Most In Depth Gathering/Crafting In An RPG?

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My favorite part of my favorite genre (RPGs) is gathering and crafting. Here are some games that seemed to have deep inventory management that allowed you turn the tide in a battle:

1) Ultima Online (PC)The best...tons of things to mine; lots of random loot...magic required reagents...lots of depth.

2) Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (PSP)Outstanding depth. Fishing...farming...mining...carving...etc.

3) World of Warcraft (PC)Great, and the auction house made it great.

4) The Witcher (PC)Pretty good. No mining, but the herbalism/bomb making was good.

I could add Diablo for the loot and gems...or Elder Scrolls...but those don't seem to fit in here.

Are there any other great RPGs with deep gathering/crafting elements in them across all platforms?

PS I just like games that aren't all centered around's a nice break to fish and then extract something from the fish to create a bomb for combat, healing, etc.