Need help with Rune Factory 3!! possible spoilers.

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I hope I put this in the right spot, if not, I'm sorry!! I spent the last 2 hours trying to find the answer to my problem and still nothing. Ok, so I have beaten all 4 bosses, currently level 62, have all the villagers up to 2 smilies or more, revealed myself to Wells, and need to reveal myself to Raven(that's the girl I'm up to 10 hearts with). How do I reveal myself to her? I read a few things saying that I have to complete all my requests, which I just started -.-' but the things I read were about carmen saying you had to do all her requests and all of carlos's requests. True? And if so, Ravens not related to anyone, but she does live with Gaius. So would I have to complete his too? And is there anyway to skip everyone elses requests and just do there's? Again, sorry if I posted this in the wrong area. Thanks for helping.
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You need to complete all of raven's requests, as well as some special ones from gaius (they stand out a mile cause they only appear after you finish certain ones for raven)

many of them require you to pass a day (or more sometimes) to make the next quest appear, it takes about a month (in-game time) to finish them all.

You "reveal yourself" to her automatically during one of the quests.