Main Game of the Year Competitors: The Last of Us vs Bioshock Infinite vs Grand Theft Auto V; Which is the better of the three?

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Posted by rigbybot127 (149 posts) 9 months, 13 days ago

Poll: Main Game of the Year Competitors: The Last of Us vs Bioshock Infinite vs Grand Theft Auto V; Which is the better of the three? (78 votes)

The Last of Us 46%
Bioshock Infinite 19%
Grand Theft Auto V 33%

All three of these games have shaped this year to be one of the very best in the history of video games, or at the very least the best year since the amazing 2008 (in which we saw Grand Theft Auto IV, Metal Gear Solid 4, Bioshock (PS3), and Fallout 3), but which of the three is YOUR favorite?

Bioshock Infinite has an excellent story and fun gameplay, but simply cannot compete with the other two. The Last of Us tells the most mature, well-written story since The Walking Dead: A Telltale Game, and features stunning graphics, sound design, and survival gameplay; while GTA V has as well-written of a story, but of much different content; set inside of an equally (sometimes more, since it's open-world) impressive gamespace, with amazing, refined GTA gameplay, and an unbelievably massive wealth of non-repetitive content. Both are masterpieces, and equally excellent, but I'm gonna have to go with GTA V, simply because I enjoyed it marginally more.

Whichever you enjoyed more, 2013 is shaping up to be one hell of a year for gamers, and an unprecedented farewell to this overall impressive generation.

#51 Posted by Randolph (10344 posts) -

Maybe if they give GOTY to Infinite McShea will resign in protest, and we can all be spared his unique brand of snobby pseudo intellectualism. One can hope, eh?

#52 Posted by hrodri97 (6 posts) -

I have the Last of Us and I enjoyed it but in my opinion it was not the best game to come out this year.

#53 Posted by megaspiderweb09 (3665 posts) -

The Last of us in my opinion is the GOTY material so far objectively speaking. Gone Home is also in the running too, while a lot of people tend to equate hours of content with fun, these awards do not work like that. If i spend 100hrs playing BlackOps2 online doing fun stuff, does that mean it equally translates into the best game ever or if i spend 200hrs fretting aimlessly in the world of GTA, does that mean it is GOTY, no way. Games have come a long way since the days of Pac Man and Pong and most media forms are an expression of culture, given that i felt TLOU had a balance between representing the medium it is and a brought a strong expression of culture that left a lasting impression on me.

The Last of Us made me realize that humans are irrelevant to the eco system of the world, if humans cease to exist, nature would continue as is without noticing. These subtle hidden messages that was alover the game along with its main narrative that struck emotional chords that had me feeling depressive, taking a second look at the world as it is among other train of thoughts i had that week of playing it, heck even the ending of the game had Spoiler cast from every major gaming website. In my opinion, a game like GTA is a glorified technical Toy in comparison, which is not necessarily a bad thing, just not what i would consider a GOTY material.

#54 Posted by BigCat2K20 (245 posts) -

I haven't play either of those three games. Majority of gamers will go for The Last Of Us as Game Of Year award.

#55 Posted by sukraj (21604 posts) -

I found the last of us boring i hated the infected and everything seemed generic i know alot of people liked the game but i didn't.

#56 Posted by HipHopBeats (2838 posts) -

I wouldn't call either one of them GOTY yet since there's still Watch Dogs which I'm not too sure about yet, Batman Origins and Battlefield 4 on the way so the tides could change.

Bioshock 1 trumps Bioshock Infinite in every way except graphics obviously. I was so disappointed that none of the 2011 E3 gameplay made it to the final release. Infinite could win a graphics award and the Twilight Zone ending was well done but the actual gameplay is sub-par to say the least. People shitted on Bioshock 2 for being more of the same (Bioshock 1.5) and yet the Burial At Sea DLC actually looks better than the Bioshock Infinite itself.

Between GTA V and TLOU, I'd roll with the latter. GTA V is mind numbing fun, more replay value and a better online, but TLOU put an interesting twist on a familiar subject and created something fresh. Both have their flaws and shortcomings but I'm all for new IP's over the 'been there, done that' over hyped, AAA rehash sequels.

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I just played all three of these games back to back to back and my vote easily goes to TLOU. In fact, its probably the best game I've ever played.

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@rigbybot127 said:

@Lulu_Lulu: This isn't a post about which will win GOTY, but rather which you like more.

Here at GS, is an 8.0 game really in the running for GOTY?

Just because one idiot was wrong to give it an 8.0 does not mean that the rest of the GS staff doesn't acknowledge this is a 9.5+/10 game

#59 Posted by kingcrimson24 (374 posts) -

Bioshock infinite , i loved the Art , Story and gameplay .

i also played GTA V and its a masterpiece , but here i voted for infinite , so it can get more votes

#60 Posted by Sushiglutton (5171 posts) -

Have completed all three (BS:I twice) and to me TLOU > BS:I > GTA V. First off I enjoyed the core gameplay in TLOU and BS:I a lot more than in GTA V which obv is more of a jack of all trades. TLOU wins it because I was more invested in its characters and story than the other two. It used various in game story telling techniques brilliantly. Favourite part was how the game communciated Ellies' character growth through that hunting scene. Brilliant stuff! It was very well paced and varied and that ending was disturbing as hell.

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The last of us and played all 3 but just at the end of The last if us and im at 96% complete. At first though I didn't like the Last of us at the beginning but after the 3rd attempt I stuck with it and now been on it for about 17hours on normal. Ive not wanted to put it down once where the other 2 I got tired of them quick. But who knows I might do what I did with TLOU and pick it up and on 5th play threw stick with it. lol. At Gamingqueen I do agree some what there but a 17hour plus story is well worth it but there more gameplay in TLOU then you think and you got more choice how you play as well instead of run and gun.

#62 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (8571 posts) -

I just finnished TLOU. Its awesome, but I would also nominate Beyond Two Souls: despite its reception

#63 Posted by IndianaPwns39 (5037 posts) -

@IndianaPwns39 said:

Pac Man Championship Edition DX +

It is time that game got the recognition it deserves :P

Game of the year for 2010 and 2013? I like it.

If only the PC version weren't so buggy...

So few people know about the DLC that just came out.

Giving it GOTY will make people more aware and play the new maps.

(sorry for the late reply. I just got a ton of notifications to people responding to my messages that I missed)

#64 Posted by LoG-Sacrament (20387 posts) -

of those games, i've only played bioshock infinite (i might play the last of us some time after a significant price drop). it was good, but it was one of a handful of games this year that i like plenty but don't consider among my very favorites of the year.

the two games that i like the most this year are brothers: a tale of two sons and gone home. if i had to pick one, i'd probably give the edge to brothers. there's one button press (if you've played it, you know the one i'm talking about) that's pure magic.

#65 Posted by Bardock47 (5146 posts) -

Bio:I gets my vote; however I haven't played much of GTA5 and haven't played any TLoU yet....however I expect this to be a shitstorm of 'lol biosuck, GTAV FTW!' Up against 'TLoU, the game you wished you hermits"

.....Christ I think I have been lurking to long :P

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@c_rakestraw said:
@IndianaPwns39 said:

Pac Man Championship Edition DX +

It is time that game got the recognition it deserves :P

Game of the year for 2010 and 2013? I like it.

If only the PC version weren't so buggy...

So few people know about the DLC that just came out.

Giving it GOTY will make people more aware and play the new maps.

(sorry for the late reply. I just got a ton of notifications to people responding to my messages that I missed)

Ah, forget the maps (the Dig Dug and Rally-X skins are pretty cool, though). The menu music's finally playable in-game! That's the real selling point.

#67 Posted by Pffrbt (6357 posts) -

The Last of Us is terrible.

Bioshock Infinite is terrible.

GTAV is mediocre.

So none of them.

#68 Posted by Bigboi500 (28804 posts) -

I favored them in this order:

1. Grand Theft Auto V

2. The Last of Us

3. Bioshock: Infinite

#69 Edited by anab0lic (271 posts) -

Mario 3d world will beat both.

Dota 2 also far more deserving... Why? GAMEPLAY.

#70 Posted by Pffrbt (6357 posts) -

@anab0lic said:

Mario 3d world will beat both.

Probably not on a lot of sites. Even though it's going to be a fantastic game that's far better than the other "contenders", it isn't a generic, turgid shooter that's little more than a glorified string of cutscenes and "emotions", so it probably won't win on many sites. People want bad movies, not games.

#71 Edited by GodModeEnabled (15314 posts) -

TLOU for me, I have played them all and that one is head and shoulders my favorite.

#72 Posted by cooolio (428 posts) -

@Lulu_Lulu: I would have to disagree. The optional dialogue really adds to the narrative. There is a lot to miss out on if you do not sit back and talk with Ellie or find collectibles.

#73 Edited by lucasptj (23 posts) -

My vote goes to GTA V game due to be complete and have a greater variety of things to do, but The Last of Us still a amazing game.

#74 Posted by immortality20 (7955 posts) -

I've played all 3 and think Bioshock Infinite is the best gaming experience. But honestly my GOTY is probably Tomb Raider so far. This is all just my opinion so no need to tell me how dumb I am.

#75 Edited by scoots9 (3189 posts) -

None of the above.

#76 Posted by gameofthering (9951 posts) -

I only own Infinite(PC) & played TLOU(PS3) & GTAV(360)

It wouldn't be fair for me to say.

#77 Edited by ahmed_2014 (261 posts) -

for me I think bioshock was really amazing this year

#78 Edited by rigbybot127 (149 posts) -

After replaying The Last of Us, I no longer think it's a masterpiece, and I don't think it deserves GOTY. Its story is pretty good in the second half, but it drags on, and on, AND ON in the first half; while the gameplay isn't anywhere near as good as I thought at first, with flawed AI and controls. Still like the game, and think it has some excellent performances in Joel and Ellie, but it doesn't deserve GOTY. One more thing I don't like about it is the cutscenes. While usually done well enough, they are incredibly abrupt, abundant, and really pulled me out of the action the second time through; and yes, this is coming from a guy who loves Metal Gear. They don't flow with the action like Uncharted or Max Payne 3, but instead rip you out of it. My score has gone from a 10 to an 8.

After replaying Bioshock Infinite, however, not only is it much better than TLoU, it's very close to GTA V in the running for my GOTY. The story, atmosphere, writing, scripting, and gameplay are both suddenly incredible, fe things I didn't appreciate the first time; allowing the gameplay and narrative to work in tangent, and not pulling you out with tons of cutscenes, but instead allowing you to live the story! The graphics and sound are just as good as before, if not better, since I've had time to reflect and appreciate, and the ending stretch is still just as chilling and provocative. My score has gone from an 8.5 to a 9.5.

Everything great I've said about GTA V still stands, so it gets to keep its 10.

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Hey What The Hell ! What about ? splinter Cell Blacklist and Arkham Origins ? :(

#80 Edited by Lulu_Lulu (8571 posts) -

@ cooolio

It adds nothing, its just to keep you from falling asleep while scavenging or doing some other boring stuff. The game is so long and filled with so much crap !

#81 Edited by Planeforger (15401 posts) -

I haven't played The Last of Us, but Bioshock Infinite had weak gameplay and sloppy storytelling, while GTA V was rather underwhelming (despite having a technically impressive city to drive around).

I don't think either would be in my personal top ten games of the year, but I think GTA V has the better chance of those two.

Also, I wouldn't discount something like Super Mario 3D World from stealing away the GOTY.

#82 Posted by Netret0120 (1886 posts) -


Best games of the gen arguably

#83 Posted by Ballroompirate (21604 posts) -

TLOU and GTA V are the main contenders for me, I have to say though TLOU just blew my mind on how amazing it was while GTA V was pure fun.

#84 Edited by sukraj (21604 posts) -

I've only played The Last of Us. A game to compliment the story shouldn't win GOTY.

Play GTA V u wont regret it.