Lost Crown - Very disappointed can anyone help?

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Hi, I've posted this before but not sure if I've put it on the right place as I've linked it to the game (oops). I'm really annoyed because I've bought the Lost Crown A Ghosthunting Adventure from Play.com with the idea that I'd play it this weekend. When I came to install it, it's asking for a registration code and further research tells me that this should be on the manual. However, there is no maual in the box (the game was brand new when bought and still in plastic). So, I went on the Darkling Room website and it's suggesting that this was an error on their part and that some games were not issued with a manual. So they said to contact Mamba Games.....who no longer seem to exist (great!). I've used the email they gave anyway in the hope that it may still exist even if the Mamba site seems to have gone. Also I've emailed Darkling Room on their contacts sheet and another seller that was selling The Lost Crown. No one has got back to me. Although, I'm guessing with it being the weekend it probably won't get through until Monday anyway :-( If I've even managed to find someone that will answer. I'm worried that with the game being 2008 it will kind of be old news and none of the linked emails will be active anymore. Feeling really annoyed about this. Has anyone got any good ideas? Thanks
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Being a moron, it took me ages to find the registration code in the oft-skipped Installation section of the manual - before which I'd already made a few attempts to contact Mamba Games. After trying a couple of inactive addresses, I realised that the company had partnered with Lace Global; I received a fairly prompt response from the support team at Lace Mamba Global (support@lace-mamba.com), who sent over a digital copy of the page containing the code. For anyone else experiencing problems with this release, drop them a line.