NFS ProStreet Beating Ryo Watanabe in Drift Race

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#1 Posted by spartan117frag (1 posts) -

Hi I have been trying to beat Ryo in this drift for ages so I can finally finish the career mode.

I'm using the BMW Z4 Coupe and have fully upgraded its control and aero but still can't beat him.

He scores about 2800-3600 and I score about 2200-3000 my best was 3124 but I still lost.

Has any one got any tips on drifting or how to beat him or what car is best for drifting???

I don't know how to tune it into a better drift car.

#2 Posted by Super-Penguin (703 posts) -
use a car with less Top Speed and more Handling, and Acceleration
#3 Posted by Marlaay (1 posts) -

I have exactly the same problem!!!!!!!!!!

its impossible to beat him in the drift race :(

#4 Posted by Jfrando (37 posts) -
I was using that same BMW and couldn't beat him so I tried a RX7 instead and beat him 1st try. Just seems easier to use for me.
#5 Posted by gamechaser85 (1 posts) -

use the RX-7. There is a reason the drift king used it cuz it is the best drift car in the game.

Here is my list of cars i beat all 4 kings and ryo with

Speed - Ford GT

Drift - RX-7

Drag- Supra

Grip - Cobalt ss

use those cars and max them out and you should have no problems

#6 Posted by prostreet2008 (1 posts) -

hey yeah i got the same problem.

but i beat all four other kings.

Speed= i used shelby mustang,

Drift= i used BMW Z4 Coupe

Grip= Nissan GTR R34

Drag= Pagani Zonda F i got a free car marker from pickin at the dominate reward thing. or you can just got o cheats, type in unlockallthings, reload your alias and then go to ur garage and then sell the nissan 240, dodge viper srt, cobalt ss, and the pontiac gto, for about $90,000 and then save and restart the game and keep doin that over and over again.

but i have the bmw z4 coupe all the way up on stats and the drift kings rx7, i usually get like 2300-3000 with the bmw z4 coupe and 2700-3200 with the rx7, but he always gets 3300-3700

#7 Posted by P_FUEL3D_K1LLER (2 posts) -

hey guys im new to this i dnt even think im posting this in the right place but ohwell

hey ive been using the unlockallthings cheat and now it wont wrk how do i fix it

racing sucks i just like to make the cars lok sik as

anyho yea i think i updated and it hasnt workd since a if youve had the same problem drop me a line

oh yea checkout nataslider on youtube

#8 Posted by jagman93 (1 posts) -

hi, i have been trying to beat ryo at the drift race and im using an rx-7 but its just not working for me. i have tuned it up with all stage 4 parts and installed a body kit- whats wrong?

the cars i use are:

grip: lancer evo X

drag: charger r/t

drift: rx-7

speed: 911 gt2


#9 Posted by Avenger1324 (16344 posts) -
Parts are not so important with drifting. Technique is far more important. If you can't use the cheat its because the game updated and disabled it - something they should have done as soon as the game launched IMO. I prefer to use the RX-7, though any car you are used to the handling is fine. The other trick is to use manual gears. I do this because it allows me to lock the car into 2nd gear and just keep the throttle on the rev limiter. In Automatic the car would shift up to 3rd, and even 4th, and make it much harder to drift well. Start the race as normal, shift up into second, then you can just leave it until you finish the race - so not a lot of shifting :) The next tip is to learn the track you are drifting on. Don't take the racing line, but learn where you need to turn to keep your drifts going, and ideally only do a single drift along the whole track. Ideally you want to be sideways through the apex of corners, so adapt to be turning in early and get your backend out. You want your car to be oversteering, but still controllable. Dab the handbrake to get the back end out while turning to start drifts, then feather the throttle to keep them going - too much gas and you oversteer and spin out, not enough and the wheels regain traction and stop drifting. Drifting is probably the hardest mode to learn on NFS until you learn a technique that works for you. It's all about feel and knowing how your car handles.
#10 Posted by horneh (2 posts) -
u can use the cobalt, but i prefer the zonda, use a free marker for it orrrrrr just pay the $741.000
#11 Posted by rragnaar (27023 posts) -
u can use the cobalt, but i prefer the zonda, use a free marker for it orrrrrr just pay the $741.000horneh
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