NO Xbox!!!!! GTAV

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I recently move house and had to leave my stepbrothers Xbox behind because he wasn't coming with me. My GTAV progress is saved onto it and due to the situation I cannot go in and put in on a USB Flash Drive... I'm assuming, because it's connected to my Rockstar Social, When I connect to my Xbox I'm getting for christmas on Xbox live and start up the game it will continue from where I left off. Will it? Please enlighten me....

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Unless you used Cloud saves and use your new Xbox to recover your LIVE account, you may be out of luck. I haven't had to do this personally so I don't want to speak with authority on the matter, but as I understand it Rockstar Social is only tangentially linked to the game and not meant as a backup.

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Yea your out of luck man. Rockstar social doesn't actually save data, it only saves your statistics.

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Maybe he can move your save to cloud storage for you?

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Ok! Well I'll see if its on the cloud when I get my new XBox.... Thanks guys!!! (Sorry for the long wait until my reply..... 5 Post limit). Thanks