New iPhone monster-collecting game from Square Enix (review and invite code)

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The game is Guardian Cross Invite code: HF13834 (yes, I am whoring myself out for some bonus in the game, sorry! I tried to make this helpful nonetheless!) This game is, at least when I posted this, free to download (not guaranteed to stay so - free through freeappaday). Use the invite code and we'll both get a few bonuses. Yatta yatta, you know how these promotions work. Guardian Cross has a similar style to Dark Summoner / Rage of Bahamut / Legend of the Cryptids - however, it has a significant production value put into it, and looks like it will be a lot of fun. It's a semi-single player semi-multiplayer game (you progress through the game proper by yourself, but you compete in events and directly in battles against other players). You collect monsters of different rarities for your team, you level them up, add/improve skills, form a team, and fight other players or participate in events. Guardian Cross allows for more flexibility in how you grow your monster than some of the other similar games out there, and all in all it seems pretty balanced at this point. A few pros: The graphics are quite good, and it has a unique feature for this genre of games in how you collect monsters. Instead of being randomly "gifted" to you one way or another, you must capture them out in the wild. This involves a top-down perspective reflexes game where you must shoot tranquilizers at monsters roaming around below you. The better you get at this, the more monsters you can get per expedition. Also a nice addition from other games in the genre is the more variability in the missions you can undertake, and the increased variability in monsters (tons of skills, you can have a team of 10 at a time, wide range in monster types and affinities). You can pay for some key items to help you along, but from what I've seen so far it's not unreasonably difficult to get them yourself without paying a cent (just slower of course). Also a plus is that the game is just starting out (with an event there is still time to get a fair ranking in if you start now). So you aren't going to be jumping into a game where there are tens of thousands of master players already. I can't say for certain what all the cons are. It's new, so it is still being developed. The total # of monsters is low (about 100 or so) compared to similar games that have been out for a long time, but that should be fixed. It's a little hard to find other players unless you know their specific player code. Trades are currently a little risky since you can't see the stats of the monster you are trading for - and monsters have some degree of randomly generated stats. Overall, if you enjoy this sort of game, it's a very solid pick. Again, my invite code is "HF13834", and it would be pretty super awesome if you used it when trying out the game. Furthermore, if you have any additional questions, I will keep an eye on this thread and be happy to answer them. Thanks!