Looking For a good Free 2 play MMORPG

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hey guys ..

i am looking for a good mmorpg that is NOT pay2win or pay2notgrind

a high playerbase would be nice

also a competitve gameplay .. cool graphics ..and stuff that make any mmo a success

any recommendations ?

thanks in advance

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I recommend E-Sim 11500 active players and no pay involved. Here is a link http://primera.e-sim.org/lan.221772/
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it's browser based :S ...

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Still a great game with lots of activity and great community
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you want to play together with me? :3 i just started playing cabal we can do instances and quests together weee~ my friends are all high-level so i dont get to play with them much :< i play in Mercury server ign Lysellei :3 www.cabal.com
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Clearly game you're looking for is league of legends :) You can easily unlock nearly whole content by just playing it. It 's just awesome game. Here's link from me http://signup.leagueoflegends.com/?ref=4e5a63d16bc56908281108 (Note that i'll get little bonus in the ingame currency if you use this one)
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The best free-to-play MMO's right now, in my opinion, are EverQuest 2 and Lord Of The Rings Online. EQ2 has a huge amount of content, very polished gameplay, and a great community. LOTRO excels with the story-based quests, and the wonderful gameworld of Middle Earth. It also has a very generous implementation of free-to-play.

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If its a GOOD MMORPG your looking for then Rift from Trion Worlds is for you. It is FREE TO PLAY until level 20 using Rift light, more than enough time to get the hang of the game and see if it is for you. Yes it has a monthly cost but is 10-15 a month really so much to ask for a month of entertainment? Think about it. You can buy a game for a weeks worth of fun or pay for rift for twice the fun. Rift uses an amazing class system that lets you Literally make your OWN class. Choose one of four base classes and then mix and match "souls" to determine your abilities and role. Warcraft may have dual classing but Rift has QUAD classing. Your not in Azeroth anymore folks, this is Rift and it is an experience that you can try now with Rift light. Don't miss out click the link below to find out how much has been missing in your lives. https://rift.trionworlds.com/account/reg/account-registration-short-flow.action?voucherCode=RWZMXG2JMXCL2JEM3YR3&request_locale=en&experience=aaf&utm_source=manual&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=ascend_invite
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Guild Wars 2 was the first one that came to mind. I haven't played it all that much but sounds fitting. Free once you buy the game. 

If I'm not mistaken, The Old Republic is completely free (sub players can expedite so it may not fit your p2w). It's a little boring, but always worth a try.

Like stated above, Rift is free until level 20, so that is worth a try is well. Expansion is coming out, so the community may still be pretty fresh.

Tera has a free sub now as well. I haven't played it since it was went free, but it is by far the most fun but the questing is laughably bad.


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Earth Empires is a free browser based strategy game where you take control of your nation's military and economy. Command your country's military to attack and defend against your enemies. Execute attack strategies to relieve opponents of their resources and land. Strategically invest in technology to outpace the economies of other countries. Ally with your friends or make new friendships by joining a clan. Conduct military operations, govern your country and build your empire. If you decide to try out the game, you can create a country on each server. I would advise you to create a country on the alliance server so that you can join a clan full of experienced players. You will definitely need to join a clan in order to survive on the alliance server as well. This is where my clan, the Sons of Liberty, come into play. We are a group of friends across the globe that protect our countries against other clans. We are a war group, so regularly we gather ourselves in a chat room to usually kill another clan or group of countries to give SOL positional strength within the alliance server. If you join SOL, we will definitely train you how to play the game, and guide you so that you have an easy time to break the novice barrier. Please join us, it is a great way to meet people around the world, waste time at work, and spruce up those math skills. On the SOL's app, mention mdevol Earth Empires: http://www.earthempires.com Sons of Liberty: http://sol.ghqnet.com
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http://www.bones-underground.org new like maple story but more adult like, come get in on the ground floor :)