Minecraft xbox 360 edition glitches

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I have recently found some glitches in this game that concern me. I have found a shrinking villager glitch, randomly he was as small as a chicken, this didn't bother me. I had one other glitch in which creating a path above water as in lake or sea in the game. There was a giant square cut out of all the layers in which u can see straight to the bottom. I've seen this a couple times on different worlds. I was playing with my friend online and he said he saw nothing wrong on his screen. As he walked in to the glitch he became invisible to me. I walked in the glitch, started falling and it said I drowned. My question is does anyone know when an update is coming for this game? Because I have seen some issues

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interesting.. haven't seen any of the glitches you mentioned yet and i play it almost every day, that is strange indeed. the only glitch i've heard about on 360 is the infinite health glitch and you have to follow specific steps to encounter that one, not sure when the next update is, have you googled the question?