MMO's with the freedom and depth of EVE and Ultima Online?

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So, I've recently been playing a lot of f2p/free trial MMO's (Partly because of watching Sword Art Online ;) ). I love the feeling of freedom in EVE Online, like you really can do whatever you want, but the space theme kinda killed it for me. I didn't feel like i was in the world. I felt a bit out of it, probably since you're playing as a spaceship, and hardly ever see your character. When I heard of Ultima, I thought "What a great opportunity!". Turns out, I couldn't get it working in anything other than Japanese... not sure why. Probably a bug, or me messing up the install. Anyway, I was wondering if there was any other MMO's (Preferably where you play as a human/humanoid/not spaceship) out there with that kind of freedom? I've heard of ArcheAge, but that's not out yet. Maybe Dragon's Prophet, but again... Waiting. Looking forward to hear the responses!
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Try Fallensword! It is a highly addictive, continuously evolving massively multiplayer roleplay game where you join players across the globe in a world of fantasy and adventure. Traverse vast areas ranging from the Misty Mountains to the mighty City of Xinderoth and beyond. You will battle countless creatures such as Dragons, Zombie Kings, Undead Warriors, Giant Scorpions and defeat them to gain powerful items to arm yourself with as you walk the realms in search of adventure and glory. You will also be able to engage in combat with other players, become a bounty hunter, craft and create your own items, and engage in countless quests. You are also able to join one of many thousands of player-created guilds where you can meet like minded players and team up to defeat champion and elite creatures. Guilds can store or borrow items and construct guild structures giving its members considerable advantage, strengthening the player to face the horrors found in the world of Fallen Sword. You can try out the game at the following link: If you sign up with that link a player will message you and offer you a way to get a promotional code to get you in game bonuses! Features Fallen Sword has many features. Some of those major features are displayed below. Join one of 2000+ guilds currently active in the game, or create and manage your own guild! Strengthen your guild by constructing one of many guild structures to increase the stats of all your guild members. Auction off items you have gained through player trades, quest rewards or creature drops! Alternatively use the comprehensive auction search feature to find higher quality equipment for your character! Start your journey across the world of Erildath, travel through more than eighty different realms from the Forgotten Forests to the Undying Lands! Gain skill and level up points by gaining experience. You can then assign these points to one of many player skills and statistics available. Gameplay Fallen Sword tries to emulate the experience of playing a detailed downloadable MMORPG, as the game has quick combat and a simple yet fun quest system. Tthe game uses the "daily turn system" where players have a certain number turns each day; moving one tile in the game's map will cost you a single turn while each round of combat will also cost you a single turn. One unique aspect of Fallen Sword is the game's three skill trees. Players can customize there character by spreading out their skill points across the three trees. The skill tree works the same way talents work in World of Warcraft or skills in any other game. Playing FallenSword will make you feel like your playing an MMORPG that you've downloaded which is a unique experience for browser based games...