MMORPG Parkour Game

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Hi, Im Temo Kokiashvili an indie game developer, working in unity game engine almost 5 years. I have worked as a freelancer on some game projects, have done several starter kits and I'm lead programmer of "Spate" the game which was winner of IGN show "The Next Game Boss". Now I want to create my dream game, MMORPG style parkour. Link to project: The game will be free to play with realistic environment, where youll be able to create your own characters, make them tall or small, athletic or fat, dress them as you wish with different style of shirts, trousers, shoes and accessories. Each player will have their level and it will increase when player wins the challenge, gets new clothes or tricks. Special clothes, accessories and tricks will be able to buy with coins which you exchange in real money or win in challenge. Each cloth will increase some type of abilities. Player will have speed, flexibility, stamina and strength values. High level players will have access to higher level clothes, accessories and tricks. The winner of challenge will be determined by points. Player will be given different points for different tricks, harder ones will give more points. But main goal will be finishing first, it'll give much more points then any other tricks. The winner will be awarded with coins and his/her level will increase. If player crashes, of course he/she will loose. Here are basic features which will be implemented definitely, more features will come along, for example you'll be able to exchange coins in training to increase any ability (speed, flexibility, stamina, strength ), team challenge, social network integration etc. Basic Features: Generate your character with different body parts Manipulate face and body shape Change skin and cloth colors Dress up character with different style of clothes and accessories Buy special clothes, accessories, tricks Interact with other players Challenge in side by side running Crashing system Release Date: Q4 2014 Price: Free Platform: PC / Mac / Linux Link again: Thanks.