Need Advice on Getting Stuck in Games

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As you know it's very possible in some games to get either lost or stuck and not sure what to do. Now, believe me, I do watch youtube walkthroughs. And they are helpful. But I want to get to a point where I don't need walkthroughs. I am playing Jax and Daxter (the first one) and am doing very well. But there are times when I'm not quite sure what to do. I usually pause the game and read my objectives and it's pretty straight forward. But right now I'm at a part where it says free 7 scout flies. I really don't know what that means, I'm sorry if I should know. What is a ''scout'' fly? Also I completed the ''Connect the Beams'' part with the help of the walkthrough but honestly I'm not sure I would have ever been able to complete that if it hadn't been for the walkthrough. IMO that's sort of technical.

So I do want to play games like this. I used to be a pickier gamer in the days, but now for the most part I am getting better. It's just that these little things here and there can really stagnate my progress. What do you as a gamer do to minimize the difficulty of these situations? Is it just a matter of how smart you are? Some gamers never have problems. They just always know what to do in every situation. I want to reach that level. Because when you struggle mightily, it can become a set back.

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These days I don't like to waste time on that sort of thing so I usually google/youtube it right away if there's any confusion.

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I have been annoyed in the past with having to google myself out of tricky situations, and have thought to myself I would never have figured that out if I didn't google it, would usually not be something straight forward at all. I think game devs do it on purpose.

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The General Rule of Thumb is you shouldn't use a guide or walkthrough for puzzle games. The rest is pretty much fair and square. Open Season.

But consider this, if a game is gona make you look for something... It should give you clues, its design should support a way to find them with resorting to looking under every rock.

If a game can't do this then immdiately go for a guide !

Batman Arkham City had a pretty great system for helping you find all The Riddler trophies ! Gears of war would mark a wall with a logo to let you know theres a collectable nearby, Tomb Raider played a tune to let you know you were near a side tomb. Assassins Creed and GTA A are lazy... The scatter all sorts of junk through the world... Luckily you're never forced to find any of them.

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I always try my hardest to figure it out (or employ the brainstorming services of my wife for help) before reaching for a walkthrough. Some games though, I just can't "get". And usually after I look it up I'm like, "Oh no sh*t! There it was the whole time". Tomb Raider was infamous for ridiculous puzzles, especially the timed ones. I get frustrated just thinking about it now. lol

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I played Portal 2 with the commentaries on once and the developer said that when designing the puzzles, they didn't want the player to figure it slowly, piece by piece. When a solution comes to you, it hits you all at once out of no where, like a ton of bricks. They wanted it to feel like a Eureka moment and I think they did manage to pull it off sometimes.

I loved it.

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Oh yeah, Portal 2 was an awesome puzzler. I think I only looked up a solution once in the whole game. I remember a few times thinking, "there's no way that's what I'm supposed to do", when in reality it was! Pure genius that game was.

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I was only genuinely stuck once in Portal 2. Its the Puzzle in Old Aperture (outside the testing spheres) right where where theres a bird on the Guard Rail that scared the bejeezes out of Glados... I was stuck there for a 2 days. I even Replayed the game up to that point hoping it was just a glitch.

The Solution was so Simple.... All I had to do was apply my knowldge of basic physics ! My reward was much much sweeter when Cave Johnson gave his Infamous "Combusting Lemons" Speech. Lol I was in stitches !

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@Lulu_Lulu: " I was stuck there for a 2 days. I even Replayed the game up to that point hoping it was just a glitch."

LOL!!!! I actuqlly did laugh out loud when I read that :)

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LOL. Imagine the look on my face trudging my way through already solved puzzels to be Stuck at the exact same spot !

The co-op campaign was even more challenging..... I remember how long it took me to figure out I could Create an Infinte Fall and use it as a Slingshot.... One time I sent my Partner Flying into a Bottomless Pit ! It was so devious I just couldn't resist.

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@Lulu_Lulu: haha game sounds cool, I only ever played a demo of it when it first came out, it was pretty good and something different, but I wasn't really into puzzlers, just give me Loud noise and bloodshed Or very little noise and bloodshed.

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I'm sure theres a bloody puzzler out there somewhere....

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I recommend you play some good strategy games like chess, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Lumines. I also recommend you play a few good role-playing games. The best ones reward you as a player for searching every possible path. There are hidden items, weapons, and magic powers that can only be obtained by going to secret areas and fighting powerful monsters. Games like Final Fantasy VII, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Lost Odyssey are all good choices for that reason. You might develop your analytical skills more that way. A game such as Jak and Daxter with elements of strategy and some exploration will be much easier by comparison.

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If you comb Through in RPG like that you might become overpowered.

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For the main quests, maybe. Final Fantasy VII requires grinding to reach level 99(the highest level), but all TESV requires is the player to explore Skyrim and do things along the way. There are optional bosses in those games that require high level stats to beat and if @mdk12345 feels like completing any of those game one hundred percent, it will be worth being that powerful.

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In Final Fantasy XIII theres a level cap, and 50% of the optional Creatures can't be beaten without exceeding it. To release the cap you need to finnish the the game then do a 40 hour post game grind to level up and you will have the Pleasure of dying in 2 minutes against a big creature instead of 5 seconds.... Thanks to a special attatck that only happens when the creatures HP dips below 50%. :)

do you remember TornBerry ?

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I still need to beat Final Fantasy XIII. After Skyrim, I might play that.

You must mean "Tonberry." Yes, I do remember. They are outstanding little creatures with powers almost like a mini-boss. The difference is they do not have the health increase from normal creatures mini-bosses normally do.

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Tornberry is Evil.... I remember when he shanked my entire party with one attack each. Thats just wrong.