Most overlooked/underrated games of the 16-bit era?

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So what are you favorite games from the 16 bit that you love and still do love but not many people know about? I wanna hear your hidden gems.

My choice would have to be Rocket Knight Adventures for Sega Genesis. Such an amazing game but lil ol' Sparkster always got overlooked compared to Sonic and Mario.

Also Great Circus Mystery starring Mickey and Minnie for SNES. Damn that game is good.

List as many as you like!

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Other pic broke here it is:
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Incantation on the SNES. Good platforming game but not very well known.

And I'll say this for the rest of my life as many times as I can: Secret of Evermore(SNES) is horribly under appreciated.

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beyond oasis.....ranger x....ristar...pulse man...
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uncharted waters 2: new horizons for the snes

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"Twin Cobra" for the Genesis.

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So hard yet so good.


Just pure awesomeness.

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FirePower 2000

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Kid Chameleon (Genesis)