Monster's Life - Christmas Season Events

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Current Events: Christmas gift package
[Duration] From GMT Dec 7th,2012-Jan 4th, 2013
Christmas gift package:
Lucky Coupon*1
Monster Heart*1
Maisy's Blessing*1

Event 2: Who is the monster master?(Looking for the true tactician)
[Duration] From GMT Dec 4th, 2012- Jan 4th,2013
The entry needs to be post on our official forum by REPLYING the post called Who is the monster master in Monsters life event Zone at forum (

Event 3:First-Charge bonus in Limited Time
[Content] Every player can be rewarded via Quest with a gift pack when they charge at the first time! (Purchase diamond in the Item mall on the right upper corner.)
Bonus Gift Pack:
Maisys Blessing *10;
Gold *20000;
Energy *20; Special Training License *5;
Monster Heart *5;

Event 4: Double sucess rate by using super ball
[Duration] From GMT Dec 13th, 2012- Dec 17th,2013
[Content] If you use super ball to catch monsters, the success rate will be double as usual during the event