new most wanted......

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#1 Posted by Frieza99 (232 posts) -
Waiting for the new MOST WANTED , hoping the game is as like as earlier most wanted or better ,,
#2 Posted by SadPSPAddict (5461 posts) -

I think the key point is that it will be DIFFERENT - I just hope people embrace it and give it a chance as it looks like a great game. Can't wait for it myself!!

#3 Posted by Steve_LowBill (81 posts) -

The only things they need to change are the graphics , the cars and may be to include more competitions in the town . Any other changes will just ruin the game , as they've ruined all the series after Most Wanted

#4 Posted by xNikitaz (27 posts) -
It looks great, but i dont know about the handling the gameplay and i think it looks like burnout, its not a bad thing.
#5 Posted by MuddyMaestro (10346 posts) -

I'm undoubtedly looking forward to the upcoming Most Wanted. It looks to be a fuse of both Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, and the Burnout series, both of which I hold in very high regard. I like the structure of the single player, and how leaderboards are integrated into so much of the game, since I'll pour tons of time into improving my leaderboard times and trying to place as high as possible on my fabourite events. My only gripe is how it appears, like Hot Pursuit, there will likely be no world leaderboard to compare yourself to, but the community will likely establish a method of tracking the absolute fastest times and highest scores regardless. I also really like the handling dynamic of the cars from the footage that I've seen, and I'd say it fits the NFS series very well. I'm hoping for big things out of this installment in the series.