Lies of Astaroth - Events to Welcome New Year 2013

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Event 1: Login Gift

[Time] 1st Jan ~ 3rd Jan

[Server] Gaia

[Content] In this period, you will get Magic Card * 1 as a reward for daily login. Once a day only.

Event 2: Get 10% Bonus for Recharge

[Time] 1st Jan

[Server] Gaia

[Content] You can get extra 10% Crystals after every purchase during this activity. One day only, don't miss out!

Event 3: Gifts for Enhancing Vampire Lord

[Time] 5th Jan - 9th Jan

[Server] Gaia

[Content] During the event, enhance Vampire Lord card to Level 5 or above to get Magic Card * 2 and 20000 Gold Coins


1. You can get Vampire Lord Card through purchasing Magic Pack, Clearing all scenarios or exploring Maze

2. Rewards will be delivered within 5 working days after event ends

Event 4: Complete Assigned Task, Get Magic Tickets for free

[Time] 10th Jan - 14th Jan

[Server] Gaia

[Content] You can get Magic Ticket * 1 after completing any one of 3 assigned tasks below:

Successive Triumphs: Win 10 successive games in ranking Tournaments

Money Exhausting: Spend all your tokens

Raid: Defeat Mysterious Thief when his strength below 10%

If you complete all three tasks, you will get 3 Magic Tickets


1. Click the Menu-Achievement, you can see a task list, and those completed ones would be on the top of the list.

2. All requirements for tasks will be shown on the List; once you meet all the conditions of one task, a notice of completing achievement will popup

3. Rewards will be delivered within 5 working days after event ends

Event 5:

[Time] 13th Jan - 20th Jan

[Server] Gaia


Accumulative purchase reaches 500 Crystals, rewarding with Magic Card*1Gold Coin *10000

Accumulative purchase reaches 1000 Crystals, rewarding with Magic Card*2 Gold Coin *30000

Accumulative purchase reaches 5000 Crystals, rewarding with Magic Card* 5Gold Coin *50000

Accumulative purchase reaches 10000 Crystals, rewarding with Magic Card* 5Chimera*1 ( 4-Star Hell Cards)

Accumulative purchase reaches 30000 Crystals, rewarding with Magic Card* 10Ancient King Scorpion *1 ( 5-Star Wildfield Cards)


1. Rewards will be delivered according your accumulative crystals after the event ends and once only

2. Those crystals which are got for free do not count.

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