Ninja Gaiden (XBOX) and Devil May Cry 3; how they are different?

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First thing is I never played Ninja Gaiden (NG) series. I know almost everything about game mechanics and level design of DMC3, but for NG I only know what I heard from it's reviews: A very hard combo-based action game with depth of a fighting game. From the sound of it, NG sounds superior in every way, but both games' scores are only slightly different so DMC3 must also have what NG doesn't have and vice versa. I would try it myself but I no longer own a TV screen to begin with and I don't want to spend the price of both TV and an old console. Since there are going to be a lot of personal views when it comes to how fun the fighting mechanics are and how they are well designed so I will tell my own perspective on DMC3. First thing that set me apart from the most of DMC players here is that I played the Japanese version. So when I played it on normal it means I played it on "easy" difficulty of the American version. It was still hard, but considering I was 14 at the time and how I was relatively inexperienced with action games, I don't think DMC3 is as hard as people make it out to be. IMO, the true difficulty comes from how you can keep up the highest style meter and how you can beat bosses more efficiently at the same time. There is a lot of freedom in combo system, though enemies don't let you do combos freely and there are always advanced ways to do combos such as jump chancel. So it's less about beating the game and more about getting good at it so you can be more stylish about it. I love that you have to put effort into perfecting your skills to feel like a badass. Off course, there is an exception called the DMD mode. The mode is very rewarding to go through. Not only the enemies' AIs are faster, but it also adds some new patterns and attacks to deal with. This is surely one of the game's highlights and what makes the game have good mixture of substance and style. But I heard that in NG, you can do cool combos as well and enemies are smarter. I also heard there is no fetch quest or puzzles in this game which I thought it was the biggest flaw of DMC series. Overall it sounds very satisfying and potentially better than DMC3. Since I started playing fighting games, I feel like enemy AI in DMC3 needs something more. Even in DMD mode, enemy AI can be predictable, especially when you compare it to AIs in fighting games and NG seems to deliver that depth. Regadless of that, I also assume NG has it's shortcomings that DMC3 does better. I want you guys to tell me about it while basing it on my opinion on DMC3. So I expect you to be objective.
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"Devil May Cry 3" and "Ninja Gaiden" are two entirely different action games. There is more emphasis on close-quarter, weapon-based combat in Ninja Gaiden, while in DMC3 you can more freely mix it up by alternating between shoot and sword attacks. Yes: I know there are projectile attacks in Ninja Gaiden, but you aren't going to be firing unlimited bullets from your guns in that game.

From what I remember playing, DMC3 was more challenging than the previous DMC titles in the series (DMC 1& 2), but I've always felt that Ninja Gaiden on the Xbox was just much more challenging that it, on any difficulty setting.

The CPU-AI foes in Ninja Gaiden are no joke: you really need to learn how to dodge and counter, as much as you need to learn attack, in order to survive and be effective in this game.