Mythic Saga (SEA) (Web-based MMORPG) - 7-days Closed Beta Begins Today (31/5)

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Mythic Saga Developer: T4Game Category: Free To Play Gamesite: Official Website: Official Facebook Page: Login with Facebook Description: Mythic Saga is a browser-based MMORPG based on the stories of oriental god and goddess in the ancient days. Player will find most of the features possess by a regular MMORPG, just in a more fun and entertaining way. The outstanding graphical effects, art style and game world design will provide player a groundbreaking experience. Mythic Saga Closed Beta Opening to Public on 31/5 7/6 We are pleased to announce Mythic Saga closed beta is opening for all to test play for one week from 31st May. To access the game, all you need is a FREE Voomga account, sign up on the spot if you do not have one already. Everyone is invited to log in and help us to test out the game and give us feedback. You will be able to login youll be able to log in to Mythic Saga closed beta server from Thursday, 31st May at 4pm until the next Thursday, 7th June at 10 am.
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this game is not bad, but the translation and interface should be resized.

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Yeah, we're currently working on it. The other beta testers have found out more bugs and posted here: You may submit your bug report to get in-game reward too. On the other hand, Mythic Saga closed beta is extended to 12 June, 10am, giving beta tester more time to test the game.
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Mythic Saga (SEA) is Officially Launching on June 12th June 12, 2012 After 13 days of successful Closed Beta, Voomga announced today that their latest web-based MMORPG is now ready to launch. In other languages, Mythic Saga already has enthusiasts in the millions. Mythic Saga (SEA)s Closed Beta was packed full of in-game events and free prize giveaways. Thousands of players explored the lands of Atlas, Terra and Mythos with 200% EXP sessions, experiencing firsthand the adventure of Mythic Saga (SEA). Choose one of four mighty classes to decide the fate of the world in Mythic Saga (SEA). With new features and updated content, this hit browser-based MMO is causing a stir with online gamers. Thousands of monsters, treasures, weapons and armour. Challenging PVP Combat Choose your path as a Fighter, Assassin, Mage or Priest 10 vs 10 Team Battle Arena Join a Guild in one of 3 Factions, be a Mentor and even get Married! Engage in all-out warfare among 3 opposing factions! With your Relic at your side, you never are fighting alone. Command your Relic with four modes: Combat, Guardian, Tank and Healer Mythic Saga is a carefully designed game. The developers creativity and focus on details are obvious in the varied scenes, finely-crafted scenes, always changing in-game weather, simple and handy clarified quest tracking system and a lot more. DotMMO, popular game review website