No more nice Combat Sims and RTS for PC?

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Things are getting real bored with PC Games nowadays. Gamemakers no longer make proper games like they used to back then. Worst is, they don't get someone that knows anything about how engineering, stuff & military works in sci-fi or fictional games. The games re-playability are so low that I won't bother to play 2nd time for some games.

Red Alert 3 : Looks like small kid cartoon with non-feasible total crap military vehicles & weapons.Red Alert 1 is acceptable because it is based on present day military weapons where there are M-1 Abram, Bradley. M-113, Apache gunship, etc. EA should consider making RA4 more realistic and better than RA1. Ofcourse, we would want to build buildings and weapons while mining ores which is fun. But we want proper graphics and military weapons

Starcraft though the terran marine and zergs are nice but the tanks, spacecrafts, weapons aren't even realistic. The assault rifle ammo clip is located directly below the trigger where it is impossible for ammo feed. Terran spacecraft has interplanetary capability but why some spacecrafts have turbofans yet there are so many hanging & dangling on sides? They just non-logical.

Air Combat Sims are already dead while space combat sims non-existent. Today's PC capability could support more AI and functions. We want good military combat sims. We want something to shoot and blow up. If I fly the F/A-18E and launch AIM-9 without lock on a lightly armored barrack, it could be destroyed.