Microsoft making new streaming tech

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Looks like MS is following in Sony's footsteps and they are now making a streaming service aswell. Not really surprising, seing how that seems to be the future.

With Microsoft’s Xbox One taking a slight shift away from the big entertainment and multimedia that was debuted along with its announcement and focusing more towards games, a new document from Microsoft’s research division seems to indicate the company may be looking into game streaming as one of the next steps for its platform.

The uncovered paper details new technology that Microsoft has been researching and developing specifically to improve the responsiveness of game streaming, with the new tech codenamed “DeLorean.” In reviewing the document, the paper claims that the “DeLorean” tech can mask up to 250ms of network latency, leading to improved play by mimicking a low-latency connection. Testing the tech with Doom 3, the document explains:

“Through user studies and performance benchmarks, we find that players overwhelmingly prefer DeLorean to traditional thin-client gaming where the network RTT is fully visible, and that DeLorean successfully mimics playing across a low-latency network.”

The document also further elaborates that the DeLorean tech would appeal to those on other multimedia-capable devices, specifically mentioning phones, tablets, or TVs and other devices “lacking high-end GPUs.”

Whether this means that Microsoft is planning to develop a streaming service for Xbox One, similar to Sony’s Gaikai-powered PlayStation Now, remains to be seen, but stay tuned for more details on “DeLorean” as it develops.


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as a guy who hates multiplayer and would never waste my time with twitch or streaming my own stuff or watching others game, i laugh at this entire generation and will continue to state that this is the "dark era" of console gaming.

many people (most young, btw) don't even realize the issues.

as a side- msoft does this stuff in their sleep and catches up to sony overnight with tech stuff like this. sony relies on name, recognition and sheep.

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Streaming games sucks; I don't want that to be the future.

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@starwolf474 said:


Streaming games sucks; I don't want that to be the future.

it's hard to avoid it

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Im sure people didn't want cartridges, or CD's or Digital games but it happens. Things change