Mafia II demo is out!!! Download it without Steam!

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Yay, the demo of the game is finally out!!! You can bother with Steam, but there's also another place on the net, where you can download without the annoying process of installing and using Steam. (I don't like it honestly...) There's the address. Have fun!

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thanks for this :)

and yes, steam sucks hard, very hard

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wtf it only says gladriel and does nothing
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Or you can just use Steam, which is a much more streamlined and secure method.
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wtf it only says gladriel and does nothingDanielWadePhill

Hey...congrats on reviving a 9 month old thread!

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I feel this thread should probably be locked.

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I like how some people dig deep in the ancient forum pages... hope they don't find a Balrog like in the Lord of the RIngs