Need for speed: Rivals

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Well, I was going to lay out the $60 for a game that implied that you could play your friends in the game, but guess what? No cross platform. What's worse, they couldn't be bothered to increase the framerate for a PC beyond the anemic 30fps you get on a console, even though you aren't playing anyone on one. That's just another $60 EA won't get from me or any of my friends that read my tweets or other messages.

Way to go EA. Still the worst company in the gaming world.

No real question except for, why does anyone still support these losers?

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If you don't like it, don't buy it. Vote with your wallet. I am not fond of EA either, but i like some of their developers. But if i really dislike something, i will not buy it

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Wait wait wait HOLD ON!

Are you suggesting that an EA product is less than appealing?

What twisted otherworldly parallel dimension do I find myself in??? Is up now down? Are cats and dogs living together??? Is this the MASS HYSTERIA that Doctor Venkman warned of?

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The game is good ,30 frame rate sucks though .

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Why were you expecting it to be cross-platform? That's a sickeningly rare feature.