My Gaming Landscape [April 28, 2014]

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Peace and love, gamers and players. It’s Monday, which means its time for My Gaming Landscape, where I talk about what I’ve been playing for the past week. I ended up not playing a whole lot of games this week but that’s because I wasted a lot of time on one in particular. So without further adu, lets get started.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution

I’ve wanted to play this game again for a long time now so I started over from when I had played before (back in 2012) and dug in. Holy crap, I am terrible at this game. I keep missing things, I don’t read emails and miss passcodes and quests, and I didn’t save or kill the bad guy at the beginning of the game. I ended up restarting that game three times before just giving up on it. The problem is the game got into my head and I became obsessed with playing the game “right”. As someone who is unfamiliar with the Deus Ex franchise and stealth games, that is the wrong way of going about this game. I think I’ll have to play this game when I literally have nothing left to play because then I’ll be able to devote that much time to it. There’s no way I can just sit down and play Deus Ex: Human Revolution on my 360.

Ratchet & Clank HD

I started this game last week, with trying to get 1 million bolts and since the glitch with the race track wasn’t working, I decided to start a new game and power through until I reached the point where I had access to the level, the Taunter weapon and the Decoy Glove. Then, I went back to the glitch and sure enough the crates where there. So I got an adjustable wrench (yes, I had to look up what it was called) and used it to hold down the circle button. It was 11 at night so then I went to sleep. Woke up and it was still only at 600,000 bolts so I went on with my day, checking socials, writing my Batman Arkham City review that’s taking forever, etc. Finally at 11 am, 12 hours after I started it, it was near the goal so I started watching the game. Then the trophy popped up for 1 million bolts as well as my third platinum trophy. I then went back to my original save and beat the game a second time just to see what would happen after completing Challenge Mode. The answer is nothing so that sucks. But I got the Ratchet & Clank platinum so I’m happy.

Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando HD

Since I completed 100% the first Ratchet game, I started the second game. I’ve never completed this one so right now, I’m playing it just to enjoy it, rather than to get everything and get the platinum trophy. So far I LOVE the strafe button, though now I wish one of the shoulder buttons was the weapon button. I know they did that eventually but I miss it here. I like the game as its faster than the first game and the controls are more responsive. I haven’t run into a level where you have to control only Clank throughout the whole level like in the first game. Also, there’s no level where you only control Ratchet that’s frustrating like in the first game. The only thing so far is I have no idea how I’m going to get 1 million bolts for the RYNO 2. Maybe in the arena, which I LOVE! So far, so good.

Finally, I had Crash Week on my YouTube channel so I played Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, Crash Bandicoot: Warped, CTR: Crash Team Racing, and Crash Bash for the Sony PlayStation 1 for that. Check out those videos for my thoughts on those games. I also started a playthrough of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on my channel this weekend as well so check that out as well. That’s everything! So what did you play this past week?

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I still need to replay Human Revolution. Game is ace. Really great game despite the so so endings.

Also, there is no "right" way to do things. You can play it as a straight up shooter, killing everyone you can, or you can play it as a stealth game where you can't kill anyone. The brilliance is that there are always multiple ways to deal with a situation and no one way is objectively the best.

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I just finished Torchlight 2 this week, pretty nice game, crappy storyline and not enough gold profits in the game but its gameplay was improved over the first. Makes me want to try Diablo 3 to compare it, almost sure diablo will have more interesting story. I really can't even remember what i was doing in Torchlight 2, just killing skeletons and stuff.

Gonna try to finish Remember Me even though its been boring as hell so far, the game so far feels like a crappy ripoff of Batman Arkhams fighting system. Then probably finish off Saints Row 3 i've been delaying for the past couple years then start the forth one.

Speaking of Deus Ex 3, thats a game i should go back to, but i got so bored of it, so it may be rough. Just so boring for some reason.

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I ended up finishing:

Crash Bandicoot
Legend of Zelda II
How Mosquito Became Human
Tower of Heaven

I'm about halfway through:

Crash 2
Legend of Zelda
Bravely Default

And I bought:
Crash Trilogy
Spyro Trilogy
Vagrant Story
Chrono Cross
Tokyo Jungle