Lekool`s Dragon Call 2

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here is an amazing new game from www.lekool . com. you will enjoy this free to play game. its a strategy game which you will love it. cause of it has amazing new graphic system and new faetures. also better cause its free to play. only difference between PC game and this game is this game is fun and you can play with players from all over the world and you can enjoy your time with this fun strategy game. also you will love lekool`s amazing staff which will help you for everything and will make sure you are enjoying your time and spend so nice time. this game has amazing level up system which you will never get bored from leveling. here is some feautures for this game. Brilliant Graphic system and 2.5D side scrolling game play system, new Auto navigate system, to help you can track where you are.Completely new leveling system which you will enjoy leveling like before never, Class system which allows you more options to play,Astrology & Blood Soul System, Arena System & Instance System. These are only few things for you will like this game and many other waiting to suprise you even more when you just come.