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Hey , guys ! I'd like an RPG hasn't got any fantasy ( i mean i'd like it to be realistic) and the action to happen in out times (not past , not future ). By RPG i mean open-world and quest given by vendors. I'd also appreciate a storyline but it's not compulsory .

Thanks in advance and i hope I'll find one !

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I know you said you were after something set in the present, but I'm going to recommend the Fallout series anyway. :P There are a few Sci-fi elements in it such as some energy-based weapons, but for the most part it seems to fit the criteria you posted - it's an open world game, you can recieve quests from various NPC's (as opposed to having them automatically given to you after meeting certain in-game conditions), there's no fantasy elements to speak of (as far as I'm aware) and the game's setting isn't *too* far ahead of our own time. Well, mostly. :P

Alpha Protocol dosen't feature an open world, but it's a modern-day RPG. The game got a mixed reception when it first came out, so it might be worth seeing what other people said about it or watching some gameplay videos first before you go for that one.

There aren't many others I can think of off the top of my head at the moment.

Edit: The Yakuza series would be a good choice too. None of the games feature open-world exploration to the same degree as the likes of Fallout, but the opportunity to explore is still there. Side quests are acquired by speaking to certain NPC's, and the series is devoid of anything fantastical.

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Thanks very much i am considering buying Fallout New Vegas because it is the newwest !

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Fallout New Vegas is not a bad choice, but i would personally better go for Fallout 3 GOTY edition. Basically the games look absolutely the same in graphics perspective cause they run on the same engine. The story is different and the location. I've beaten Fallout 3 many many times and will do so again gladly. I'm currently giving Fallout NV a second try now, cause i didn't beat it to the end the first time and honestly im getting bored again. suggestion would be to prefer Fallout 3. Even gamespots reviews can confirm what im talking about. Fallout 3 - 9.0, Fallout New Vegas - 7.5