New horror PC 2014.

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The BETA comes out on 02.01.2014

X Scream

Trailer of the game :

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The controls look like they're going to be really awkward and the music felt way too "epic" to effectively set the tone.

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The game's audio is covered by the sound of the trailer. The moving of the camera is normal.

Try it yourself to walk with a camera to see how it moves.

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@cabrasgames: I just mean like, the way the mouse works is kinda awkward. IDK could be jsut me but I was getting the impression that it's not the hottest.

And yeah just make the music a bit more subtle. The beggining of it was great, but ironically when it picked up it took away the eeriness of the atmosphere.

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Ok. In the next trailer when the game goes on I will check better the sound.

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@cabrasgames: Remember that sound design is one of the most important things in horror. There was a glimpse of the sound in the game with the choking skeleton doctor dude thing, but the music was overbearing.

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I'll pass. too much strobes

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Looks pretty awful. Dated graphics, a protagonist loudly breathing through his mouth constantly, a mouse pointer floating aimlessly around the screen, incredibly silly, shitty jump scare JPEGs popping onto the screen. That box art for the game also looks like a collection of stock images thrown together with some MS Paint drawings.

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Thanks anyway.

I take your message as a criticism to improve the game.

It is still in development so the breath, with the mouse, and the images, are the points that we are changing crittici.

Thank you.

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Trailer music was a bit unfitting, imo. Needed to be a more ambient soundtrack. Other than that, and the head bob possibly being a bit too much, looks good. How long have you been working on this?

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To do this first level I've been working for almost 3 months devoting five hours a day.

Still in need of changes.

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I'll try to offer some constructive criticisms without coming off as harsh.

-Mimic how Outlast did the holding a camera thing. You don't want to much screen real estate devoted to the actual camera. Having stuff like the battery level and other video-like features on screen is enough.

-Textures need work. Low res textures are an eye-sore which will prevent many people from even trying it. 1gb VRAM is standard nowadays--operate with it in mind.

-Study Half-Life's level design. It's not horror, but it does a great job of prodding you to where you need to go without overtly telling you.

-Outsource the music to someone who knows what they're doing (no offense).

-In horror games, subtlety is key. People fear the unknown far more than they do monsters or creepy little girls. Sound is the best (and cheapest) way to capture this.

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Hello cfisher2833.

1) was born after Outlast. I had already created the camera in the game. In fact, when it came outlast made ​​by a group of professional developers, I've been bad, my thoughts went up in smoke. But the game X SCREAM continues.

2) I am a freelancer who seeks to grow in the world of videogames, because since childhood I have always had a passion for video games in general.

3) The textures are not a problem, the setting is perfect! The beta weighs only 332 MB on your PC so you can play quietly with a laptop.

4) The music created by me, like so many people and so many do not like. As a singer who like and those who do not like it.

5) I invite you to try the BETA at least once to see if the game manages to scare you. I will link where to download the beta on this forum the day 02/01/2014.

I accept the criticism.

You are a crittico videogames?

I see what you mean video games.

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@cabrasgames said:


To do this first level I've been working for almost 3 months devoting five hours a day.

Still in need of changes.

Nice - I'll be sure to check the Beta out

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Thank you all!

Happy new year!