MGS5 GZ inspired a lot of things from splinter cell or what!

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i only played MGS5 GZ for few minutes, i felt like a lot of things are coming from splinter cell...

i thin so but what about you do you see that...

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If anything the splinter cell series (started in 2002) copied most of its aspects from the metal gear series (which started in 1987), also they are both 3rd person stealth action games they are going to share some common aspects

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I think you misworded the title.

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@shellcase86 said:

I think you misworded the title.


Also Splinter Cell would not be a game series without Metal Gear.

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yes, splinter cell is a stealth game, but, is NOT a copycat by any means.

otherwise, i'd actually like the metal gear series, which, i do not.

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Splinter Cell would not exist without MGS. So what's wrong with MGS borrowing a few things in return?