Not Another Need for Spit!...PLS!!

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#1 Posted by greekboy1981 (481 posts) -
i hate EA their games suck and they put no effort in them! how many need 4 spit games we can take?? they all look the same and they keep on comin like every friggin month! let's stop this madness and stop buyin from them unless they start to really work on their so-called games! EA is Big But we R bigger and we can make the difference here!
#2 Posted by Evz0rz (4624 posts) -
so im guessing you havent done any research on the new one?
#3 Posted by Foolio1 (7465 posts) -
Pro Street is looking cool. I enjoyed Most Wanted, but wasn't interested in Carbon, hence why I didn't buy it.
#4 Posted by SuperMario_46 (4960 posts) -

So, don't buy it. if you don't like ea don't buy their games, it's that simple.

#5 Posted by Velric (3789 posts) -
I miss the good ol' days of Hot Pursuit 2.
#6 Posted by Alpha_Omega69 (11840 posts) -
I didn't like Carbon or Most Wanted, but this one is starting to look good, the new vid showing off the burnout is awesome. Like SuperMario said, don't like it, don't buy it.
#7 Posted by Cook66 (5182 posts) -

I miss the good ol' days of Hot Pursuit 2.Velric

So do I. That game was great.