Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter this gen?

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#1 Posted by StaticOnTV (583 posts) -
This gen we had some ups and downs with street fighter (and tons of re-releases of SFIV) and Mortal Kombat vs. DC and Mortal Kombat 9, which are both quality critically acclaimed balanced games, which the former surprised many that actually played it. But now that the gen is over with Wii U, which was the better series this gen?
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Both were bad, excluding Alpha 3 MAX for PSP. BlazBlue and the King of Fighters were much better in the 2D genre this generation, not to mention Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus.
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Definitely Street Fighter although Mortal Kombat 9 was a very good game in general and one of the best MK games to have come out since UMK3.
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Mortal Kombat hands down.

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SFIV is better than any other fighter released this gen.. and that includes MK
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Mortal Kombat. Moments like this I wont forget.


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MK9 is probably better than most SF games. So MK.

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Easily Street Fighter. Super Street Fighter 4 is easy to pick up but the skill cap is insanely high. Just look at infiltration who just emerged as a Super Street Fighter 4 superstar. He makes all the other top players look like jokes now. The skill cap for the game is still heightening. It's insane! There is always something new to learn to up your game.

I also love the use of ex moves and FADC meter usage. There are so many tactics and mind games. It's also amazing to see that every top 8-16 in tournaments features a player that uses a different character than all the other players. It's a testament to how balanced the cast is.

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MK is still at the bottom of the barrel despite its improvements this generation. It's just not a good fighting game technically speaking, and really only found success this generation out of nostalgia.

Although at least it might be better than SFxT.

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I've never liked the MK style of fighting. So of course I am going with Street Fighter. I really hope they make a new Darkstalkers game too! And then add Ruby Heart in it. I really wish they would bring her back. :(

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SF because of SSFIIT HD Remix.

I think both series lost something when they went 3D.

I would like to see a MKT HD Remix that looked like this tho.

Digitized HD 2D graphics could look quite amazing in today's time, despite 3D graphics being the norm.

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The fighting in Street Fighter 4 felt quite a bit tighter than MK9, in my opinion, but I certainly give credit to NetherRealm studios for packing so much crazy, fun content in their game. In the end:

Mortal Kombat for whacky fun

Streety Fighter 4 for when I want to get serious

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Both were Excellent this Generation.
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Mortal Kombat 

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All of them suck to me, fighting games are a closed genre.
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Both were bad, including Alpha 3 MAX for PSP (especially Alpha 3 MAX for PSP) but I havent played MK the reboot.

sigh fighting games..

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Mortal Kombat, the street fighter series is for the naruto crowd
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Street Fighter III: Online Edition and Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition are better games than Mortal Kombat. I do not know what the developers are thinking with MK and only three parries per round. Put in a counter system like Dead or Alive or get rid of it entirely.

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Mortal Kombat, the street fighter series is for the naruto crowdkickingcarpet


I don't care for Naruto and I like Street Fighter so...

Also, MK is for people who rather rip people's heads off than enjoy an actually deep fighter...