Moonshades an old school dungeon crawler in WebGL

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Hi! I would like to ask you for your honest opinions about a self developed game. Ony two guys are working on it, so don't expect stunning graphics:). This is an old-school game, taking most of it's core elements from old classics like Eye of the beholder, Lands of Lore, and Ultima. The things you should know: the game runs in a browser, so you don't need to download it or anything. Using a fairly new browser technology, it doesn't require any additional plugins, only a browser that can handle a WebGL. ( You should use the latest version of Google Chrome, other browsers aren't so reliable if you want to try it. This is a Pre-Alpha build a lot of things are missing and bugs can still happen, but I think you can get an idea of what we are aiming for in the full version:). If you have any constructive criticism then don't hesitate, we would be thankful if you could help us out, even with your own ideas of what we are missing from the game, or what we should add to it. If, by any chance you are experienced in programming, modelling or animating and you are willing to help, even just a little, please contact us. Facebook page: The server is only temporary and it's really slow so please be patient while it loads.:) Pre-Alpha 3 version:
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Hey folks. Giving you a heads up of some of the improvements and changes in the game: - demo mode, try it without registration - a whole new atmosphere, thanks to the new textures and lighting effects. - a full set of skill animations and sound effects. - several improvements in the user interface. - a load of new items For all the dungeon crawler enthusiasts, there is a map editor in progress. It will give you access to a lot of neat features, so you can create your own deadly dungeon and share it with your friends. And remember, we will gladly take any tips or constructive criticism in consideration, so feel free to tell them. Lastly, we are feeling really good about the progress, that has been made today, especially because we were accepted to Chrome Experiments. Check us out here:
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hey thats a nice looking game. The graphics are not bad at all. It is working well on my quad core imac i7 using Firefox.

One thing, the steps taken are a little out with the environment, for example aprroaching the female character, she is either too far away or I have gone past her. Same deal with the walls. The final step should leave the player a comfortable distance in front of things.

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I really like what you did with the website, seems like you went through a lot for presentation. Very nice!
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Moonshades goes open-source! If you want to contribute or use the code contact me at