Skyking14

Deflector Evolved is a really clever single screen game in which one controls two sets of paddles (left-right and top-bottom) and must keep a glowing ball (which of course gradually speeds up) bouncing between them. Give it a shot, its extremely challenging and really fun.

A photo taken by GOKU69200

Overcharged 3D Racer is a Wipeout clone in LBP2. I have no idea how the guy did it, but he did it well though its damn hard (I haven't managed to beat it on normal). The same guy is also working on a first person shooter which uses the LBP engine (the trailer is here).

A photo taken by EaziG

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Tower Defence is challenging, but well done (LBP only has one other quality tower defense game I've run across). I'm pretty low on the leaderboards at the moment, but I plan on changing that.

A photo taken by HERONEMIS

Power Up Training Facilityis a fun level that has a ton of gameplay variety (is uses all of the power ups and uses them well). Doesn't get really challenging until the end, but the level is well designed and charming.

A photo taken by wanisan-riot

If I sound a little less effusive than usual about the other levels, its because MTG - A Dark Tale is such an amazing experience. They literally feel like an alternate take on the campaign of LBP2 (the levels were created as part of one of the creation contests MM is holding).

One starts off a title screen and if one selects the intro, one sees a beautifully told story of how sloth and greed of the King and Queen of LBP1 push the Collector (who reformed his ways at the end of LBP1) back to the side of evil.

Basically this sackboy enters the world of LBP2 fleeing from the Collector, his weapon and his slaves. The Collecter follows sackboy and starts corrupting the world of LBP2. The level design is really varied (the levels are darker, remixed versions of the levels in LBP1) and extremely well done, the four levels which start off the series end in a superb boss fight and there is a lot of very high quality original music.

A photo taken by pikasilver1

A photo taken by ShaynaMac

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The Apprentice Wizardmarks the start of yet another series of excellent wizard themed levels (magic is admittedly a good excuse to give sackboys cool powers). Funpowers, a good level of challenge and lively writing. Highly recommended.

A photo taken by dajdaj03

The Last Leperchaun is a hilarious survival challenge. You play a leperchaun who has to use his magic rainbow to kill all the politicians, bankers and ninjas after your two pots of gold. Sadly, there aren't any photos available.

Help! My monkey hid my homework! is a challenging but whimsicalplatformer/puzzler which puts sackbots and explosives to good use (if one gets frustrated with a puzzle, one can slap a sticker onto a market and you are told the solution, something I expect in more LBP levels in the future). As you can see, your 'grade' is contingent upon the amount of homework you recover.

A photo taken by Renan_Acid

Flowerbucket is another really clever, whimsical, multipath platformer (from the maker of 'Monkey') which boasts mechanics I've never before seen. This time one plays a sackbot who finds himself in the only partially finished level of a somewhat ditzy teenage girl. The sackbot has to help the girl finish the level by consoling a broken hearted robot (and from that point, it gets really strange).

A photo taken by photomatone

Eden Facility is kind of conventional, but extemely well done and the level (and the mechanisms which animate it)is so well designed its as interesting to watch as it is to play.

A photo taken by Xachary_Cross

Steampunk Scallawags is a two part (thus far) series of platforming challengings which is damn tough, but I love the pirate theme and the fact that in each of his levels, the creator kind of offers you a bonus side mission (you can take a short, quick easy route, or a much harder, much longer but much more points rich route).

A photo taken by Shadowcrazy

The Unquiet Grave is a short film based on a 14 century folk song about a man and his lost love. Regrettably, there aren't any photos, but while thefilm techniquesare a bit on the primitive side by LBP standards, the art direction and the story itself are beautiful.

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Color Your Dreams 3 is a series of four gorgeous levels with some clever but mostly organic puzzles and amazingly beautiful graphics. What's wildis it was all crafted by a single guy, who has been working since LBP2 released. Color Your Dreams 3 kind of reminds me a bit of Hokusai's Soul in that in an absolutely stunning level surprisingly few people have played, though those who have played it tend to love it. There is incredible variety in the gameplay and the ending is awesome and strikingly beautiful.

A photo taken by ALS_TheGamer

A photo taken by pitimichOu

A photo taken by pitimichOu

Ballboy is a game which one controls using the motion sensor of the dualshock (or the analog stick, if one prefers). One travels narrow pathways avoiding attacks and fighting enemies (by ramming into their weak points or ramming them off the platforms). I don't think I've used motion control so much since Flower. Very well crafted but your mileage may very based on how you feel about the tilt sensor.

A photo taken by VnGamer234

Studio is a fun level to mess around with with a couple people. You select a backbeat (from several popular songs), one person can sing, two can play music instruments and one can manage the special effects (flame, light and darkness).

A photo taken by AnimeluverO_O

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The Gundam Wing Project - Survival Training is a demo of an upcoming omnidirectional 2D shooter (single player only). One plays a flying mech equiped with boost,a laser sword and a gun (which charges) and who wanders around a big 'box' engaging enemies, some of whom charge at you, some of whom snipe you from afar. I thought it was pretty challenging, though judging by the reviews there are people who have exceeded the 200 kill limit of the demo (IIRC I only got 39 kills).

A photo taken by gevurah22

Magical Toys is a charming, high quality top down shooter for up to four players whose shooting bits are interspaced by QTEs (there is an persistent enemy whose persistence isn't harmed by the increasinly degraded state of his car, which I love). There is a short platforming bit at the beginning, but the meat of the game is a shooter kind along the lines of spy hunter (unlike Spy Hunter one doesn't control the car, one just controls the weapons you need to take out the enemies pursuing you). One plays a mistreated, discarded toy(the kid has a revolver which he uses to practice on you, before he tosses you into a waste basket) who is trying to escape with a few other toys, but who is being relentlessly hunted by the toy police (so yes, the story draws a bit of inspiration from Toy Story).

A photo taken by Dustriver

MTG Project - Intro The Movie is opening movie for another stellar entry in MM's 'Mind the Gap' (bridging the plots between LBP1 and 2) challenge. Its shorter than the MTG series I posted 2 posts ago (its two levels bookended by a intro and exit cinema) but the level design is top notch (there's a lot of stuff you can miss unless you are very careful and plan to go for it, creating a high level of replayability for completists) and the writing is amusing (they stick with the in-game music, but they made good choices about where to employ it). Kind of like the last MTG project the ending isa bit anticlimatic (I didn't mention the ending of the last MTG project in its review because at the time it hadn't been posted) but overall the levels are exceedingly well done and I recommend both series.

A photo taken by XTrophx

A photo taken by JakePutz

Attack of the Nasty Evil Robotic Defense (NERD) System is an intro and two levels thus far (the link is to the intro). Strong writing (and competent VA, a rarity), varied, well crafted puzzles and platforming and a companion cube type uh, companion in the second level of the series and quality original music make this a fun, memorable series which I highly recommend. The parts all come together really well.

A photo taken by DaSpoony

A photo taken by DaSpoony

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Life Goes On parts 1 - 3 are all worth playing, though I'd say the first part is the best. They all make full use of LBP2's tools but despite that they feel pretty old school in that they don't have much in the way of story. Still, the creator did what he set out to do: make some fun platforming stages.

A photo taken by kcaj14

Brother and sister fight?! is a bizarre but funny Japanese series where one plays a random guy who decides to help a kid get revenge on his sister. The English is shaky, but the creator's sense of humor comes through and there are some wonderful vehicles (a hovercraft that merges with a tank) and verynice use of sackbots (one can hop into a machine which grows or shrinks you sackbot in order to either sneak into small places or have the strength to pick up large objects). I love the first two episodes, but while I think the concept of the third is great, but the execution leaves much to be desired so I can't recommend it (the link is to the first level).

A photo taken by isijin

Space Shooter! is a single screen space shooter in which one plays a smallship which is fighting a massive battleship which sits at the top of the screen. As you destroy old parts, new parts emerge in wave (its finite and there are multiple difficulty levels).

A photo taken by miketheiron

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You are amazing Carnage, thanks a million dude. I'll add all of these levels when the site is back online, cant wait.
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You are amazing Carnage, thanks a million dude. I'll add all of these levels when the site is back online, cant wait. F1Lengend

No problem. Here are some more levels you definentely want to add to your que.

Act 1-1 Mt Kalan is the start of a series of four levels which are a bit strange because one starts on chapter 1-1, then jumps on to 2-1, 2-2 and 2-3, so there's a gap in the story (though levels filling the gap are in the works). Setting aside that particular nitpick, I have nothing but praise for these levels (2-2 is actually a brief cutscene). Topnotch, incredibly tight level design (more incredible because the levels are so complex), gorgeous graphics and worlds that feel very 'alive' due to all the action happening (sackbots, explosions and what have you). Level 2-3 is incredibly intense.

A photo taken by Mirrorsun

A photo taken by Alley_Cat_8633

The Space Garden series is finished (I mentioned the series in the thread when it was first getting started). It got MM picked and is certainly worth playing. Everything in the game is well done, even though IMHO the story and the gameplay don't tie together as tightly as they might of at the end of the day its the quality of the level design that really matters and the quality is high.

A photo taken by dingusXtien

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Nina Stitch 'My Baby Just Cares for Me' Recorded Vocal is one creator's homage to Nina Simone (a jazz singer). She recreated a Nina Simone song using her voice (she has a really good voice) and the instruments in LBP2's music creator.

A photo taken by rialrees

Digital Garden is a well done platformer (two linked levels) with some gorgeous use of holograms and a very tough jumping segment.

A photo taken by Just_Tom__

Snow White Noire is incredibly dark and twisted. Its a level not a movie but one is pretty much travelling through the level experiencing the dark world of a modern day Snow White (send out to buy beer by a drunken stepmother, she runs into things far worse than wolves). Despite the title, Snow White isn't the only or even the main fairy tale it borrows from, so expect to be surprised.

A photo taken by Senor_Zorro2

Crystal Forest is a bit easy, but its well done, has a lot of personality and a wonderful original soundtrack.

A photo taken by ShaynaMac

Culinary Creators - Eating with Eve is a short but darkly funny movie.

A photo taken by anna_ioana2123

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In addition to the Tron pack (I previewed it two pages back) costumes for cats and dogs are now available (below aretwo ofseveralcostumes in each pack). Well worth picking up if you like cute things or have someone in your family who likes cute things.

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Honey Fiasco: None of Your Bees Nest has all of the bees and puns the title leads you to expect. Like its predecessor (which I also mentioned in this thread), it is an extremely well done platformer.

A photo taken by SX_Shookie99

Clockworx 2 is an amazing single screen survival challenge. One tried to survive in a clock lined with jump pads. Jump pads periodically glow diferent colors (a different glow means a different bonus or effect) and sometimes they are on fire (which doesn't kill sackboy but does put the resultant bounce out of the hands of players) and some are missing (touching the electrified sides of the close instantly ends the game).

A photo taken by Blox1896

Frantic is a sidescrolling shooter which boasts a lot of weapons and an elaborate power up system (I don't fully understand it, but suffice to say picking up stuff makes one's default weapon stronger). Its not quite perfect (I don't like how some enemies try to attack you from behind) but its incredibly well crafted and clearly the maker is a big fan of old school shooters with old school difficulty.

A photo taken by Luos_83

Flame Broiled Fury is a unique platformer which is brutally hard but fair (you can always see what kills you before it kills you or even threatens you though if you suck like I do then it kills you anyway). You have three hearts (which means you are allowed two mistakes), no continues and a limited number of bullets (which one can use to take out enemeis, who are avoidable if one is out of bullets) though you can pick up bullets along the way. I don't know if that happens no matter how well one does, but when I died, I went to another screen where a pink unicorn killed my cringing character :P . You have to admire a creator willing to beat players mercillessly and then ridicule them.

A photo taken by Foofles

Water is a Life is a well constructed, slightly harder than average platformer which boasts very creative level design and stunningly beautiful graphics (the ending sequence is really gorgeous). Its from the maker of Hokusai's Soul and is every bit as great as that ****c level.

A photo taken by Bender_82

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Now that the NDA has been lifted, Jumpbutton of the Neogaf (one of the more talented creators in LBP) has posted some info about the upcoming Move pack (slated for September). Its composed of 18 levels (6 main levels, 7 side missions, and versus levels, tutorials and cinemas). There are tools which allow players to paint, cut and slice and 17 new instruments will be added to the music creation tools.It will certainly be the biggest and most ambitious DLC MM has released. No word on pricing, but all the past DLC packs have costs six bucks and I doubt this will cost more.

NDA has been lifted still no trailer anyway here a little rundown what we saw, new thread when they a trailer or vids

and thanx to StevenI from LBPW and LBPC

Quote:New Power-Up - Brain Crane

The Brain Crane is a new hat that Sackboy can wear that whilst active will allow him to pick up and move any grabbable object using the PlayStation Move, provided that the object is not too heavy and that Sackboy himself is not standing on the object.

New Tool - The Movinator

Essentially the PlayStation Move equivilant of The Controlinator.

Contains a fully customisable layout of the PlayStation Move that can be used to map your own controls and functions to it, in exactly the same way as you would with the DualShock and The Controlinator.

New Tool - Move Cursor

This new tool allows a creator to create their own custom in-game cursors whilst using the PlayStation Move.

You can use any in-game, DLC or custom Sticker during your cursor creation and you can also toggle whether the cursor can pick things up, can move in and out, whether grabbable objects will be highlighted upon hovering over them and whether the cursor requires a tag to be active.

New Tool - Move Paint

This is a big one!
Move Paint will allow you to create your own custom stickers using the PlayStation Move!
There's an assortment of brush types and a wide colour palette available whilst painting.

These Stickers will also have transparent backgrounds, so you're no longer restricted to the same old rectangular custom stickers! Additionally you can paste in other Stickers during your creation and edit them accordingly.

This Tool can infact be used during Create Mode and Single Player Play Mode.

New Tool - Material Slicer

Using this tool, you can cut through any object. It works much like "connect the dots", where you are in control over where the dots appear, and then the game slices the object accordingly.
Sliced pieces continue to be glued together after the slice, but their complexity can hereby easily reduced. This is very useful for those objects who have become "too complex" or are nearing that state.

New Tool - Move Recorder

Much like the previous Sackbot Recording tools, this tool will allow you to record any motion caused by using the PlayStation Move and then can be set to playback for your movie-making, level creation purposes.
Similarly these recordings can be set to loop and and have their speeds adjusted.

New Sensor - Speed Sensor

Can sense speed and you can toggle whether to sense the speed of only one direction or to allow all directions.

New Sensor - Rotation Sensor

Can sense rotations and again you can toggle whether to sense rotation in only one direction or in both directions.

New Sensor - Angle Sensor

Can be set to sense something within a specified angle.

New Material Type - Sticker Panel Material

This is another huge addition to the PlayStation Move Create DLC Pack!
You can set the colour and transparency of this Material.

So ssentially you can use this is an opaque version of the Hologram Material.
Meaning that no longer will your in-game sprites and other Hologram-based creations will have that semi-transparent look about them.

On top of that though, you can set the Mateiral to be completely transparent too.
Which makes it perfect for some aspects of Sticker placement.

New Score Giver Tweak - Score Multiplier

In the Score Giver, you can now tweak to enable or disable multipliers for your creation.

New Player Sensor Tweak - Detect Unspawned Players

Player Sensors can now be set to "Detect Unspawned Players". This can be very useful for triggering opening cinematics, only when every player in a session has successfully entered the level.

New Grab Sensor Tweaks

You can now choose to tweak whether the sensor activates when grabbed by a Sackperson/Sackbot, by the Move Wand or both.
You can also cause objects carrying the Sensor to glow slightly when you hover the Move Cursor over said object.

New Material Tweaker Tweak

The Material Tweaker can now select whether an object is grabable by a Sackperson/Sackbot, by the Move Wand or by both.

Other Notable Highlights From The Community GameJame

In-Game Store Overhaul

The in-game Store has had a major overhaul and DLC is now arranged in the order of Level Packs, Downloaded Packs and Outfits. In turn, each of these tabs are now listed alphabetically.

Selecting a Level Pack will open that Pack's level selection.

Selecting a Downloaded Pack will display a list of all the costume pieces, stickers and objects contained within the pack.
Each costume piece can be individually selected from this list and placed on your Sackboy.

Outfits is the recognisable list of complete Outfits for your Sackboy to wear.

Finally you can also Text Search the in-game Store.

Move Pack Level Rundown

This is just a quick count of the levels contained within the Move Pack, although please be aware that since I was playing an earlier version of the pack, this could still be subject to some change before release.

1 x Introduction Level
4 x Main Story Levels
1 x Boss Level
7 x Side Levels
1 x Tutorial Level for one of the above mention Side Levels
2 x Versus Levels
2 x Cutscene Levels

Total New Levels = 18

New Music Sequencer Instruments

At the Community GameJam, there were an additional 17 new Music Sequencer Instruments.
However again, these were very much in a developmental stage still and may be subject to some change before release.

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IGN has posted a preview which focused on both the ability to create custom stickers through a detailed layering process they compare to photoshop. It basically sounds like one can create any texture one desires.

The other interesting thing they are doing is making sackbots puppets. Creators will have fine control over the movements of each limb (as well as the movement of the body as a whole) allowing for the creation of custom animations.

Admittedly, I'm not a creator myself (maybe some day) but my kids and I enjoy messing around in create mode and I'm sure LBP's creative community (who has done incredible things with the tools MM has offered them) will do something I can't even conceive of (not all that hard, sad to say :P).

With the Move update to LittleBigPlanet 2, you can puppet creations with the Move controller. Want to have your angry cardboard box man jump up and down? Just grab him with the Move and fling him up and down at the speed and direction you desire. If you want to get even more complicated with the puppetry, LittleBigPlanet 2 allows you to hone in on a specific part of your creations body.

LittleBigPlanet 2: Move achieves this by breaking your puppet down into a skeleton (hip bone connected to the leg bone, etc.). You can even explore actual principals of character animation like anticipation (if a character is going to swing their fists forward, their body must lean back first, followed by the arm, then the fist all moving into the swinging forward motion), follow through and overlap (when separate parts of the body continue to move after the main motion has stopped and when different body parts move at different speeds compared to the overall motion). But Media Molecule didn't stop there. In fact, they practically added Photoshop to LBP Move.

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I never seem to have the time to play this game when I am home. :(
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Right now I'm playing older levels (usually I skim off the top of my massive que, but this time I went to the older levels at the bottom) and I've found some real gems.

The Mind Factory is incredible. One controls a mutant sackbot who has the power to move select platforms (either up or down) with his mind. Its a mix of puzzles and platforming. Its never overly challenging, but the challenges are always different and always interesting (sometimes one has to control a platform and jump at the same time, sometimes one has manipulate multiple platforms in order to solve a puzzle, etc.). Very highly recommended.

A photo taken by Skyking14

Symphony of Dissonance is a very traditional LBP level but it is extraordinarity well crafted. One plays a sackboy who is going deep into a jungle type setting, but his presence is unwanted and the natives are very, very good at building traps. The engineering of this stage is really extraordinary. One moment the scene is tranquil, than the sackbot native who is seeking to stop your progress pulls a levels and once watches the stuff onscreen reconfigure itself into something very dangerous. As fun to watch as it is to play.

A photo taken by dreamboy_84

Pencil Plains is a very lighthearted, fun level which combines some old school (okay,LBP1era)spring-based platforms (whereas LBP2's bouncepads are often calibrated to provide the same bounce to anyone who bounces off of them, bouncing on a spring based platform is more like bouncing on a real world bed in that one has to do it a couple times in order to get really high up). Sometimes this is very challenging (especially for multiple players) but its always beautiful and has a tremendous sense of fun (there are paintballs scattered around which are harmless but which splatter sackbots a variety of colors).

A photo taken by zepjam

Will You Survive the Zombie Attack is chaotic and sometimes a bit cheap, but generally speaking its very well constructed and very fun. Its a sidescroller which up to four people can play. The goal is to kill all the zombies one can in ten minutes and not die. There are a couple weapons one can pick up in order to kill the zombies. Sometimes the game respawns players in the midst of a hoard of zombies, but if that happens then when next they respawn they respawn in a different room (which in my experience was always safe, since there are only so many zombies floating around at one time).

Unfortunately the creator hasn't posted anything on so there are no screenshots for me to post.

Ted the Knight is a superb comedy series. Thus far there are only two episodes (each roughly 5 minutes), but the creator is working on a third. It tells the story of an incompetent but determined knight who seeks to save a kidnapped princess from a castleful of evilknights. The best comparison I can come up with is Wile E. Coyote's efforts to catch the road runner. There is no voice acting but high quality original music helps set the mood. None of the screenshots are useful (Ted has a lot of random humor than can appreciated only in context) but trust me, this is great stuff.

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I never seem to have the time to play this game when I am home. :(dvader654

I know exactly how you feel. There have been a lot of quality games released this year, and there just isn't enough time to play everything. I average an hour or two a day on LBP2 and my que is still massive (I replay old levels sometimes but not as much as I would if there wasn't always something new beckoning). Every time I play a game some other game equally worth playing is going unplayed...

Not a bad problem to have IMHO :D.

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Here's a very lengthy video interview about LBP Vita (it has a lot of gameplay footage). The designer sometimes tilted the screen to make things slide, he touched the rear touchpad to push blocks out and touched the front screen to push them in. He talked about how the levels of LBP Vita would feature some traditional LBP stye platforming levels, but would empathize smaller single screen games (the type of things one finds on the app store).

One really interesting game showed off is an air hockey game (the footage for that starts at 8:14) which two people played at once on the same system. Games like that will have to hold my daughters for a bit because while LBP demands I buy multiple Vitas, I won't be picking them all up at once.

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Came across some really kickbutt levels (my que includes North of a hundred levels, I've decided to try to mix up older and newer levels when doing level recommendations).

Essence of Madness is a combo of point and click adventure, puzzle game and first person adventure (like the old Bard's Tale games, stepping forward is more of an abrupt skip than a smooth slide) which despite LBP's unimpressive 3D visuals (for now) boasts very impressive game design and writing (the narrator cracks wise when one does something or tries to do something stupid). I completed the level, but there were key things I didn't do, so my character still lost (there are multiple endings). When in first person there is an automap and arrow indicate when there is a branching bathway to the side.

A photo taken by ethoss

Gaia Part 1 is a great level with strong platforming, clever level design (I love this one bit where one has to 'grease' a slope with the creatinator in order to move a stone boat down a hill), gorgeous visuals, an interesting plotline,and a really awesome shapeshifting monster known as The Guardian. Given the ending, I can't wait to see what happens next.

A photo taken by adtk

Essence of Platform - Wooden Paradise is an incredibly intricate platformer. The designer didn't try to craft a world or tell a story, he just sought to make a fun platformer which throws a lot of interesting (but never overly difficult) challenges at the player.

A photo taken by kenz8x

Isolated Gun Turrent is a survival challenge whose title pretty much says it all. One has three different forms of ammo for one's cannon and there are wide variety of increasingly deadly enemies one must try to fight off. Granted, the art design will win no prizes, but the game is very well designed.

A photo taken by SparkyDawg99