New Mass Effect game?

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Eventually we will get another one. In a completely new direction of course.

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This was officially announced by bioware some time ago.

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even if bioware wanted to abandon a financially successful series, EA certainly wouldn't.
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I'm glad they're making another, except for 3's terrible conclusion the series is great.

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I'm glad they're making another, except for 3's terrible conclusion the series is great.


I agree, though it would be weird playing a ME game w/o Shepard :cry:

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More of a hint than an official announcement but still exciting.

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Well, they said it in the End of Mass Effect 3 DIRECTLY IN THE GAME that they're not done yet with the Mass Effect, of course there will be a new one.

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i'll keep an eye on it.

kind of wrote themselves into a corner really... like are we just gonna re-tread over some part of the fiction in the universe where we already know how it ended, and roughly how it began? Like the Krogan Rebellion, First Contact War, and the Morning War.

and if they go far into the future, which 'ending' do they follow, or do they convienently side-step it somehow?

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This is common sense...........

They wouldn't stop making a franchise that sells this much.

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I kind of think they should be done with it. I mean their done with the main story it's time to move on. Let's have another cool bioware universe.
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yes they already started asking feedback on what people would like to see to completely ignore it and do the opossite.

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Didn't they already officially announce this yet? Anyway the Mass Effect games are amazing and Bioware are a fantastic developer so I'm naturally very much looking forward to seeing where they go and what they do with the next game in the ME franchise.