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The game starts with a young boy who is in his house. I believe he's trapped in a "dream?" world with his sister. His sister has been shrunk and is trapped in a bird cage. So you must solve puzzles and seek for a way to get her free. The idea is ultimately working with brother and sister you overcome the boss at the end. I don't remember much else except that I left the house downward and found a pumpkin hopping in a hedgemaze yard.
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There are lot of online games are available.Some of interesting games are 1.Chinese chessboard. 2.Hexagon game 3.Mark my world 4.Toggle 123 Game. For many games you can visit http://mobile.funmin.com/board-games.php here
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i have never played this game. but I am really a fun loving person and love to play online games. Thanks __________ Abacus
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I like playing Plants vs Zombies.Sometimes,I think it is so hard for me ! I am frustrated.
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I like playing Plants vs Zombiesbut sometimes I think it's hard for me! So, I am frustrated.
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Hey! Need games? Got one just for you Play Rubik's Cube its affordable and long lasting. When you are traveling you can play with it. Being a puzzle freak, you should keep a Rubik's Cube inside your pocket. It's cheap and still give you a challenge to finish it. Learning how to solve the Rubik's Cube can also be learned by researching. A good site with helpful advice would be: http://www.rubiksplace.com/. You will surely get a lot from there.
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there are so many games.
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there are so many games as puzzle games for kids,is so interesting and brainstorm.share the link to you .http://www.kidsplay123.com/brain-games/puzzle-games-for-kids.html