Looking for a game.

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Hey guys i wanted to ask you if any1 knows any similar games like Bleach: The 3rd Phantom.

What i am looking is a game where there already is an universe from manga, games or tv shows, but you start as a new characters, You can meet main pratagonists, interact with them and such.Preferably an rpg game, but not restricted :)

Ty in advance.

#2 Posted by Dudersaper (32949 posts) -
Not an RPG, but Ghost in the Shell (PS1) is a great game where you play as a new character (They call you rookie) in the GitS universe, you use the Fuchikoma through the whole thing, great fun. And although not using a new character, the .hack series does a great job of putting the universe created in the manga and anime into the games, you talk to LOTS of characters from the anime and there's lots of interesting references throughout them. Sorry I couldn't be of much help :P
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Dragon's Dogma. Enough said. Ronan :)