Metal Gear Solid 3 is the worst MGS game ever made

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Here's the reasons

- Basically a movie.( You don't feel like playing a game at all, compared to MGS2 where it was so batshit insane that you could mess around with bottles and magazines etc :D)

- The radar doesn't work. The Motion Detector is useless, i keep mistake animals for guards at times. I think they have to move in order to show up correctly, i never could get the hang of it so i just used AP detector throughout the whole game.

- Guards shake their booty too much (Its like americans are repressed homosexuals which they use as a propaganda in USSR to lower their guards to take the upperhands in combat.)

- CQC mode cutscene. Looks kinda unpractical. Cross the gun and knife over each other because..... looks cool i guess.

- Snake hits on all the women in MGS games except MGS2 which makes him take the job to an degree and not the kind of a socially akward around woman kinda soldier.

That's all
Give me your feedback.

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3 (Subsistence) was the best. Full camera control, you get to play as Snake , and the stealth parts were much better. Also, the best boss battles of any MGS.

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@ChiefFreeman: Isn't Subsistence just MGS in the third person perspective? MGS3 is Snake Eater, no?

I was wholly unimpressed with MGS Snake Eater 3D. It was just so ridiculous- the outrageous storyline, the nonsensical bosses... I don't know if the original MGS was that ridiculously incomprehensible back when I was twelve, but as Snake Eater 3D and MGR are the only Metal Gear games I've played since, I have to wonder.

And I also have to wonder what other people saw in the story and in the sequels since.

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@granea21: The CQC thing was explained in the game, you can quickly slash or stab if anyone gets too close.

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You're REALLY going to bash MGS3 for being a movie? But praise MGS2?

I'm beginning to think you haven't played either game. MGS3 has the best balance of cut scenes and gameplay in the series.

Not only that, but how in the hell are "guards shaking their booty" a flaw? The only way you can know that is if you actively seek it out. What does that say about you tC?

The biggest fault in your argument was the one about how it feels like a movie. MGS3 had far more interactivity than 2, AND 2 had like ten times more cut scenes. Seriously, the cut scenes before the final boss take like an hour and a half. The only overly long cut scenes in MGS3 are at the beginning and end. Apart from that they're all of tolerable length.

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i didn't think it was as playable as a lot of the other main games in the series.

for the one thing, moment-to-moment pacing was all off. in other games, there's a slow burning tension as you sneak around in real time, an adrenaline rush if you get caught and have to run away and try to hide, and then a cooldown period as you wait for guards' alarm statuses to wear off. MGS3 muddled that up with fiddly menus. you're constantly going back into the menu to go through a list of camos and then the hunger meter is always ticking down too. and god forbid you get hit because you have to apply 3-4 different healing items instead of 1.

besides the pacing issue, the hunger meter disincentivized a lot of the sneaking. the real way to sneak up on guards was to creep with the d-pad but, for seemingly no reason, that increases your hunger. the decision to sneak up behind somebody for CQC was no longer whether you felt like you could do it without getting caught; it was whether you felt like you wouldn't get caught and if you felt the hunger was less of a stressor on supplies than the bullet/dart (and to feed again, you'll probably have to spend a bullet anyway). i just ended up shooting guards in the head instead of bothering to sneak up behind them.

MGS2 was just less fiddly in general while MGS4 took some of those ideas and figured out how to make them not drag down the pacing.

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Someone has not played 4.

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MGS3 has the most emotionally touching story in the series so far. The ending made my eyes water.

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Can you believe it's been 15 years and we still hear kids complaining about Metal Gear games having long cutscenes? I can already see archaeologists in the year 3000 digging out a copy of the game and complaining about the cutscenes.

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You playing devil's advocate or what?!!

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I agree MGS3 is in no way superior to MGS2

MGS3 has bland irrevelant jungle sections that really dont mean anything, except a fight with a sniper and chopper.

The boss battles in MGS2 are much more fun than MGS3.

If you disagree please go back and play these games again, the setting and gameplay in MGS2 is much better than MGS3.

Someone mentioned it earlier the tension from being on a rig with the enemy out in the ocean is a much better setting for a stealth infiltration game.

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@juboner: And being trapped in a foreign forest with nothing but your wits to survive isn't a good setting for stealth/ survival?

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@turtlethetaffer: No it was boring until you actually got to a building, also you couldnt stick people up around corners and the cqc was not as fun as MGS2.

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Wow, what a brilliant way to get replies and views on the forum.

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Troll thread.

I love MGS but you saying mgs3 was a movie is just ridiculous. Desperate attempt at replies.

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@Netret0120 said:

Troll thread.

I love MGS but you saying mgs3 was a movie is just ridiculous. Desperate attempt at replies.

We came to the same conclusion. Did it hit you right when you read the title like it did me? ::High Five::

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High five:-P

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after MGS4 my second best game of the series

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Omg please go away, a movie????? I mean did you even play the game, did you even sit for hours trying to work out where the sniper was in the boss battle i mean there was more gameplay in that game than in the whole of MGS2 and all this rubbish about how good MGS2 was are you kidding it was pretty much a carbon copy of the original game with solid snake, the worst is, in the actual game of MGS2 solidus even says that he made it so it was like the first game, it was utter rubbish coming from the first game, number 3 was probably the most thought out MGS game there ever is. great boss battles, great survival elements, i mean you snap your own leg back into place and carry on how hardcore is that, the story was an utter master piece, the radar was ment to be like that this game was set years before the events of shadow moses and the tanker. mistake an animal for a guard i mean what?????

All i take from this is that you never played mgs one, you don't know the story of them all, and that you played about 5minutes of number 3, the story was crazy

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Oh no you didn't!

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Alright guys. "lol" or a one liner and a pic is not adding to the discussion. It's fine to disagree, but you need to find a more meaningful way to do it than that. I thought MGS3 was epic, and actually prefer the first run to the Subsistence version with the newer camera. Great boss battles, and a coherent story as well. Best end game sequence of any video game I ever played, and it left an impact on me for weeks afterwards. Great game.

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This thread's gotta be either a troll thread or a joke.

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@GiantAssPanda said:

Oh no you didn't!

Lmao, this cracked me the hell up. Good show.

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Joke thread? While I also preferred MGS2, you'd have to be joking to suggest that MGS3 is more of a movie than MGS2...