Monster capturing - raising - breeding games. HELP!!

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I 've been searching the net the last 3 years (or so) from time to time to find any good monster breeding rpg games and even though i found some games none of them catched my eye except from jade cocoon 1 and jade cocoon 2.

i've been playing these: Monster kingdom : jewel summoner, Pokemon (most of the series), Digimon (most of the series), Monster Rancher, Monster Farm, Azure Dreams, Dragon quest monsters: Joker, Dragon seed, Eternal Eyes.

If i was to compaire all these to Jade Cocoon series i can only say that i am sad about the time-money-effort that i wasted on these, (this is a total personal opinion the above games might be good from the point of view of the majority of the gamers) and even more sad on the fact (?) that there is not going to be any Jade cocoon 3. The Monster Kingdom:Jewel Summoner is actually a good one (on my humble opinion) but not enough. Half of the above games lack in number of monsters and variety while the rest lack in the manipulation of the beasts and what you can do with them. Jade cocoon series being an old game lacks in graphics but this doesnt make it uggly (i think that Hayao Miyazaki "touched" this 2 games)

Shin Megami tensei series, Spore and Black &White these are most probably not on the exact genre.

I really need help if anyone knows a game that i haven't checked yet.

P.S. ALL of the above is a PERSONAL BELIEF and nothing more. I am not trying to persue everyone around there on how good jade cocoon is but to find a game that takes this genre one step forward. I am willing to share my vast experience in Jade Cocoon and my (certainly) lower experience in the rest of the games and can exchange opinions on all the above or hear your game propositions.

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I do wish someone responded to this. Even PC games that are flash would be good for me. There's only one game that I know of like.. And it's castaway

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Sounds to me like you're lokin for the ol' Monster Rancher games.

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Dont forget to add Final Fantasy Tactics to that list. It made me mad how you couldnt use the monsters in battle.

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Exactly! I found a beetle type game thats flash. You breed beetles and they produce a better one. Pokemon is very similar to this type of game. Really though take advanced wars and make it so my troups can gain levels and upgrade, tweek the capture system a little and it's not exactly a breeder game but soots my needs just the same. I haven't played the game you were talking about but it defenitely sounds like your on the same track as me! Let us know what you find. P.s. I was searching "mac games" when I came across it. one of those sites with many different games to play.