Microsoft Xbox One huge secret.

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Microsoft has placed an embargo on any comparison videos. Sony has not. Microsoft doesnt want you to see any comparison before launch. Big news sites will be punished if they do.

Im no fanboy. I buy the best version of a game. One of the funnest things to do in gaming is watch videos and discuss our opinions. Microsoft says no. You have been warned and suggest your better judgement. They dont want you to know....

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@XspidervenomX: Welcome to the internet that Big business wanted and got. Freedom of Speech only if you say good thing. Worse you do not need to prove you have the rights to the videos.

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If I was proud of my product I would be excited about the attention I was getting. The control and manipulation is most troubling. Again this is Microsoft.

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The cat is already out of the bag everbody knows that the games looks better on ps4 so this is too little too late.

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Placed an embargo on comparison videos? What the hell, I didn't know that was even a thing LOL.

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@XspidervenomX: do you have any sources?

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That's right up their alley, but any proof to this?

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Here's the story. Details are inconsistent, though. Adam Sessler and other sources already confirmed they're not talking about anything related to Microsoft or Xbox.

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i doubt it's much of a secret. it's looking like early XB1 games aren't looking quite as good as early PS4 games and microsoft is hoping that it doesn't factor into many hardware buying decisions.

i'm not sure that the embargoes are making much of a difference as most of the people that really care about the difference already follow video game news close enough to know what's going on. still, i suppose i could be wrong after how microsoft's original used game policies spread like wildfire onto mainstream media outlets.

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This just makes them look worse then they already did. It's one thing to not be up to par with your graphical output for the so called "Next Gen" but now they are trying to hide it? That's just sad.