Most underrated Final Fantasy title?

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BTW, I read y our X-2 review which i guess means you finished playing it. I am toward the end I believe in chapter IV, and I generally agree with a lot of your review with a few disagreements, although the main difference is that I think both X and X-2's story are tied they are both equally random inconsistent, and the crossfades are ridiculous.


I did finish it.

I think X's story has a few problems, but overall I loved it to death whereas the FFX-2's story never really clicked at all. It was just kind of there. 

What do you mean by crossfades?


Crossfades is a video editing tachnique. Where what you would usually do is have a scene fade out while another seen is fading in at a completely differnt location or setting, or at a different gorup of people fading in, while the scene that it's tranfering from is fading out at the same time and then you bla the bla.


Here is an example, at .10 it shows an example of crossfading:


The issue with X and X-2, which actually a lot of people find annoying, is that a large chunk of scen to scene transitions use crossfading, but the main issue with that is it's not scene to scene.


You have Titus for example in a scene where he is running toward something, it would crossfade to him back to the same thing of him running toward something then crossfade again for no reason of him doing the same thing and it's incredibly weaird and makes no sense.

Let me see if I can find an example:


I found this at a fan site, 7:09 is an example, and it become more random as you go through the game where it will zom up to peoples faces and crossfade to the same persons face, or will rotate around secenary and crossfade to pretty much the same scenery rotating but maybe one centimeter to the right instead of just watching it rotate  the whole time. Or when there is action going on, and this is all scenes not just the CGi, they will do continous crossfades to the same people around them for no reason whatsoever and it's really really bad.


I guess this just comes down to different people having different concerns and what not because the crossfades don't bother me at all.

An example of a game that did, IMO, have bothersome transitions was Xenosaga: Episode 1.

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Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I played that game to death. I prefer this art style to the uber metrosexual, effeminate look of modern Final Fantasies as well.:cool:

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[QUOTE="dagreenfish"] I think Tactics doesn't get enough recognition. Eikichi-Onizuka
Agreed there. I hope if another FFT game is made it goes back to the original style and not the Advance crap. Though FFT could use some changes as well, like bigger party so we can actually use the different jobs/characters(and not be limited to 5).

And it'd be nice to be able to use more in battle too. Only 24 units in the PSP remake, 16 on the PS1, and only 5 in battle. :/ Imagine an FFT2 where you can use up to 10 units at a time and a party of say 50 units. :o
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And it'd be nice to be able to use more in battle too. Only 24 units in the PSP remake, 16 on the PS1, and only 5 in battle. :/ Imagine an FFT2 where you can use up to 10 units at a time and a party of say 50 units. :o Cloud_765


Well the game has a hard cap on units per map, it has been raised once or twice. I can tell your from experience that more units, does not = more fun. Fighting 12 plus enemies is either time consuming, or impossible.

The current mods for the PSP version fix the real **** slow down, and balance out classes as well as add new ones. Do your self a favor an try it out. The difficulty is waaaaaaay up btw.

P.S This is mods not emulation or piracy. If you have a copy of the game everything you have to do to your PSP is legal. Homebrew is enhancement an shouldn't get the bad name it does from uneducated people.

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It's funny to see the words "underrated" and "Final Fantasy" in the same sentence.