Man shot DEAD over PS4

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#1 Edited by crazyman158 (63 posts) - So this is what mankind has came down to. A PS4. Why would someone ever do such a thing. Whoever did it is an absolute dumbass. Who shoots a man over a PS4. A $400 PS4. If this man really wanted one that badly but didn't have the money here's an idea (don't try this at home). Rob a store when they're in stock. Hey didn't say it's right, but in the end most likely the robber wins and no one dies. It ticks me off how people are shot dead over little stupid things like this. This guy had to be on some serious s*** to do this because i just don't see when people go to kill other people for no reason, how they even get to the kill part without having a breakdown or not talking themselves out of it. I mean just think about it if it was you. Ok here's your Ps4 give me the $600. Here you go... just kidding bang bang bang. I mean he could've just shot him ONCE in the FOOT and ran. Rule of thumb to all you people out there who deal on craigslist. ALWAYS meet in public! Go to a busy parking lot or inside a convenience store or somewhere where lots of people are looking. NEVER go somewhere far from public places or somewhere super private where you guys can only hear and see each other.

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Humans continue to be utter shit.

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super crazy

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This makes me very sad. To those of you who pray, remember to pray for their families.

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Is an piece of hardware worth an human life? I don't think so... This is horrible and I feel sad for the families of booth sides.

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Well I wonder if he realized that they don't allow PS4's in prison?

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People shoot each other over sneakers. Some people are just trash, it's really sad. I would never meet anyone from Craigslist unless it was in a public well lit area.