Most brilliant, awesome, and stupendous video game trailers?

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I've seen a lot of video game trailers over the past decade since I emerged from dial-up, and I've liked most of them, but then I started thinking about the trailers that I liked so much that I watched them over and over. Trailers that were so good that they cemented my love for the game before it was even released. When I took that into account, the number of trailers that came to mind dropped dramatically. Here are my three:

- Super Smash Bros Melee: My brother and I and some friends watched this trailer at least once per day during the summer, and less often but still quite a bit in the following autumn, leading up to the November release:

- Mass Effect 2 launch trailer (Heart of Courage trailer): This trailer cemented the Heart of Courage music into my head, and in addition was so awesome that I can't find any other words to appropriately describe it. The ME3 trailers were good, but not this good:

- Final Fantasy Versus XIII original trailer: I know it is now officially FFXV, but when this trailer was released in 2006, it was for FF Versus XIII, and everyone is still waiting for this game. While it doesn't reveal much about the story or characters or settings, we know that there is this guy who takes the honey badger approach to bullets and disciplines severely when people trespass on his patio. Plus the music is great:

So what about you? I'm looking, not for favorite trailers, but trailers that were so brilliant, so stupendous, so amazing that you watched them over and over and loved the game before it even came out. Please disregard effects of growing older and getting a job and family and any reason :). What trailers are marked in stone in your memory as awesome?

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Star Wars The Old Republic. I was blown away by that trailer. Sadly the actual game did nothing for me.

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The original trailer for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim gave me chills. The voice over by Max Von Sydow (sp?) was fantastic and the moment when the choir kicks in was awe inspiring. And of course the big moment when the Thu'um is first revealed is impressive as well.

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Star Wars The Old Republic. I was blown away by that trailer. Sadly the actual game did nothing for me.

yeah, this was my pick, too. Similar reaction to the game. I had a bit of fun with it, but it is a very paint-by-number MMO.

Still, after seeing Lucas repeatedly fail at making a decent Star Wars movie, couldn't help but be excited by that trailer. I wasn't even thinking about the game after watching it so much as I was thinking about stuffing Lucas into a small box and giving BW the rights to make an SW movie.

here they are, btw: swtor trailer - Deceived

swtor trailer 2 - Hope

still works for me.

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Halo 3

Marines fall back NOW!!

(Or "combat" couldn't tell)

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Wow, nobody mentioned the Dead Island trailer? As deceptive as it was, that trailer was nothing short of brilliant. And the music just made it that much more effective

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Star Wars The Old Republic. I was blown away by that trailer. Sadly the actual game did nothing for me.

I forgot about those. The original trailer was pretty cool, but unfortunately I started to loose interest fast, especially in the second trailer, once they started recycling music. And the game did nothing for me either. Too much recycled music. The music from the movies is great, but it was made for the movies. I don't think that any amount of clever editing and fading cuts of movie music together will make it fit something that isn't the movies. I like it when a soundtrack takes influence from the movies, such as in KOTOR, but not when they recycle it wholesale.

Cool trailers though.

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Most watched game trailer personally would have to be the "it's about time" Starcraft 2 trailer. Gave me chills 0,0

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AS Jetsfan122 stated the SWTOR trailers always turned heads at E3. But the one that comes to mind has to be Dead Island. When the announcement trailer dropped everyone FLIPPED OUT, it looked incredible and sadly the game didn't live up to my ridiculously high expectations.

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After the original Assassin's Creed came out and I absolutely loved it, one can only imagine how hype the trailer got me for ACII... I can't even count the number of times I've watched this trailer.