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Hi What do ppl think about this idé? It´s not even close to being finished but the main parts I think I have coverd. I would love all kind of feedback i can get and if you think I have missed something. However i will only read sincere feedback if you are going to type like all the mmorpgs kids dont bother cause i only laugh at you :D Mmorpg 3D idéa I Have a mmorpg idé there might be a game out there wich has loads of my concept in it either I havent heard of it or I allready played it and they changed some of the key features where i think they failed the game, please do not criticize my idéa by saying " Copy of (random mmorpg). Try to read the entire context and compare it to the game you think it´s a copy of. Now to the game: Story vice (something like this idé not finsihed yet) World as we know it has been destroyed. By being sucked into a wormhole, But a few people survived theese people have started there own factions (Radiation/Solar/Nature/ underground), could make the name cooler. All theese factions are player controlled there are either in war or friendly with eachother this will all change during gameplay. Since the world has been destroyed there are only once place for the survivors and thats a place called Verumniala wich is a town that hade som ancient technology that protected the city from the gravity inside the wormhole.(story aint complete) The only diffrence between the factions are where they start in the world the looks will be created by the player to get an unique look wich noone else has. Gameplay When you create your character the only thing you can choose is the looks of it when i say looks of it i mean extremly in depths more so then you have ever seen yet.(one of the main features i miss) reason for no class choosing here is cause i want to make a game where you actually level skills instead of certain class specifics. During the game all players have chance of finding ancients books with a vast amount of diffrent magic/melee/ranged/Cunning(sinsiter&godwill)/Science in them, how ever when you find one of theese books you wont get the spell right away. It should be like some kind of puzzle and the puzzle is diffrent for EACH AND EVERY BOOK. Every character starts with exactly the same health/mana/endurance And the same basic spells wich would be 1melee spell doing 1/10dmg of the enemies hp, 1 magic spell that slows enemies down, by 10% of their normal movement speed, 1 ranged spell where it shoots out an aray of arrows doing 1/20 dmg of the enemies health in a cone infront of the caster, and a healing spell wich will heal the caster full health but with a cd on 3 or 5min (havent decided yet). Talents, will be availble from the start every character will start with 1 unspend talent point. The talent tree will start from the center And branch out in a complexed order starting from the diffrent main books. Magic/melee/ranged/science/cunning. PvP The PvP system will not be based on factions, everyone will be able to attack anyone at any time. hopefully this will open up for some world pvp, however to be able to heal eachother you have to make a grp but making a grp will make the mobs harder to kill for example. Soloing a mob with 1000hp will take 30sec doing the same mob with a grp of 5 ppl will make all your spells do 50% less dmg to this mob even if the otherplayers isnt close to you. I bet you are thinking how can he take in mobs in the pvp section, the only reason im doing this is cause if you are smart you can make this to your advandage if you like being solo out in the world. PvE The game will have loads of diffrent mobs requiring a party from 2 players to 40 players, the world bosses will be a certain way of getting a book, of green quality upp to blue quality or even epic quality. there will be no mechanics where you can see a huge circle telling you this place is bad to be in. your group have to figure that out also there wont be any oneshot spells from bosses but the spells will hurt so get hit twice and you are dead. If you died on one of theese bosses you wont be able to get the book you will only get a small page from the book even smaller then the ones missing a page. Talents, will be availble from the start every character will start with 1 unspend talent point. The talent tree will start from the center And branch out in a complexed order starting from the diffrent main books. Magic/melee/ranged/science/cunning. More info on books every book should be diveded in to smaller parts like we take magic for example should be devided to all elements in the world like Magic: Fire,Water,Earth,Wind. Fire Spells will be longcast times with incredible dmg and it will also lower the players healing recieaved. Water spells will be crowdcontrolling spells but only small ones like 1 sec and low cd with high Dr. Wind spells will be debuffing spells such as weakning armor with a certain % depending on which book you got the spell from. Earth spells will be buffs same mechanics as the wind but they buff the stats. For example one Earth book might be called Diamond strength wich will increas all partymembers armor by 80% for 30 sec, however there will also be a book from the winds of ...... wich will decrease the armor by 80% of all the ppl in a cone infront of the user of the spell. Melee: Close combat,semi-close combat(Daggers/knifes/nunchucks), long combat (polearms, etc) Close combat books will grant you spells that are fast but does not do much dmg but you can spam them theese spells cant be parried/Dodged/missed. Semi close combat books will grant you spells wich are semi fast wich do abit more dmg then then close combat spells however theese leaves a bleed on the target if the spell hits, yes this means you can parry/dodge/miss theese spells. Long combat spells will do huge amount of dmg but will be hard to hit if they hit they will stun the target for a 5 second period also theese spells has long cooldowns, some of theese spells will be knockdowns etc. Ranged: cross-bow/bows/guns(big and small) Cross-bow will be diffrent kind of dots, slow, poision, plague. Science: Crafter books like repair stuff, build houses etc. (maybe even shuttles for otherplanets) Science books are the crafter books wich i would like to be an extremly complex how ever my starting idé is that if you find a science book and solves the puzzle in it you will gain a spell to gather the material needed to build what ever the blueprint in the book is. for example you might only find a book who tells you how to cut wood, this will enable you to cut down any tree in the world, but be carefull trees fall and the might fall on you. To cut the wood the blueprint will also tell you how to build the woodcutting axe, and how to find the resources. Another book might show you the blueprint of a machine that can gather oil. etc better books: ( with random amount of dmg/hp points) Sinister Cunning: A book where you learn to do extra dmg from previous spells/attack) you found. Godwill cunning: A book where you learn how to draw lifepoints with previous spells/attacks you found. books can be missing sides: for example if you find a book and it might say something like " Fire is the element of........" page 2, page 4, "Water will be your saving" so if you find this book you will need to find the other part of the book wich will tell you the rest and you unlock the spell, but you still need to do the remaining puzzle. Full books can also be found, wich will just give you a random puzzle, some easy others harder the harder the puzzle the more powerfull spell it will become when you are done with the puzzle. When you completed your puzzle you will have to use that spell before you can put any talents into it. so there are no levels in the game but levels on the spells wich will open up new talents to spend if the player chooses to.