looking for a zombie rpg

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#1 Posted by nadal97 (66 posts) -

Does this even exist? I want to find an openworld RPG like say skyrim but about zombie killing. Basically: first person, open world, zombies. Dead island seems to be something like this.

#3 Posted by tommygun6644 (180 posts) -

Dead Island is the closest thing to this at the moment. Fallout 3 and New Vegas have you fight zombie-like ghouls.

You may also want to look into Day Z.

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Easy. Project Zomboid. It is in beta, but like Minecraft, you can get it cheap while in development. Think Sims meets Zombies. You can be different classes, etc. www.projectzomboid.com
#5 Posted by -Water-Wings- (1093 posts) -

Dead Rising? You can level up and such. But Dead Island is your best bet though.

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There isn't alot out there like that. There is some stuff on Steam, mods for HL2, that are good but I don't know if any have RPG elements. Dead Island is the only thing I can think of and it sucks in my opinion. Pretty boring and way too many bugs but you might like it more than I.

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Dead Island is the only one that really feels like an RPG.. but It gets boring fast..and just wasn't that good..